How to Write a Research Essay in Technology

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Posted on September 16, 2019

In the world of writing, Technology is definitely the most discussed and debated issue, the key reason being fast advancement of the World Wide Web resulting in its omnipresence. Every year, new tech devices are being presented becoming smaller, faster, and smarter. This, in turn, means you’re given the opportunity to browse, choose, research, and write a top-notch piece on the issues that you personally find particularly interesting. Gathering information for writing a research essay in Technology is now a pleasure due to the growth of the number of books, blogs, articles, YouTube videos, and even documentaries. Nonetheless, drafting a research essay is a particular sort of art where technical writing is of particular importance.
Given below are some recommendations that will help you prepare and compose a research essay in the subject of Technology. Before you dive into the process, keep in mind that you have to be up to date since you’re going to deal with the field of technology. You need to ensure you’re aware of all innovations, latest inventions in the chosen field, as well as how they function. With proper planning, you can compose an outstanding Technology research essay sooner than you think.

Writing a research essay is a common assignment college and university students are assigned, from the first year to graduation and beyond. It normally requires you to do in-depth research on a specific topic and write a text about it. The process can be quite daunting, but with a little effort and right recommendations, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The following are the steps that one should follow to put together the research essay in Technology:

  • Choose the topic
  • Come up with a thesis question
  • Perform in-depth research
  • Gather your sources
  • Write an outline
  • Create, edit, and proofread the final essay

A thesis question is based on the topic of your research paper. If you’re assigned a task to write a research paper on one of the topics in technology subject, the process of writing will go smoothly since you’re already aware of the field of research. Even if you’re not into techs, you can still find informative and interesting topics to research. Ensure to:

  • Don’t complicate the process. Some students pick complex issues to research, but that will inevitably make writing more difficult.
  • Before you choose a topic, do some research on it. You don’t want to get stuck with something that has neither printed nor cyber information resources.
  • Don’t leave the tech zone. Your topic must be tech-related.

Choose the Topic Idea

Look over the list of topics we’ve collected for you below to find the research question that may interest you. For a research essay, your tutor may assign you a certain topic, but most often college tutors require you to pick the issue you’re passionate about (this will ease the overall process of work!).

When deciding on a topic, you will need to do a few simple things:

  • Read background information. Browse general articles on encyclopedia on the potential topics you’re considering. Checking a short summary will help you get an idea of the issue and find out how your idea is linked to narrower, broader, and related issues. Moreover, reading the encyclopedia articles enables you to get to know more about the commonly used vocabulary in the field. For instance, the well-known Encyclopedia Britannica Online may have articles related to the topic of your choice. If the topic of your research essays is ‘An Exceptional Influence of Steve Jobs,’ Encyclopedia Britannica includes the relevant information in ‘Health Issues,’ ‘Insanely Great,’ ‘Founding of Apple,’ and some other sections.
  • Surf the Encyclopedia Americana to get more information on your topic, or let it serve as your personal inspo. Follow the famous tech gurus like Guy Kawasaki, Steve Wozniak, and many more. They’re available on Twitter, where you can find loads of information on the latest technologies.

To facilitate your search for potential topics in Technology, we’ve gathered a range of topics that seem to be en vogue in the chosen field.

Here’s what we have for you:

  • Is Controlling Brains with Technology Ethical?
  • Fact: Digital Tools Make Us Less Productive at Work;
  • Traditional Plant Breeding Methods vs. Genetically Modified Food Technologies;
  • Potential Limits of How Genetic Engineering Is Used;
  • The Ups and Downs of the World’s First Computer;
  • AI Will Never Be Able to Replace Teachers;
  • Tech Forces Shaping the Future Workforce in the United States;
  • Should Information Technologies And Internet Availability Make Work From Home The Norm?
  • Has the World Become a Safer or Less Safe Place with the Techs Development?
  • The Best Ways to Manage Technology in Relationships;
  • Sequencing Human Genes: Is That Something Everyone Should Have Done to Find out about Possible Future Health Risks?
  • The Future of Law: The Challenges of Information Technology;
  • The Future of Love: Are Human-Robot Relationships Actually a Good Thing?
  • Long-term Effects of Living in a Tech-Addicted World;
  • Key Leaders for the Information Society;
  • How Far Should Medical Technologies Development Go?
  • Social Media Privacy: Do We Need More Regulations?
  • Is The Digital Generation Dumber or Smarter?
  • How Techs Change Our Reading Habits;
  • New Computer Language Invention: Do We Need It?

Remember that Technology is undergoing unusually rapid change, so rapid that techs innovated this week may be obsolete in a month. Be sure to select your topics and thesis carefully. Take your time to ponder over the future, and how (if) your issue will make sense in five or ten years from now.

Write a Thesis Statement

The best advice ever given at this stage is to begin with a question and then provide an answer. The latter will serve as your thesis statement. Regardless of how complicated the topic is, almost any thesis statement can be produced on the basis of answering a particular question. Here’s how it works:

  • Question: ‘What are the advantages of using Japan’s mobile payments app PayPay in the international market?’
    • Thesis: ‘Using Japan’s mobile payments app PayPay enables people to buy anything through cashless payments all over the country with a secured and safe service for every user.’
  • Question: ‘How NASA is going to protect astronauts from space radiation at the Moon?’
    • Thesis: ‘From mitigation techniques to protection and enclosures, the experts are beating the radiation challenge with creative and professional solutions, such as developing technology like wearable vests and devices that add mass, and electrically charged surfaces to deflect radiation.’

Perform Thorough Research

Before you get your hands on the writing process, do some good research on the chosen topic. It is important to make sure your research is both efficient and effective without consuming tons of your precious time and energy. No matter what kind of sources you use, ensure each is up to date. We’ve already mentioned encyclopedia as one of the good sources to dig information from. In addition to one, feel free to use:

  • Books on Technology. Without a doubt, you can’t turn pages of all the books ever written in the field of Technology. However, your research question should help and guide you in identifying the relevant literature.
  • Professionals’ interviews. Or, if possible, make sure to interview an expert in the field of Techs or anyone who has advanced knowledge in the subject. Among all the sources available at the moment, they can provide you with information that even the latest publications do not contain yet.

Writing, Editing and Proofreading the Research Essay

How that you have a solid foundation, get your hands on writing. Your research essay will include an introduction, a body, and a concluding section.

An introduction is the starting point of a research essay and the section that your readers are going to deal with first. Thus, all the notions, definitions, and technical terms required for better understanding the papers are given here.

It is important that you make the research essay intro interesting and hook your readers from the first line. Thus, people will keep on reading your work and learn about what you’ve come up with in your research. Provide a hypothesis and mention the way that you believe your essay will turn out in the end.

So, what should one include in the introductory section?

We will provide you with a short list below so that you can compose a nice intro for your research essay in Technology. Let’s say, the topic of your research is ‘What NASA Should Do to Send People Back to the Moon?’

Here’s how you work on your introduction for it:

  • Introduce your topic: ‘What NASA Should Do to Send People Back to the Moon?’
  • Provide some context and background: A half-century ago, the first humans landed on the Moon, on July 20, 1969. During the Apollo missions of 1969–1972, 12 American astronauts walked on the surface of the Moon to perform their studies of lunar ranging, soil mechanics, magnetic fields, solar wind, and meteoroids.
  • Inform your target readers on the research you’re going to carry out: The first step towards a new moon mission research is to uncover archives, interview experts in the industry, and evaluate the mistakes and results of the Apollo 11.
  • Explain why your research is important: The new research is important since there’s a new rush to reach the Moon out there; besides, the research is needed to explore the possibility of building habitats on the Moon and do the range of other investigations.
  • Give your hypothesis: NASA experts may experience some technical chops to pull off the new voyage to the Moon, but the agency will need more funding to accomplish the entire program within a tight timeframe.

The body of the research essay is the part where you’re required to give your arguments that support your thesis statement. In this case, you need to use the so-called Rule of Three. In other words, your task is to find three supporting arguments for every position that you take. Start with a strong argument, and then make sure to use a stronger one, and finally, end up with the strongest argument the final point.

Now, it’s time to sum it up. Most research essays in Technology conclude with a restated thesis. Check and present your thesis statement, but don’t do that word for word. Just rephrase it and briefly wrap up the key points you have made. Take a moment to explain why each of your research points supports your case and adds to the overall development of techs segment. If you believe your research is inconclusive, devote some time to tell your readers why you think the topic requires further research.

Read your essay once again to be sure you understand fully what your tutor experts to read, and that your paper complies with the existing instructions.

Proofread final research essay carefully for duplicate/missing words, punctuation, and spelling errors. This is where you need to ensure your text is neat, clean, attractive, and tidy.
It’s recommended to have your research essay done a day or two before the deadline. Thus, you will have the desired peace of mind and a chance to do multiple checks.

To summarize everything mentioned above, the following are the key steps that one needs to take to write a winning research essay in Technology:

  • Pick a topic;
  • Do the research and find information;
  • Write down your thesis;
  • Outline your essay;
  • Organize and arrange all the details, from research sketched to notes;
  • Write;
  • Edit and proofread until perfect;
  • Write the final research essay.

Remember to make use of the right format in writing the research essay in Tech and stick to one format when dealing with the references.

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