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Posted on August 22, 2019

What is an Argumentative Essay in Technology?

The aim of an argumentative essay on any topic requires you to provide a clear opinion about a certain issue as well as support it with relevant evidence. Considering the diverse peculiarities of different fields, it is crucial to consider various sides of your specific area and topic. Thus, you should explicitly present your viewpoint by regarding only a particular side of the issue as the compelling one. With the aforementioned academic concepts in mind, you can proceed to the essay writing on various areas, one of which is the field of Technology. As the area is widely analyzed from various perspectives, you can focus on any topic and write an argumentative paper in Technology.

Choosing a Topic for an Argumentative Essay in Technology

First and foremost, you should narrow down the broadness of the issue. As it is highly recommended for this type of writing to be straight to the point, you should come up with a topic that presents a specific issue in any technological aspect. In order to successfully write the essay, you should do the research and gain relevant expertise in the peculiarities of the subject. Moreover, the topic should be connected with something that you are passionate about so that you can present arguments from the perspective of a specialist. Some of the most captivating areas that you may want to dwell upon could concern the role of technology in reproduction and health, technical experiments on humans, as well as robotics and communication technology. Hence, the examples of the topics for your argumentative essay on technology could be the following:

  • Should Mechanical Reproduction be Considered Ethically and Morally Appropriate?
  • Technology Has to Be Used to Make Human Regeneration an Ultimate Reality;
  • Genetic Engineering Has no Limits, and Its Research Can Never Go Too Far;
  • The Technology of Brain-Controlled Mechanisms Could Have Dangerous Implications;
  • Nanobot Drones Pose a Substantial Threat to the Existence of Humanity;
  • Are Electronic Books More Practical Than the Paper Ones?
  • Cloud Computing and Machine Learning Eradicate Conventional Methods in Education.

Pre-Writing Tips

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay in Technology is a substantial challenge. However, you can ask the instructor to clarify the research area in order to eliminate the vagueness of your task and make it more specific. After the topic selection process, you can proceed with planning your argumentative essay. To fully grasp the requirements, carefully read the assignment sheet as well as any relevant information from the textbook. Besides, should the assignment be complicated, you can always consult the instructor. Considering that your task is to write an argumentative essay, you should recognize that it is necessary to provide your perspective of the issue and persuade the audience in the reasonability of the arguments.

Next, after you defined the topic and understood your assignment, determine the idea of the topic, and get enough knowledge about it. When setting a topic idea of your argumentative essay in Technology, you should focus on different perspectives of the issue and present your position in the thesis statement. You will also need to find evidential support for the arguments regarding the topic, which implies searching for additional sources. The substantial amount of data on Technology for your essay can be found on the Internet. You can search for sources on the topic at Google Scholar, websites focused on research and technology news, or science magazines for a non-professional audience. In addition, you may find sources at your school or college library. While looking for the information, you should remember that all the data must be drawn from credible sources only.

What is more, you have to consider logos, pathos, and ethos before starting your writing process. Make your arguments logical, consider the audience’s emotions, and appeal to the moral values. All these features contribute to a better perception of your argumentative essay by readers. Hence, you should plan how you will implement these principles in advance.
Finally, before proceeding to the writing process, connect the research data into a well-developed and structured outline of your essay. In particular, you should extract the relevant information and use it as evidence to support your arguments. Moreover, an outline will guide you through the huge amount of data and structure of your argumentative essay. Divide the paper into introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, think of the potential hook and topic sentences, as well as determine the way of audience-appealing techniques. This step is essential for your writing as it defines the structure, cohesiveness, and as a result, the effectiveness of your argumentative essay.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay in Technology

Similar to any argumentative essay, a paper in Technology should comply with the standard form of academic essay expanded with one or more refutation paragraphs. Thus, your essay should start with an introduction, present your arguments and counterarguments in the body paragraphs as well as refutation sections, and summarize your ideas in a conclusion. Even though a common approach to writing an argumentative essay is the five-paragraph method, the number of paragraphs may vary with the word count limit. In addition, your structure could be expanded due to the necessity to cover the topic effectively. Despite this fact, your writing should always include paragraphs with the argumentation of your position as well as the most potent aspects of the counter-side. With an outline, it would be easier to determine the proper structure of your Technology argumentative essay.


The introductory paragraph of your essay should capture readers’ attention by providing general background knowledge on the chosen topic. In other words, you should be concise and introduce the issue in the most interesting and convincing way. As an example, if your topic focuses on the subject of brain-controlling technologies, you can underline the peculiarities of the rapid development of this innovation during the present time. If you introduce the issue in such a way, the audience will be aware of the topicality of the problem and its potential implications on humanity. This implies that the presentation of your essay may also appeal to the audience’s emotions, which in turn makes the readers prone to empathize with your viewpoint.
The last and the most influential part of the introduction is a thesis statement. It is usually written as the ending sentence of the introductory paragraph. As your thesis serves as a guide for your whole essay, it should comprise all critical ideas of your argumentation. You have to make sure that a thesis statement is clear and thoroughly answers the topic question. The central aspect of your thesis statement is that it should present your position towards the issue and provide the most persuasive arguments that support your point of view. Do not create a thesis statement similar to this example:

‘The technology of brain control is dangerous for society as it can get out of human monitoring reach.’
Such a thesis statement does not indicate any aspects of the technology’s peculiarities and presents only a single and unreasoned argument of the issue. On the contrary, the following example is explicit and could be used in your Technology argumentative paper:

‘Despite being a beneficial and rapidly-developing innovation, brain-controlling technology poses a significant threat to international society due to the substantial complexity of its operation, harmful impact on people’s health, and relatively high maintenance costs.’

You can see that the issue is thoroughly analyzed and crucial technological, healthcare, as well as economic arguments for the brain-controlling technology’s inefficiency are present in this thesis example. Moreover, the thesis presents a counter-argument of one’s position as it underlines that innovation has benefits for humanity. Finally, such a thesis statement clearly indicates the structure of the further body paragraphs. Therefore, this thesis serves as a robust example and can be used in your argumentative essay in Technology.

Body Paragraphs

When you proceed with the body-section writing, it is crucial to ensure that you present only one idea in each paragraph. Each point of your thesis should be stated in the topic sentences of your body section. You have to explain your arguments and support them with relevant pieces of evidence. Besides, do not forget that all retrieved data in your argumentation essay in Technology must be drawn from relevant sources. Finally, body paragraphs will be more appealing to the audience if you provide opposing viewpoints and refute them with your argumentation.
For the audience to consider the critical points in your argumentation, you should not only present the complete agreement or disagreement with the topic issue but also strengthen your opinion with the scientific evidence. As an example of one body paragraph, if your essay focus is the healthcare argument of the social danger of brain-controlling technology, you should underline the existing examples of the innovation’s negative implications on brain neurons and the skull. It is highly recommended to refer to statistics and other relative data that would support this particular argument.

However, you should anticipate the attempt to refute the argument and answer it with a profound response. On the example of the aforementioned topic and the argument, you may acknowledge that the direct surgical intervention in the human brain can be substituted with the brain implants, which do not interfere with the brain’s structure. However, you can defy such a counter-argument by claiming that there is still a potential risk of brain damage as implants have to be installed onto the brain surface. Therefore, the refutation section makes you an unbiased researcher. Such an aspect captivates the readers and prevents their questioning of your essay’s credibility. By approaching the issue from both perspectives, you are guaranteed to show the relevant competency in the subject and make your argumentative essay in Technology more appealing to the audience.


The concluding section of your argumentative essay should bear resemblance with the introduction of your paper. Here, you are required to summarize a thesis statement and each argument from the body section. Similar to the introduction, the conclusion should appeal to the audience’s emotions and enforce the argumentation of your opinion. You should also keep in mind that the paragraph only ties the central aspects of the essay and cannot introduce new arguments or facts.

When writing a conclusion of your Technology paper, you can summarize your ideas and transfer their implications on the current state of affairs. In particular, in the concluding paragraph, you may appeal to the audience via a comparison of the contemporary technological achievements to those of the old times as well as the potential development of innovations in the future. However, the sphere of technology is extensive, and your conclusion always has to correspond to the topic and the issue you dwell upon throughout your essay. Hence, it is your last opportunity to appeal to the audience by presenting the peculiarities of your topic’s specific aspects.

Post-Writing Tips

Having written the last sentence of your Technology argumentative essay that does not mean that your task is finished. You should always proofread and revise the essay and correct grammar, punctuation, and stylistic errors. Next, reassure that all the sources are credible and you have used the appropriate citation style.

There are also several key aspects that you have to consider while proofreading an argumentative essay in Technology. First and foremost, check whether you have provided a reasonable position towards the topic issue. As the aim of such type of academic writing is to state your viewpoint and support it with evidence, you have to ensure that the essay does not merely present naked facts. Then, analyze all the structural components of your paper. This stage is crucial as you have to ensure that your introduction provides sufficient background information and clear thesis statement; that body paragraphs contain topic sentences, relevant arguments, and the refutation section; that conclusion gives the summary of your argumentative paper and restates a thesis from the introduction. The structure of an essay is its essential part, and you have to make sure that all the components comply with the requirements.

Finally, evaluate your successfulness of logos, pathos, and ethos usage. The best argumentative essays are those that are logical, appeal to the audience’s emotions, and speak to the moral values. Your paper should incorporate all these factors in order not only to receive a high mark but to achieve the appreciation of the readers. Therefore, the above-mentioned post-writing tips will assist you in enhancing the quality of the argumentative essay in Technology. These recommendations will help you improve your writing skills and in turn, ensure that the readers are impressed with your paper. 

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