How to Structure a Presentation on Online Education

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Posted on July 1, 2016

Creating a presentation on online education is a task that requires an in depth understanding of your subject matter, as well as the audience your presentation is aimed at. To understand your subject matter, extensive reading and an ability to use available statistics on e-learning to make inferences is very important. I also believe that an understanding of how to use graphs, infographics and charts within a presentation is a necessary knowledge needed to structure a presentation on online education due to the numerous data that makes up this subject matter.

Unless, you are Steve Jobs talking about Apple’s new product, your presentation will have a limited time frame and it is important you have a structure that keeps your audience focused on your discussions on online education. So it is imperative to structure the presentation to fit into a 30 minute frame while touching all your salient points and this is how to achieve this.

Map Out a Concise Introduction

Your introduction should focus on online education, the importance of e-learning around why it should be discussed or considered as a viable solution to the problems with traditional places of education. The introduction phase should not exceed more than 5 minutes of your allotted presentation time and it shouldn’t take more than the first two pages of your presentation if using PowerPoint slide.

Enrich the Presentation with Graphics

When talking about online education and its impact, 30 minutes isn’t enough time to touch on all areas of your subject matter. Here, the use of infographics, charts and will pass your message across in record time. This will also give you the extra time needed to talk more about your position on online education.

The main body of your presentation should be structured in such a way that it raises a question or states a fact and the preceding sections should focus on answering the questions raised  or arguing intelligently on the meaning of the presented facts. The presentation time for the main body shouldn’t exceed 25 minutes so you do not lose your audience.

Conclusions Should Be Brief

Once you have intelligently answered the questions raised, ensure you conclude by stating why the presentation was necessary and clarify or restate your findings. The conclusion shouldn’t take more than 3 to 5 minutes and has to contained in a single sheet.

These are the steps to consider when creating a presentation on online education in other to present your facts in a structured manner that will keep your audience focused throughout its duration. If you haven’t already, check out these 10 facts for presentation on online education, as well as our 20 selected subtopics and a sample essay.

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