Speech on Children of the Night

Posted on October 21, 2011


Every day young children are involved in prostitution in America as a way to seek food and other needs such as shelter. Most of these children who practice this vice happen to have faced sexual assault by in their early childhood life by close relatives. Pimps who force them to be prostitutes torture them. These children most likely do not have proper homes to return to, having trusted relatives who live away from them (Lee, 2011). They have no option but to live in a college dorm or maternity home.

When these children reach 18 years, the organization recommends them to join special programs for those that need assistance with school. Children of The Night is an organization that assists these children to reform and change their ways to become better; it is a non-profit organization rescues these children to quit prostitution and offer programs through support from private donations.


I am informing you about Children of The Night, and the society on the efforts they make to seek the welfare these unfortunate children on the streets. The key idea here is to provide information on the help that these children require and how to reach them. They are prone to repeating the same habits even after correction. Rehabilitation is the main aim and informing them on dangers of those acts, and stopping more children to engage in prostitution.

Dr.Lois Lee founded this organization in 1979, as these children had no one to help them, and lived on the streets. This organization caters for such kind of children regardless on where they are in America. It provides refuge for these children prostitutes, and for safety from the streets helping them to learn adapting to live in the society. This organization is voluntary, and provides necessities and moral support for these unfortunate children in America. They provide these children with a way out and help them experience a sense of family. Employees here pay attention to every child in a special way and they cater for them in specific ways according to their needs.

How does “children of the night” bring value to the community? Children of the Night is a refuge for child prostitutes, they listen to these children and assist them achieve success. They give them a taste of normal life and assist them to learn working on their own. This organization shows these children unconditional love and helps build their self-esteem. I have watched a video from their website whereby some of these children hold placards written ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am priceless’ (Lee, 2011).

This shows that this organization has helped change the mindset of these children to have a positive thinking. Moreover, these children have been able to participate in recreational activities among other such as sports that they would have never had a chance to engage in if they continued to live on the streets. These children have also gained education and knowledge in AIDs and more.

At what extent will these children become helpful to the community? There are several positive effects that Children of the Night brings to the community, which is seen after these children are out of these rehabilitation process, Since this centre was founded, many child prostitutes have been saved from being prostitutes, criminals and drug addicts. This is an evidence America is a better place to live as it is free from drugs and crime.


Maintenance of a successful charity organization requires great moral support from well-wishers who cares for the well-being of the unfortunate in the society. The information I have written shows clear comprehension of the need to donate to Children of the Night to continue their god work in our country. This is not to benefit anyone financially but to help a big number of children who are directly or rather indirectly affected by prostitution. I therefore encourage you all to come out and contribute money to assist in the running of such organizations that care for the community.

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