Sociology Extended Essay Ideas: What Are They and How to Find Them?

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Posted on August 30, 2022

According to the definition of the UNC, Sociology is the discipline of the relationships between humans and different social institutions. It covers many aspects, so it is easier to find decent sociology extended essay topics than ideas for narrow-angle disciplines. As a rule, it is impossible to find a topic that will concern only Sociology. Most of them are interdisciplinary like Sociology and Health Studies, Sociology and English, Sociology and Education, and more. Here, you will get 20 ideas for extended essays in Sociology.

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Students need good topics to provide valuable content in their papers, but it is not enough. Professors also pay attention to formatting, structuring, language, and stylistic paper components. So, students should edit and format their papers. If they do not know how to do that, it will be better to entrust this task to a professional writer or editor who will provide them with quality sociology assignment help online.

What Is an Extended Essay and How to Write It?

Most school, college, and university students got used to short essays with three or five paragraphs. Many tutors specify the task and ask for a certain number of words. An average learner has surely written at least one 500 and 1000-word essay, though none of them is extended. The extended paper includes approximately 4000 words. It is a significant assignment of the International Baccalaureate program. So, a student needs more time to perform it, compared to brief essays.

Professionals take five steps to write such papers.

  1. They research to find good ideas and select the most unique and catchy ones.
  2. Experts outline a paper and mention things they want to describe in each structural part.
  3. Professionals write a body (to realize the research value), and then an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion.
  4. They format the paper regarding the required style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.)
  5. Finally, experts edit and proofread the paper and scan it with plagiarism checkers.
  6. Sometimes they change some details to enhance its quality.

If a student faces hardships in the creation of an extended essay, it will be necessary to find examples and guides. has many samples of various essay types and guidelines to them. One should check them to find the required information.

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The structure of an extended essay looks like this:

A title page an essay title and a research question are obligatory; other details (information about the performer, college, discipline, and more) are mentioned in the college requirements
Contents page is at the beginning of the paper and has page numbers for each part
Introduction introduces the research question and summarizes the research proposal
Body describes the used research methods, and sources, and discloses the topic with verified facts
Conclusion highlights achievements and summarizes the idea in general
Used literature ABC list of used sources

Where to Search for Sociology Extended Essay Ideas

Sociology is everywhere. It is a child’s educational environment. It is a dependence on social networks that people worldwide suffer. However, one should not think that any topic can suit extended writing. The topic should be neither too narrow nor too wide.

An average paper consists of theory and practice. Both parts must be logically connected.

As it has been said, extended essays cover nearly 4K words. So, a student should have enough information to write them. Consequently, students must research a lot to collect reliable facts and life samples.

Custom writers seek sociology extended essay ideas in dependable sources. Traditionally, they study various scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, online periodicals, and books. Sometimes, writers interview people to get more data for independent research. It is required for the practical essay part that bears the uniqueness and value of research.


Credible sources have recently updated articles, reputable authors, and links to other research or news on the list of cited sources. Professional writers recommend their clients trust only websites by educational and governmental institutions. The top reputable sources today that students can use in extended essays on Sociology are:

Unlike the picture above, Wikipedia does not belong to trustable sources anymore. The problem is in its editing option. Due to it, every visitor can change information. Eventually, an ignorant person can mislead readers with fakes, advertisements (which are commercial), and rumors.

List of Sociology Essay Topics That Your Teacher Would Love

Students spend hours, days, weeks, and even months on research ideas searching. Unfortunately, tutors often reject research proposals because of topics that bear “expired” information. That is why experts have prepared a list of sample topics on Sociology. Sometimes, a person just needs a hint to get inspired. Find your inspiration in the ideas below.

  1. Is there the most suitable age for marriage?
  2. Can free education on all levels change our world?
  3. Is it a good idea to block TikTok and Facebook on children’s smartphones?
  4. Is gender equality about letting men hit and compete with women and vice versa?
  5. Are child-oriented education and upbringing the things that help to raise a decent generation?
  6. At what age is a smartphone a useful but not a harmful present?
  7. What bad habits have the XXI century given birth to?
  8. What is the best age for becoming a parent?
  9. Did Covid-19 teach us some good life values?
  10. Why are people crazy about getting married?
  11. What is the difference between evil and good?
  12. Is it cheating to have feelings for someone else while being married?
  13. Has Black Live Matter changed the lives of people of color?
  14. What if all people get the same salary
  15. What danger do modern celebrities bring to kids?
  16. How to survive having helicopter parents
  17. Is social media addiction more dangerous than substance dependence?
  18. Is it OK to like child-free marriages?
  19. Does a high-class education promise success in life?
  20. Why do fairy tales not reflect real-life problems and do these features hurt children?

Another thing to keep in mind is the research title. A topic can be stellar, but a student will fail the task if the tutor will reject the proposal because of a poorly composed title. It must be brief, hooky, and informative. It must not bear all significance of the research. Otherwise, a reader will not be willing to read the paper. He will already know its final destination.

Pro tip

Sociology is not boring. It relates to so many other disciplines that everyone can find something intriguing. For example, you can argue the problems of your surrounding (college, town, university, state) to guarantee uniqueness. It is essential to select a topic that will be interesting for you too. Otherwise, you risk losing inspiration and performing a low-level academic paper.


An extended Sociology essay is about three main things: worthy content, an academic format, and language that meets the requirements of college or university level. Many students face challenges when preparing this long writing that covers over 14 pages. Experts on work day and night to help them manage the task successfully. Together, you will surely get the highest grade.

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