Scholarship Essay Sample: How Can I Make a Difference?

Posted on February 21, 2022

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If you picked a dream college or university, and want to be the first candidate to be accepted, you should work hard. It is super obvious. However, there are also those students who dream of not only being accepted as a student but getting a scholarship. This is a hard-nut-to-crack and may challenge you pretty much. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you have to prepare a scholarship essay. That’s why you have been repeatedly assigned to writing papers at school. By reading this guide provided by our scholarship essay writing service, you will learn the scholarship essay format and find the example that can be used as an inspirational template, sample for your further writing. Off we go!

How to Write Scholarship Essay Examples About Yourself?

Prior to starting with the scholarship essay examples, we have to define what this paper stands for. First off, the scholarship essay is your opportunity to build a case for yourself, your future career, and demonstrate to the committee why you are deserving of the award. It allows you to express your individuality, leadership statement, and what you are most proud of in life. In simple terms, a scholarship paper is like a letter where you describe or sell yourself to the committee. Your goals, background, and challenges can all make a difference when compared to other candidates.

For instance, if you plan to pursue a nursing career, you should not write anything trite like – I want to help people. It is very boring for samples, and the committee won’t even remember your paper or application. If it is something related to the financial sphere, money should not be the key focus or purpose. You’d better come up with something unique, how you can make a difference, or help the college to develop the personalities, and help them achieve their success in the career, networking, and other spheres. And, do be personal in your essay, no need to copy-paste someone’s achievement.

Any good scholarship essay sample will possess the following format requirements:

  • The information should be double spaced.
  • Make use of Times New Roman typeface.
  • Maintain a font size of 10 to 12 pt.
  • Align your material with a one-inch margin on all four edges of the page.
  • On the left side of the paper, write your last name and the page number.
  • Titles can also be assigned. This is entirely optional and is determined by the writer’s preferences.
  • The word count is 500 or fewer words, preferably.

You can also refer to worksheets as examples for writing a paper (here). Now, it is high time to share the essays example. Read it, make a similar outline, and try to practice your own writing.

How Can I Make a Difference?

My mother once told me – “You see the world differently”. As you may think, all parents say that to their kids and believe they are extraordinary. Yet, that was the phrase that started my journey, adventure to studying web design. I still see the world differently and want to share with you my arguments regarding it.

I started drawing when I was 6, and all the house walls featured my graffiti, and signs to parents. It was the mission of my young years to share with people only hints with my drawings without saying them a word. My parents always nurtured that habit, and never ever cleaned the walls. To help me develop my skills, they sent me to art school, where I learned that drawing illustrations and different logos (I was after told that my signs could be perfect logos) are much more interesting on laptops rather than on papers. It pushed me to study by myself the principles of web design, and particularly UI/UX.

My first accomplishment was a job offer to the local design studio that recruited fresh blood who can make a difference with new ideas. I was given a test to design the landing page of one dentistry. I managed to come up with a design that did not feature any teeth or smiles, and that was a shocking approach for the agency. But, the good news for me was that the client loved the idea. I was paid my first $200.

My second accomplishment was partially a failure. I faced some deadlines in high school, and could not manage to submit all the papers on time. Simultaneously, I had a new order for the e-commerce shop for CBD products in Canada. Unfortunately, I missed the deadlines both at school and my agency and was punished for that. Looking ahead, I finished the design and communicated with my professors about the second chance for improving my grades. Still, I learned one lesson – time management is the best assistant for modern people who want to succeed in their life. As of now, I always make schedules, and never put others down. It is my face, and portfolio too, how I manage time.

My third and biggest accomplishment is my participation in the annual designers’ contest for new talents. The main idea of it was to introduce new trends to the changing web design sphere. I came up with a new vision of animated main screens. It was all possible thanks to my knowledge of not only classic tools like Figma, and Photoshop, but also After Effects. I won a monetary prize pool and an internship in the top European design studio, which I successfully accomplished this summer.

Overall, I strongly believe that even the best web designer can make mistakes. All the mistakes and accomplishments make us stronger. I want to make a difference by studying in your college, and I warn you about my non-trite approach to designing objects and Web environments. I would like to derive experience, and knowledge from the course and experts, and change the industry for the better. Thank you for reading my letter, let’s design solutions together.

This essay is an example where you could check both the accomplishments and failures of one student. It is not embarrassing to share your mistakes from the past. The main idea is how you overcome your challenges. Do not also forget to spice your paper up with your achievements, showing that you have already accomplished some of your goals.


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