The Right Grammar for the Personal Statement

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Posted on June 16, 2015

Grammar means a lot. At the same time, it can be really tricky. If your dream is to become a high class advocate, journalist or professional writer, the abilities to both – write and speak well are the must-haves.

Clients, colleagues as well as everyone else you will be interacting with will judge how smart you are by how well you can speak and write.personal statement grammar

Excellent writing and speaking skills are essential for the personal statement that you may be cracking on with now. Make sure you know how to impress your tutor with the proper grammar of your project.

  • Use Commas
    You will be surprised to know that commas are important. Make sure to use them when writing a personal statement. First of all, you need comma when writing a list or a series. In case there are only two elements in the list, no need to use comma. Have you got more than two elements in the list? Don’t forget to put comma after each of them, including the one before the “and”.
  • Short Sentences
    Stay away from long sentences. Keep your writing concise. In case you see that some of the sentences of the personal are too long, and separated by commas only – or worse, there are no punctuation sings at all – do your best to break the sentences down with more full stops.
  • Me, Myself & I
    If you happen to be the subject of the sentence, “myself” and “me” are not the best idea. Have you ever heard the sentences like “myself likes green” or “me walks into the kitchen”? Using “I” is the right choice for the examples mentioned above. One of the worst mistakes in this case is the incorrect plural possessive like the following: “My aunt and I’s vase”. Sounds dreadful, don’t you think? The right variants will be to say “our vase”, “my vase” or even “the vase my aunt and I use / possess”.
  • Correct Foreign Names and Words
    When dealing with the unknown words and foreign names, make sure to follow the generally accepted rules – either use of the original form of the names or the English translation. As a rule, students face with this kind of problems, when dealing with the language like Latin, Greek and Danish, etc. that have diagraphs. As an example, take a look at Oedipus and Edipus. While these forms are equally correct, the first one is more generally known and accepted when the question is about the English language.

The number one piece of advice for every essay writer may sound as READ THE ESSAY OUT LOUD. That’s right. Make certain to read what you have written from A to Z out loud. Does the essay sound right for you? Even the most inexperienced writers can always say that something does not pleases our ears even if they cannot say what exactly is wrong. It is recommended to circle all the segments of the text that seem to need some correction. Do not forget to give some grammar attention to the mentioned area. personal statement writing service can provide you with professional writing assistance on any topic and discipline. Contact us now!

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