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Topics and ideas
Posted on March 6, 2019

The research paper is a kind of work that is aimed at studying a specific issue or question. The research proposal is the text that represents and justifies exploration of the specific topic. The main goal of such paper is to prove the necessity of the theme studying and its importance for education.

A professor, who also adds all details and instruction regarding writing the paper, mainly defines the topic for the research proposal. However, choosing a topic yourself can become a challenge for a student due to the variety of issues and aspects to analyze. The following list includes interesting and specific topics that can be used while writing a research proposal.

Topics and Ideas for a Research Proposal

  1. Effect of Obesity on Human Health
    This topic is curious to explore due to its importance in modern society. Various experts conducted researches regarding the impact of particular food and lifestyle on a human body. The research proposal on this topic should be based on statistical and scientific data regarding obesity. For example, such work can state the problem of children obesity and methods of dealing with it.
  2. The Problem of Animal Testing
    The problem of animal testing is quite a topical issue of discussion currently. A lot of famous brands and companies are prohibiting animal testing in order to protect the rights of animals and produce ethical production. The research proposal should depict the importance of the topic, concentrate attention on its recent recognition, and represent contributions of different states to the issue and companies that do not test their products on animals.
  3. The Role of Technology in Education
    Modern technological progress provides improved conditions for education and different kinds of academic activity. Of course, different experts define the advantages and disadvantages of technologies in education. The research proposal on this topic should include an explanation of tech use in the sphere of education, its positive and negative impact on students, and the importance of technological skills for students.
  4. Influence of Social Media on Children
    Social media and networks are considered the tools for socialization and communication for children. However, experts are concerned about the problem of addiction and time wasting in using social media by children. Such aspects as the importance of the issue, its popularity nowadays, the problems it causes, and benefits of social media use should be included in the research proposal on the topic.
  5. Anthropogenic Factor in Global Warming
    Numerous experts study the problem of global warming defining the influential role of the human in the development of this problem. The research proposal can be based on the description of the damaging activity of people that can make an impact on the environment. Besides, it is important to show the historical development of the anthropogenic factor and describe the modern tendencies of global warming.
  6. The Theory of Overpopulation in Modern Studies
    The problem of human overpopulation developed in interconnection with limited capacities of the environment and the increasing amount of people on the planet. This problem is quite disputable and controversial due to different approaches to the issue. The research proposal on the topic of overpopulation should explain the concept of overpopulation and define problems connected with the development of the phenomenon.
  7. The Problem of Moral Standards in TV Shows
    Modern TV often shows controversially represent traditional moral standards of human society. Besides, there are different approaches to this problem because experts provide a specific evaluation for every TV show. The research proposal should define the topicality of this issue, its spreading in modern media, and the importance of morality as a part of different TV shows.
  8. Can Online Sources of Information Replace Newspapers?
    There are more than 4 billion active users of the Internet in 2018 that often refuse reading printed newspapers. It is comfortable for people to read news online because of the constant information update. The stated topic is quite controversial because there are people that prefer printed press to online sources and vice versa. The research proposal on the topic should represent the problem and its current importance.
  9. Enactment of Gun Control Laws
    The problem of gun control is topical for the society of the United States due to numerous problems connected with the aspect. This issue is connected with personal safety and comfort, and with public security because guns can be used for both protection and attack. Such aspects as an explanation of the problem, provision of its national specifications, and determination of its role should be included in the research paper proposal.
  10. The Idea of the World without Wars
    This problem is connected with the sphere of idealistic philosophy of international relations offered by Immanuel Kant. The importance of the topic refers to its possible influence on different conflicting states and regions with a high number of conflicts. The research proposal paper should be based on the explanation of this concept, consideration of main approaches, and its implementation for the modern international community.
  11. The Problem of Violence against Children
    Different psychologists trying to develop techniques for dealing with violence against children study this issue. The research proposal paper can include a depiction of the problem, various approaches to the problem, and possible ways of its solution. The topic is crucial because attitude to children in families often becomes the reason for their inability to socialize.
  12. Dealing with Mental Breakdowns
    This topic should include consideration of how to deal with mental breakdowns and how to treat people with mental breakdowns. The research proposal paper should convince the professor that the issue of mental breakdowns is essential to investigate in order to treat such people and assist them in returning to a normal life. The research proposal can also include the evolution of the mental breakdown concept and problem solutions.
  13. The Effectiveness of Self-driving Cars
    Self-driving cars are becoming more and more popular among influential companies. The key goal of such cars is to make the lives of people more comfortable and transportation quicker. The problem of self-driving cars invention, the popularity of such cars, and tendencies or risks of the sphere development can be included in the research proposal paper.
  14. The Future of Artificial Intelligence
    The modern development of artificial intelligence provides extensive opportunities for technological progress. The research proposal paper should include a description of the technology development and its impact on the future of the humankind. Artificial intelligence is quite a controversial issue due to different risks and problems connected with work in the sphere.
  15. The Roots of Antisemitism
    The problem of antisemitism brought many historical challenges for Jewish people. Nowadays this ideology still exists; thus, it is essential to consider this problem from different point of views. The research paper should include an explanation of the ideology and its main concepts, the history of its development and the most famous followers of antisemitism ideas.
  16. The Greek Culture Influence on the Ancient World
    The development of Greek culture determined the state of the general culture of the ancient world. The culture of this country is considered to be valuable because of the variety of artifacts and achievements. The research proposal paper should establish interconnections between Greek culture and the cultures of other countries.
  17. Influence of Pop Culture Trends
    Modern pop culture is represented by various trends and tendencies that are supported by whole communities. Variety of such trends is impressive, and it is impressive to explore its influence on society. Such aspects as specifications of pop culture trends, the popularity of such ideas, and their influence on different communities should be included in the research proposal paper.
  18. Ethical Dilemmas in Business Activity
    The problem of moral dilemmas is topical for different spheres of human activities due to the necessity to make quick and effective decisions. Business activity is connected with different ethical dilemmas because of financial issues and the decision-making process. The research paper proposal should include a description of fundamental ethical dilemmas and the importance of these issues influence on business.
  19. Leadership Strategies in Business
    Management and leadership strategies determine the efficiency of the business. The modern theory of leadership represents different strategies and tactics of teamwork that are aimed at the organization of effective work. Explanation of leadership strategies importance, the role of such ideas for an effective leader, and the variety of such strategies should be a part of the research proposal paper.
  20. Causes of WWII
    A wide range of reasons stand behind WWII, which initiated many devastations all over the world. The research proposal paper should be based on facts and arguments, which are considered to be reasons for WWII. Investigation of such topic is significant for historical memory and experience aimed at avoidance of the same occasions in international relations.


The research proposal paper is considered the basis for a future research paper on the topic. A student can choose one of the topics and make it more specific or narrow. Besides, the research paper should be written accurately and specifically like any academic work in order to provide all significant details regarding the problem. Writing the research proposal paper, the student should remember that the text should be well structured and well developed. The primary aim of such paper is to prove the importance of the issue investigation and provide a short outline for writing further paper.

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