Good Research Topics: How and Where to Find Them

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Posted on April 8, 2022

When does a person want to read something? The answer is obvious. When the title and content are hooky. Is it possible to do without good research topics? No. That is why the first task of students is to base their research proposals on interesting topics. How to do that? This article answers the most frequent questions of students who try to create a worthy academic paper.

Top Best Research Paper Topics to Discuss in 2022

Today, it is very easy to find a list of top ideas on the Internet. Students, their tutors, and professional writing agencies share their thoughts concerning what is worth writing about or what is not. There is only one huge BUT! Other students can also find these topics, so your research proposal will not be unique anymore. What to do? Look at the table of possible research paper topics below. They are general, but not expired.

Subject category Topic
Education Should teachers pass competency tests, or is it enough to have a diploma to teach kids?
Medicine Is abortion a murder: religious vs. medical points of view?
Technology and Music Can music become pure again in the epoch of computer processing that makes it sound better?
Interpersonal relations Can online communication replace real-life chats and emotions?
Marketing Children on social media: how to protect them from the harmful impact of ads and suicidal challenges?
Nutrition What diets are less harmful and more effective: low-carb vs. low-fat nutrition?
Health If vaccines prevent the target diseases, why are there so many vaccinated Covid-sick patients worldwide?
Human Rights Discrimination vs. reverse discrimination: is there really any difference?
Drugs & Addiction Why is beer regarded as “safe” alcohol in many countries, including the German beer drinking tradition?
Animal Rights Why are cats, dogs, and wild animals protected while fish and domestic animals are killed massively daily?

Your task is to relate them to your surroundings, including your home, school or college, etc. For example, you know people who are against the sale of alcohol to juveniles but let their 16-year-old offspring drink beer. So, it can be great to find out whether beer provokes alcohol dependence or is it safe for children’s organisms, especially alcohol-free ones?

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“Online websites give hints. A students’ task is to narrow down the topic and make it more specific. We help them do that and gather valuable information for the project. Then, we explain how to present it smartly and cover all essential issues in the paper. That’s why they always succeed!”

How and Where to Find Credible Sources for Your Research

The pandemic changed our world. People began to prefer online resources to traditional libraries. At the same time, learners started to introduce unverified information in their research papers. Below, one can see tips on where to find reliable sources.

How to Find Sources

1.Start with a simple search

Beginners should start with a choice of a simple search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Students will get various results. One can investigate them to get the basic information about the chosen topic.

2.Avoid websites that can be easily edited

People publish different articles on blogs. Some bloggers do everything possible to get more subscribers and followers. That is why they publish any sensation. Most of them are too lazy to research and verify every number and name in the post. So, it is better to omit them.

Many people trust Wikipedia. Unfortunately, this encyclopedia is not credible because every visitor can change an article. Britannica and are more dependable. So, one should pay attention to whether the source is for editing or not.

3.Scholarly databases are dependable

Scholars work to discover something new. Then, they write research papers to highlight their discoveries and acknowledge the world. Consequently, such websites impose trust. Moreover, every article has links to other dependable sources.

4.Periodicals of reputable organizations

Some organizations spend years trying to prove their credibility. Literature that they release can hardly contain lies because fakes damage a company’s reputation.

5.Verify the validity of the introduced dates and facts

Many libraries have expired information. One should pay attention to the Last Updated data on the website. If it is 2022 or the end of 2021, you can use them. Otherwise, you will need to search for the fact on other dependable websites or in the library.

Experts from have prepared guides and samples for students to follow.

If a person requires concrete sources to look for verified information, these could be the following websites:

Other sources to find hints

A list of sources with unique research paper ideas is endless. Though, new researchers will feel lost when seeing so much information. Who can give a hint? The first person to help is a tutor. Teachers always try to help beginners. Then, students can ask professional agencies to assist. They are available 24/7 and react quickly. Friends, relatives, and senior students can help as well if they are knowledgeable.

Pro tip

Sometimes the best advisors are students themselves. Experts often ask them to review their previous research papers such as term papers or course works, class notes, and textbooks to find questions that still need answers. For example, a mentor repeats that he would like his students to learn more about some architectural buildings of their town. If a student tries to explore this topic, a mentor will surely approve a research proposal and read the paper from A to Z.


A good research idea is the start of every research paper. Learners should learn many sources to spot something decent. That is why a student must not be lazy to find something eye-catching and interesting. Motivated students feel more inspired and willing to research and report on a topic when they like it.

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