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Posted on February 6, 2009

Once you are given a task to write a research paper – a wide range of topics are opened before you. The type of essay topic speaks for itself. The research essay topics are based mostly on analyzing the informational resources. The main tip for writing research essays is that the main idea or question must be covered as deeply as possible. It means that the topic of your research paper might have a lot of aspects to be cleared. If you choose one concrete aspect to write about, your research essay will be successful. Otherwise, your research paper will be either too large or too general.

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Pro Basic Recommendations about Research Paper Writing

You have to understand and remember that the purpose of the research essay is not writing a review on the articles and analyzed information but to express your own vision and thoughts on the question. Also, you can use the comparison of the original ideas with your own. Just quoting and rewriting might and will be considered plagiarism.

The research paper has to be well-structured and organized. All the arguments in the essay must be supported and have some vivid background. You have to clear up the topic of the research paper in the introduction.

Pro tip

The biggest mistake of students is the use of facts that lack scientific verification. Learners should research only reputable sources. False statements mislead the investigation. A person fails to write an impressive paper because every word plays against him/her. Before students decide to cite something, it will be necessary to contrast data from other sources to make sure that it is true.

The body of the research paper includes the main questions and arguments. You have to predict the questions which might arise while your reader is analyzing the research paper and try to give at least simple answers. The conclusion has to give a vivid and general point of view, clear for understanding.

The research essay has to show the knowledge you have earned while writing it. Also, these might be some new perspectives and questions to ask for the future.
The thesis of the research paper has to be close to the subject you study. But still, you have to remember the narrowing of the thesis statement.
Good research essay topics are worth nothing if students do not support the core ideas with verified facts. These three sources will give them.

Good Research Essay Topics to Discuss in Papers in 2022

To create a supreme research paper, beginners need to have some useful prompts at their fingertips. They help them find creative research ideas and implement them in stellar academic writings. Great research essay topics related to the urgent problems and interests of today’s society. Here are some examples of the topics to choose from.

  • What contemporary singers and music bands should join a list of artists who influenced fashion? (Arts and Culture)
  • Why has dubstep almost disappeared from top music charts? (Music)
  • Was it smart to cancel a one-child policy in 2016 and get back to a three-child policy in China in 2021? (History and Policy)
  • What is the effect of the war in Ukraine on the economic situation in other European countries? (History Today)
  • Are talent shows such as America Got Talent and the Voice fair? (Ethics and Art)
  • What is the secret of students who became successful despite failed academic papers? (Education)
  • What can a school do to prevent the bullying of immigrants and weak students? (Education and Social relations)
  • Should a government allow every citizen to own guns if the country is involved in a military conflict or war? (Ethics)
  • Should organ donation become legal for people who cannot pay off the loan? (Ethics)
  • Should advertising harmful diets be banned on social media and reputable health websites? (Health)
  • Should social media holders track private messages to prevent the creation of dangerous groups such as the Blue Whale and control the behavior and suicidal attempts of teenagers? (Social Media and Ethics)
  • Is vaccination dangerous for people with chronic diseases or weak immune response to viruses? (Health)
  • Will Islamic representatives be able to recover the trust of the people and a positive reputation after September 11? (Religion and Ethics)
  • If the Bible includes killing people in the list of the most horrible sins, why did churches burn witches and heretics? (Religion)
  • Was it smart for Germany to refuse the use of nuclear energy on their territory? (Environment and Economy)
  • Is there any mismatch in Stephen Hawking’s theory of the black hole’s creation? (Science)
  • What will happen to the planet and your country in particular if all icebergs melt? (Environmental problems)
  • Should people rely on self-driving cars and refuse the use of traditional cars? (Technology)
  • Have people become more ignorant and limited after the creation of Google search and Wikipedia? (Education and Technology)
  • Is it fair to provide free meals to prisoners but make school children pay for lunches at school? (Government)

Research papers are challenging, not only for middle school pupils. Even senior students need guides and informative articles to cope with the task. These are four articles from experts. One can read a research paper sample, see the difference between a literature review and a research paper, receive basic knowledge about a paper organization, and learn more about academic formats.


Having cool research essay ideas lets students become closer to their college goals. Professionals recommend investigating the topic properly to introduce high-level content. Moreover, formatting and proofreading are equally important. Advanced custom writers are ready to guide students and show examples of top-quality papers. Together, they can move mountains and improve college ratings easily.

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