Top Best Report Ideas: How to Create a Report and What to Write About?

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Posted on April 8, 2022

Students are often asked to write either an essay or a report on some topic. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to differentiate between these two academic assignments. What’s more, learners have to find good report writing topics to deserve the highest grade. It is necessary to read this article to understand the basic requirements for report writing.

10 Best Report Topics + Writing Tips from Experts

The first thing one should do is to find worthy report topics. A student should research a lot to understand what things worry people today or what college tutors are interested in. Moreover, a topic must be interesting for a student. Otherwise, he will lack the inspiration to perform the task at a high level. Below, one can see sample ideas and things to discuss when writing about them.

Topic Tips for writing
What are the reasons for the growing/ decreasing number of some fauna species in my region? (Biology and Ecology) Tell the reasons why ticks, snakes, foxes, or any other animals spread too much on the territory or became extinct.
The secret of Japanese success after the atomic attacks? (Economics and History) Japan is a geographically small country. It does not have specific natural resources and was attacked in 1945. How did it manage to join G7?
Social classes of Europe vs. Asia. (Sociology) What is the difference between the division of people on social classes in European and Asian countries?
School before and after the change of school uniform. (Education) Many schools cancel school uniforms, while others change designs. How do these changes influence students?
Working experience of students. (Employment) Students have to cover tuition and living expenses. Part-time jobs are the best way out. Where they can work legally and how employers treat them.
Pros and cons of raising a child in bilingual families. (Linguistics and Psychology There are many examples of children who speak two languages because their parents are from different countries. Is it a positive or a negative aspect? What possible disorders can a child have?
Top-salary sportsmen in the world. (Sports) What makes a sportsman’s salary? Who are top-rich sportsmen worldwide?
Bee venom as an effective treatment for Lyme disease. (Medicine) Except for antibiotics, apitoxin shows positive results in the treatment of borreliosis. Who was the inventor of such a therapy? How does it work? What are the results?
Salaries and subsistence minimum in third-world countries. (Economy and Geography) What makes a third-world country? What does it need to get rid of this offensive status?
What do different countries do to increase or decrease their population? China did not let countries have three children till 2016 because of the growth rate of the country’s population. What do other countries do to boom or decrease the number of newborns?

It is impossible to write a stellar report without verified information about the topic. It is essential not to write information, taken from nowhere. Learners can use the following links to search for significant evidence to support the main topic of the report.

  • Google Scholar
  • NCBI
  • Google Books

Report vs. Essay: What is the Difference?

Pro tip

Students should differentiate between academic essays and reports. Essays often involve the emotions and personal viewpoints of students. Reports are based only on facts. They resemble a literature review, where a student’s task is to highlight the value of the introduced data. Learners should also introduce only essential facts about the researched topic, without emotions.

Sometimes, students get confused when seeing that report ideas look similar to essay topics. Indeed, ideas can be almost the same but their presentation will surely differ.

Top Best Report Ideas


Reports always have a table of content that includes sections and subsections whose number depends on the theme parts and the length of a paper. Students research literature, experiment, interview people, or do lab tests to collect essential information. The best example is the investigation of case studies. It is necessary to include visuals in a report. It can be tables, graphs, infographics, charts, and diagrams. There should be a section devoted to the description of the used research methods. The paper usually ends with recommendations.


There is no need to give a table of content in essays because they usually hardly exceed five paragraphs. It is a text with several paragraphs without headings. The only separated parts are a bibliography list and an appendix (if there are any). A student analyzes and evaluates theories, ideas, research, and suggestions of other people. Students can often reflect on something and introduce personal experiences. This academic task does not demand visuals (only an appendix), recommendations, and a description of applied methods.


Reports are more standard. They introduce information that a student has found while reading about the case study, experiment, and theme. Learners give a table of content on a separate page to navigate readers. Only the expository essay slightly reminds students of a report. It also needs dry facts, though it does not include headings, subheadings, recommendations, and a description of the used methods and writing process. If you need professional help from expert writers, get in touch with our writing service online.

If students need more information, they can read these related resources:
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When we help our customers write a report, we usually suggest using six tips:

  • write in the past;
  • use the 3rd person narrative;
  • stick to vivid facts;
  • narrate and describe simultaneously;
  • structure your writing;
  • every word must be precise.

They never fail the task if they keep to these recommendations.


Students use academic reports to discuss the outcomes of some surveys, experiments, and research methods. These papers include the following components: an introduction, a literature background, the used methods, results and their discussion, and a conclusion with recommendations. Students use formal writing styles and tones. They also should pay attention to the accuracy of the idea presentation and formatting details so as not to lose points.

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