Reflective Essay Ideas for Top Level Papers

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Posted on December 15, 2021

When teachers want to learn more about their students, they ask them to write reflective essays. This paper is always about something personal. A student reflects feelings and emotions connected with the described experience. As a rule, a learner provides an evaluation of some event or thoughts about some object. It is not a diary, though. Students should think of creative reflective essay topics to impress an educator. This article provides great examples of topics and tips from professionals.

Top 20 Ideas for a Reflective Essay That Educators will Appreciate

Reflective papers are similar to narrative ones. The main difference is the story presentation. Narrative essays tell a story using all three perspectives, while reflective writing demands the 1st person singular. Below, one can find cool samples of topics in various life areas that let students look at a problem, notion, object, or event with a critical eye.

  1. The first time I met and talked to representatives of different cultural and religious beliefs. (Religion)
  2. My first quarrel with an older person. (Generation gap)
  3. My first impression of street art. (Art)
  4. The best song I have ever heard. (Music)
  5. How specialists help me cope with fears and anxiety. (Medicine)
  6. My experience in witnessing (suffering) gender inequality. (Psychology)
  7. My first bribery experience. (Law, Corruption)
  8. My attitude to free services. (Society)
  9. The best lesson in my life. (School life)
  10. My hardships in remote learning during the previous academic year. (Education)
  11. Problems I face daily in my life because of my disease. (Health & Care)
  12. I am against deforestation and animal hunting. (Environmental problems)
  13. My first training in the gym. (Sports)
  14. My feelings after reading “1984” by George Orwell. (English Literature)
  15. Why do I like doing homework in libraries? (general)
  16. How is it to be a part of family entrepreneurship? (Business)
  17. Does my ID reflect my identity? (Philosophy)
  18. My first camping experience. (general)
  19. What do I see in my reflection in the mirror every morning? (general)
  20. What do I think about the English course at my school? (general)

Where to Seek Reflective Essay Ideas

Reflective papers help a student reveal his or her true self. The topic selection should depend either on individual preferences or university requirements. Educators usually give hints. For example, a teacher can give a task to write about something connected with nature. Learners may reflect on a day near in the woods or a work of a famous artist. A teacher wants to find out what a student felt and thought at that moment. So, a title and lexical units of the text should include vivid descriptions and stylistic means.

The best way is to find a good sample to see how to create such a paper. Reflections help educators learn the viewpoints of students about their educational institutions, final exams, and problems connected with that. Due to that, it is easier to find effective solutions to problems and improve classes and curricula in general. The main thing is not to write too personally. Teachers are not psychologists, so sometimes, it is better to keep sacred feelings and thoughts a secret.

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