Reflection Paper Example: My First Cooking Experience

Posted on February 15, 2022

Reflection is about describing things one has experienced. This academic assignment deals with individual needs, abilities, impressions, and emotions. Let’s be honest, the issues we’ve just mentioned aren’t the easiest to discuss and sometimes include a pinch of philosophy. That’s the main reason why so many undergrads find it tough to write papers of this type. However, using a  paper writing service or a professionally written sample could be an option. Below, one can read a good reflection paper example. It is a template of a student who had a bad cooking experience. Due to that, she realized that it was necessary to learn cooking technology and find a receipt before starting preparing noodles. Things are simple only when a person knows what to do. A student reflects on her experience and things she realized after she finally managed to prepare a perfect dinner.

Reflective Writing Examples: My First Cooking Experience

Our mentor told us to write a reflective paper and gave us a reflective essay sample to learn what it looks like. Then, he said that each student should describe a personal experience in a reflection essay, presentation, or report. I investigated other reflective writing examples and decided to write about my first cooking experience. It was a good topic to reflect on and laugh at.

It was in 2012. I was 11, but I had never cooked alone before. My parents were at work, and I wanted to surprise them with a tasty dinner. Everybody liked pasta, so I decided to prepare yolk noodles. What could go wrong? I poured water into a pot and washed the noodles. They looked a bit weird, but an inexperienced child did not care about that. So, I put a pack of noodles (400 grams!) in the pot and put it on the stove. I turned on the gas and waited. It was too boring to wait till the water boiled, so I decided to devote some time to my education. My mother would be happy to see a well-prepared dinner and my homework being ready!

I had to write a paper about my winter holidays in English. I had hardly finished writing an introduction when I heard a strange noise in the kitchen. When I reached the stove, water was everywhere. I switched off the gas and dried off the stove with kitchen napkins. Noodles looked like a big dough pie, but I added more cool water and switched on the gas again. I returned to my homework and started writing the second paragraph. In ten minutes, I went to the kitchen to prevent my first cooking failure. The water was boiling. I remembered about spices and added two tablespoons of salt and the same amount of pepper. I sneezed twice and returned to my paper. I got absorbed with learning again. Then, I smelled something burning. Instead of boiled noodles, I got a fried noodle pie.

My parents came ten minutes after I had switched off the stove. By that time I had already aired the kitchen, and the smell had vanished. I took a knife and cut the fried noodle pie. I took three plates, put three huge portions on them, and decorated pieces with greenery. My parents came to the kitchen, and my mom gave a critical look at everything that had happened. Nevertheless, they sat at the table, took forks and knives, and tasted my delicacy. My dad had hardly swallowed a piece and drank a full glass of water. My mother said that the tastiest thing was the greenery, and my parents started laughing. I felt terrible, but then I tried my dish, and it all made sense. It was disgusting! The sticky pie was too salty and spicy. Indeed, the greenery was the only edible part of my pasta.

Last month, my parents had a wedding anniversary. I decided to rehabilitate myself for that spoiled dinner nine years ago. I was not the same primitive self and decided to search for the answers on the Internet. It was not my first serious research because I had many college assignments that demanded a deep investigation of the problem. I remembered how I had read blog articles about how to cook noodles and other tasty things after that epic fail, but I was too ashamed to try again. Moreover, I was not a kid anymore, and it was high time for my cooking revenge.

So, I surfed the World Wide Web and spotted a website with examples of Italian pasta with sauce and a great variety of salads. I printed receipts and tips from experts and prepared everything. I lived with my parents, so my mom was still the only person responsible for cooking. Suddenly, I saw a receipt of lasagna and decided to challenge my cooking talents.

I went shopping and bought beef, bell peppers, tomatoes, and different types of cheese. I found a decent sample of lasagna on a cooking blog, so I followed each step without a single doubt. I returned home, washed my hands, took an apron, and washed ingredients, except for spaghetti. First, I prepared the sauce from beef, onions, and tomatoes. Then, I boiled spaghetti and added grated cheese to the sauce. Finally, I assembled my lasagna and baked it. The smell tickled my nose. It was not burnt, and I thanked God for that because products for lasagna were much more expensive than for my noodle pie. Moreover, I was already 20. It is easier to forgive the silly mistakes of an eleven-year-old girl than of an adult. That time I did not do any academic assignments so as not to repeat my past mistakes.

My parents arrived in the evening and were shocked! The table was well-served. Three plates, knives and forks, napkins, candles, a vegetable salad, and, of course, my lasagna in the center. It was really delicious and tasted well with white wine. We sat and remembered my noodle pie. I told them what I was doing that day, and tears ran down their cheeks because they could not stop laughing. My surprise was successful. Now, I know that it is very essential not to neglect rules when trying to do something you have never done before. One should learn how to do that and then proceed to the performance. My first cooking experience is the best example of what might happen. That is why I had read many samples and rules before I started writing this reflection. I hope it is as successful as my lasagna.


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