How to Write a Deductive Essay in Public Administration? Identification of Goal

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Posted on March 22, 2021

In fact, a deductive essay is nothing but somehow a regular exercise people perform daily. One may not even think about it until assigned an essay. This type of paper is based solely on deductive reasoning that allows a person to find one simple solution to a certain fact, or else called a premise. However, as far as it is an essay one should not limit to two-three sentences only. It is necessary to possess facts, evidence, and supporting clues to prove that one solution.

To make it easier, let’s take a look at the next example of deductive reasoning:

  • Premise: Most of the animals eat meat, they are carnivore species;
  • Evidence: Lion is the animal that eats meat;
  • Conclusion: Lion is a carnivore species.

The same tactic applies to a paper. One should work on assessing knowledge regarding the matter and providing a solution based on it. Nevertheless, the conclusion should be the most researched and analyzed because you cannot just say that the lion eats meat because it does not like other food. You should dive into the history and explain the reasons why these wild animals prefer only one type of meal.

Another thing about a deductive essay is that it is aimed to check students who are enrolled in a particular class on how they deal with proving their mind regarding one or another situation. How they can evaluate it, and what methods or approached can be applied to change it for better. Thus, if a subject Public Administration predetermines the regulations of the public, one had better select a topic that can be addressed in a few ways.

Finally, this type of paper is a great tool for those who find it hard researching in general. One will quit the comfort zone where are none or fewer arguments, and it will be necessary to turn to deductive thinking. Imagine, if you plan to serve your community and be responsible for other people. You will need to maneuver the efficient instruments and solutions to make someone’s life comfortable or safe. An essay gives a basic idea about this mastership.

How to Write a Deductive Essay in Public Administration? Subject and Topic

Public Administration the same as deduction are two components of our daily living. Either you want it or not, you come across its manifestations even without noticing them. Public Administration as a subject is a discipline aimed to teach students how to implement governmental policies to make society better. Therefore, one should be a proficient individual in human resources management, possess knowledge in budgeting, finance, communication, and law. Accordingly, the variety of topics for your essay can be extended to the fullest.

Note, some students have a designated syllabus that gives a basic idea of possible topics, or one can also turn to the professor to ask for his advice regarding the selection. But, make sure that instead of coming to your professor and begging to provide you with some advice only, you bring your variants as well. Any paper is an individual task, and demonstrating from the beginning that you cannot choose a topic on your own, it is a complete fiasco.

Once you do not find any offered topics engaging, learn the next examples that might be of interest to you:

  • Why Protests Cannot Be Prevented;
  • Why Protests Cannot Be Prevented;
  • What Do You Think About the Salary Crisis in Educational Workers?
  • Should Foreigners With Residence Permit Vote?
  • Can Kidnapping Be Stopped?
  • How to Raise the Standards for Hiring Governmental Employees?
  • Why Human Resources Strategies Cannot Hire Leaders?
  • Efficient Communication With the Public;
  • Why Law-Abiding Citizens Are Not Popular Phenomenon?
  • Why the Tax Collection Problem Only Deteriorates;
  • How to Motivate Communities?
  • Is There an End to Corruption?
  • Anti-Corruption Policy: Are There Any Results?
  • Income Inequality;
  • Public Ethics;
  • Foreign Investment Into Local Economies.

Otherwise, there is one more true method to pick up a stellar topic. You can monitor your community or situation in the country, and turn to any news related to the public that can be solved with your unique approach. Commonly, students when researching the matter or premise may come up with excellent ideas that can even be sent to the governing facilities, strange it may sound. Yes, so do your best to not take a paper as a burden but a real opportunity that you as a social unit matters and you can provide brilliant ideas.

After selecting the topic, address it to a curator one more time. It is always better to be safe than rejected when submitting a wrong-chosen paper.

How to Write a Deductive Essay in Public Administration? Format

Depending on the educational establishments, the word length for a deductive essay radically differs. However, most commonly students do not go over 1000 words. The golden mean is 500-800 words.

This essay will involve three components that differentiate it from other types of paper. Premise, evidence, and conclusion. For instance, you may have a topic ‘Income inequality’, the premise is that income inequality affected all the hospital workers. Evidence – Sarah (any representative) is a doctor. Conclusion – Sarah faces income inequality. It is a short example but it perfectly explains the purpose of this writing. In some cases, a student can also come up with several conclusions. And, it greatly affects the grade because one’s deductive thinking and reasoning allow generating many solutions to a certain matter.

Secondly, one should think about a tone. It can be either objective or factual, it depends on the number of facts one possesses. However, do not forget that each idea is dedicated to one paragraph. So, one paragraph should also contain enough evidence that will help you to look unbiased.

Thirdly, you should stick to the basic requirements of this paper. As usual, it is Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced, one-inch margin, and no colored text.

Fourthly, make sure you have enough information about the selected topic. It does not work only by providing professors with your unique solution. Public Administration is a serious discipline, that involves serious matters and instruments, such as law. Thus, if you have a premise that requires a prompt solution, you cannot create your rules but you should explain how one or another policy can be implemented to change the situation for better. Only after providing a theoretical knowledge about the discipline, you can attach your personal vision to the situation but again it should be logical.

At last, do not neglect the power of the Internet in terms of the studying process. There are many forums or groups that discuss actual news of your or other communities, where people offer their solutions. For instance, discussions regarding the corruption in your area. Derive inspiration, and use them as an alternative approach to making up a conclusion to the whole matter. The more results you have, there more your work will look complete. Please, try to avoid easy-manageable topics such as Public Administration Relevance, the role of policemen, and so on. They will be the choice of lazy students who do not want to research a thing.

If you manage to provide an accomplished deduction that possesses more than one evidence, and conclusion, you can count your work as a successful one automatically.

Writing of a Deductive Essay in Public Administration

As usual, everything starts from an outline if a student wants to smoothly master a paper. This plan will help to write down all the necessary terms, laws, evidence or ways to solve the matter before the actual composition of an essay. Try to brainstorm the legislation fitting your topic, then look for methods government stick to, and finally, make up your own decisions. After that, you will finish your paper much faster.

Introduction. Again, it will involve a thesis or a hook. Otherwise, one can directly start crafting a premise. It gives a full understanding of the issues and introduces a reader to how you will research and look for a solution. To make it look like candy, try your best to attach the background of the issue, its history, who already started to work on it, and what were the results. It can be achieved with learning the news (here Google saves students like nothing else), or you can refer to the history materials if you want to demonstrate your immense craving to solve the problem. After that, do not forget to attach a transition sentence that will lead a reader to the main body or your evidence.

Main Body. Here one should provide CREDIBLE evidence that will explain the background of the issue. For instance, with the Income Inequality topic, you can attach some facts from today’s life or representatives of the working-class who face this problem today. Like, – “Many companies cut down the number of workers because they could not agree on salaries.” It happened this March, and so on.” – The more evidence, the less unbiased opinions.

If you can, survey your environment, find out what others think about your topic and the actual problem. Note, it can be added as a supporting clue as well. A perfect main body will consist of three subparagraphs each dealing with one idea. Before attaching any evidence from the sources, check for its validity because professors tend to check this component more often than the whole paper. Besides, each time one should offer a kind of a solution to the matter based only on the evidence.

Conclusion. The final step is for summarizing the premise and evidence together and providing a reader with an ultimate solution. Otherwise, a student expresses this stage in the way it gives an impulse for further investigation. But, one thing is compulsory, do not try to introduce a reader to new evidence or premise, it will provoke misunderstanding of the whole purpose of your written task.

Finally, after finishing your writing, you should monitor the whole structure. One idea is to one paragraph. One evidence is followed by one solution. And, a conclusion finalize everything you have said before without adding new details. If so, you are more than welcomed to proceed with the last step.

Final Tips for a Deductive Essay in Public Administration

Note, if you have a chance, it is always worth asking other students from the groups about their selected topics before submitting work. Sometimes, it happens that a few students take the same topic and it converts into debates. If you plan this target, you are on the right track. But, everything can end up with your colleague having more evidence. So, do not risk. Other tips for your proofreading are:

  • Count your word length, and check whether the whole text is in one style. It is a common practice that headings differ in a font from the actual paragraphs. Everything should be in Times New Roman;
  • Correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. Be very careful with homophones words such as effect/affect, poor/pour, and so on. To be safe, you can turn to online editors that can correct such mistakes automatically;
  • Ask someone to listen to you or read your essay. It will help to understand either you sound persuasive or your conclusions or evidence look irrelevant or somehow biased;
  • Leave your writing to rest. Yes, it is very important to give yourself breaks during the writing and even after it. First off, this strategy is aimed to restart your mind and you can then feel to add some more premises or evidence. Thus, you can easily spot any illogical discrepancies.

Remember, a deductive essay is a good gym for your brain. You learn how to provide facts and supporting clues for everything you say daily. It helps to master deductive reasoning and thinking for other types of papers, especially coursework and dissertation. And, finally, it is your chance to change your public in the future or just right now.

If you followed all the above-mentioned tips, feel yourself Sherlock Holmes, who knew how to find a solution to any situation or matter. And, implement those tips for your comfortable living.


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