How to Write a Composition Essay in Public Administration? Feel the Difference

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Posted on March 1, 2021

Many students do not even try to track the difference between an essay and composition, for them they are interchangeable writings. However, a small fine line can radically change everything you write, and as a result, you can write completely reverse work to the one your professor assigned you to. Look, an essay is a type of paper that describes, argues, analyzes one topic providing facts, evidence, and any literary support to all the opinions. It, in turn, can be classified as per argumentative, narrative, expository types. Usually, this assignment helps curators to find out how one or another student can master the studying subject and whether one possesses enough knowledge to be enrolled for the next course.

When one is assigned with composition, it is already referred to as creative work. Here classification predetermines short stories, poems, pieces of music or research paper. In this case, a student is allowed to reveal creativity regarding one topic avoiding strict requirements of format. In fact, it can somehow resemble an ordinary essay but you should focus on analyzing your vision to the subject relevance or your opinion that can be used to improve the researched situation in any manner.

How to Write a Composition Essay in Public Administration: Find a Purpose

Now, as you at least have a basic idea about the differences, it is high time to underline the main focus of your work. First off, never take it seriously, strange it may sound. There are no requirements such as for a dissertation or compare and contrast essay where you should balance the distinctions and similarities. It is highly recommended to spend some qualitative time on developing your unique approach and ideas.

For instance, if it is a paper assigned when you are about to graduate, make sure it will impact your professor’s satisfaction with the results, make one think that graduating students are worth getting a degree. So, the choice for the mainstream topics should be left behind. Further on, there will be a list of stellar topics but now taking into consideration Public Administration subject, think of the final words you want to sum up your studying process with.

If you are still a freshman, this paper will allow you to assert yourself. You can juggle with your creativity in terms of knowledge obtained from primary or high school, and show how you can deal with essays.

Finally, do not take it as a burden. It is not about the statistics but probably half of the students who find it a burden fail the writing, and in the future, they hardly can express their opinion about one or another topic or even keep the ball rolling. So, are you motivated enough to master a composition essay? If yes, read the next information. If no, read the same but be ready to fail even such an easy task.

How to Write a Composition Essay in Public Administration: Stellar Plot

Either you study this field as a class or you get a degree in it, there should be prompt attention to picking up a topic for your composition. The problem is that many students do not want to waste their time, and they just copy ready-to-use samples and submit them attributing a work as their own one. Otherwise, they play smart and rewrite them to avoid being spotted with a plagiarism checkers.

Thus, it is very crucial to understand the purpose of this field and to possess at least 5 variants that you can write about. Public Administration is a kind of science helping experts create, monitor, regulate the public establishments, behavior and even government. All in all, specialists in this field dedicate themselves to the public and serve as advocates of public interest.

Moreover, it can be considered as a subject and mastership to influence societies and bring positive changes to live better. So, one should not take as a topic only the purpose or definition of this subject. It is the key rule because you won’t find something interesting, and you cannot show your creativity regarding defining the terms. And, finally, it will be a choice of lazybones who won’t even research a thing about it.

What are the subtypes of Public Administration? The subject is so wide that it can encompass hardly anything you come across when being in public. For instance, public personnel administration, public enterprise management, public regulations, fiscal administration, local government management, policy analysis, voluntary sector.

If your curator provides your group with a syllabus or a list of topics, it is half of the way to success. However, there are some events when one can feel like a duck to water selecting the best choice without limits. If you lack inspiration or cannot understand what can be trending and academically good, check the following list of proper topics for a composition essay in Public Administration:

  • Conflicts in Societies Connected With Dissatisfaction of a Level of Living;
  • Impact of Daily News on Public Behavior;
  • Incentive Scheme for Workers With Poor Paying-Capacities;
  • The Motivation for Unemployed Residents;
  • How to Promote Productivity in Personnel?
  • Why Recruit People Who Do Not Have Motivation?
  • Taxation Issues in 2020;
  • Corruption in Non-Profit Public Companies;
  • Pension Reform;
  • The Role of Youth in Public Management;
  • Public Relations for Resolving Conflicts;
  • Multinational Personnel: How Mentalities Provoke Disputes?
  • Evaluation of Ethnicity;
  • How to Train Public Leaders;
  • Protests in Public: Prevent or Promote?
  • Public Administration: What Careers Can One Pursue With This Degree?
  • Charitable Organizations as a Tool to Awake Sympathy in Public;
  • Organizational Conflicts;
  • Political Corruption: There Is No End;
  • Analysis of Public Behavior to Spot Terrorism.

As you may see the choice is huge and students can impress a professor with a unique approach to analyzing the issue instead of writing obvious things like Public Administration is a very important field. Look, such intentions can gain a grade, even a good one, but it won’t bring you the 100% relief because later on, you will probably have the same assignments until you graduate. So, you won’t find it easy always to choose the path of the least resistance.

If you are still not satisfied with the offered topics in college or with this guide, try to speak with a curator directly. Ask about trending issues in today’s society or monitor news that daily covers public problems. Finally, you can find groups in social networks where people discuss their concerns regarding this subject and actual problems, so you may borrow some ideas and proceed with writing an actual composition essay.

Format a Composition Essay in Public Administration

Ideally, everything should start with brainstorming. It means that one either goes for an outline or for ideas mapping. Both approaches are good but you should evaluate your initial start whether you have any ideas about the selected topic or you have no single idea about what to write. In case, you already planned the plot of your composition essay, you may just make a sketch with suitable terms, dates, statistics, or evidence. Imagine as if your paper is a crossword puzzle where you gathered smart words to introduce them to an essay.

If you still need to add some more details, an outline will help to structure everything in the way, you have a logical order of thoughts.

Introduction with Thesis or Hook

To make it easier, let’s take a Corruption in Public as an example for your future composition essay. So, an introduction is a short part of the work where you prepare a reader for the main block of information. As far as a composition consists of no more than 800 words, averagely but it depends on your educational establishment, you can dedicate 100-150 words only to get your reader acquainted with your stellar topic.

Tell one why you chose exactly a Corruption as your area of interest, explain if it is actual today, and what tools are implemented in the public sector to get rid of this occurrence once and forever or point why a complete extinction is not possible yet. Then, add one sentence that will persuade a curator your work is worth reading. It can look like the following:

‘Corruption in the public sector is the worst than any virus existed in the world, it spoils people, kills societies, and prevents a comfortable living of youth. I think if following one simple rule, you can change the community for better, and no organization will ever want to be corrupted.’

As you may see, you first introduced the matter, you explained how it influences society and what is the approximate impact of it in today’s life. The second sentence serves as a hook that attracts a reader to get to know more about this one simple rule and think if it is really possible with one action only.

If you can you may also start with a rhetorical question as well such as Is Corruption the eighth sin of humanity? Or, Can corruption kill nations? Remember, it is all about creativity, so do not moderate your provocation if you need to emphasize the issue.

The last sentence should be a transition to the main body. Do not try to reveal everything in the introduction, a reader should be interested in reading the whole paper.

Main Body

This is the heart of a composition essay. Regularly, students dedicate it 400 words minimum if again the whole composition is of 800 words. Those 400 words are divided into three parts where a student step by step reveals the main ideas about the topic, provides evidence, facts, and support. Note, even if you do not have to attach supporting clues, it does not mean you can operate with your opinion and thoughts only. It can result in a biased work that will show only your attitude.

The first subparagraph should be based on the extended introduction of Corruption in Public. Speak about the latest events that have provoked you to pick this topic. How is it widespread today? And, find out whether there are any working solutions or laws that can frighten away people involved in corruption servicing.

The second subparagraph should be focused on that one simple rule you have mentioned in the introduction. Here is high time for your creativity, and you can express your opinion. Reveal the truth that in your mind is effective to destroy corruption in your community. For example, find a strategy that if one person was caught with corruption can prevent others from taking bribes. It can be old-fashioned laws that are not taken into consideration in the lawsuits, or it can be voluntary activism of residents who intentionally try to give bribes to government employees simultaneously recording the whole process.

In the third and final subparagraph, you should present a final opinion about the whole topic, and show a reader that you are confident about the results. So, there should be no misunderstanding about whether your solution works or not. You can add how your rule works in reality, and whether it showed the progress.


The easiest part of the composition. Finalize all you said before, especially the thesis, and never add new information or details. Otherwise, your reader will get puzzled even more.

Final Tips for Submitting a Composition Essay in Public Administration

Now, you are ready to submit your work but do not forget about proofreading. The next tips will help you avoid common mistakes and get an excellent grade.

  • Use online spelling and grammar editors. They will automatically correct your mistakes;
  • Use checkers for readability. Your sentences should be easy to read;
  • Ask someone to read your work. If you want to understand whether your work is interesting or actual, ask your friend or relative to read and give a sincere opinion;
  • Leave work for some time if there is no deadline. Your mind will be fresh and you will easily spot additional discrepancies in logic and errors.

Refer to this guide whenever you need a good topic and an instruction for formatting. But, one tip for the road, never leave your essays for the last moment, and you will master it easily.


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