Psychology Studies Sample

Posted on January 18, 2024

Psychology is a field that allows students to understand how the human minds work, deal with emotions, and mental process (Bernstein, D. 2018). As a student taking the course, you need to have the desire for help others in ways that positively impact their lives.

Growing up in a family that embraces education, I got the opportunity of attending good schools, which contributes a lot to good performance in school. After graduating from high school, I decided to attend Grand Canyon University (GCU) to further my studies in psychology. The purpose of attending GCU is because they provide students with a comprehensive curriculum, their factuality is experienced, and students get hands-on experiences through their research projects and internships.

On the program or degree of study, the university provides a psychology degree for undergraduates and graduates, preparing students for research, therapy, and counselling careers. My future career goal for studying psychology is that I was aspiring on working in a hospital as a clinical psychologist, therapist, researcher, or counsellor since I have always wanted to understand how humans behave, their mental processes and emotions, and find ways to impact positivity in people’s lives.

The psychology course has prepared me for the future by developing skills in critical thinking, knowledge of how humans behave, and the ability to research, which I can use in different academic and professional fields (Chodkiewicz, & Boyle. 2017). Through this course, I have interacted with individuals from different social classes and cultures by creating a positive and beneficial relationship for both of us. Also, through the interaction, I got a part-time attachment job as a clinical psychologist, helping to improve my skills for the future.


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