How to Handle a Problem Solution Essay Writing

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Posted on December 7, 2021

If you are a student, you will definitely write a great variety of all types of essays. Each is specific after its fashion, and a problem solution essay is one of the most interesting types. It is given for standard homework, as well as during IELTS and other tests or exams.

The purpose of this particular piece of writing is clear to understand. It is stated in its name. You are to choose a definite problem and provide a solution to it. However, the process of researching, solving, and writing is pretty complicated. Many students wonder how to write problem solution essay properly. Our useful guide answers this question.

How to Start a Problem Solution Essay

A good beginning is half of your success. This statement is true for many purposes and goals, including writing essays. Many students get puzzled right at the beginning because they have no idea how to start. You should use the brainstorming method.
It helps to generate all the ideas, which can be related to the assigned or chosen topic. For example, draw a tree with branches and leaves. The tree trunk is your topic. You should centralize a definite problem. Let’s imagine that you write about global warming.

The branches are major associations of the central issue. The leaves on those branches are other elated ideas that are peculiar for a certain branch.

Use these ideas to disclose your topic. You’re welcome to use similar methods to generate more ideas that suit your purpose. Make sure they are relevant to your audience.

Find the Evidence

You are expected to solve the chosen issue. Therefore, begin to gather evidence to prove your theory and show how to overcome global warming. Be sure you use only trustworthy sources of information! You may use the next sources:

  • Surveys;
  • Studies;
  • Experiments;
  • Simulations;
  • Guides, etc.

Follow the Outline

If you write a problem-solving essay, you should be aware of the peculiarities in its structure. It differs from most essay types due to its specification.

Consider the following essentials of the outline:

Problem As you try to solve a problem and thus be helpful to others, you should choose a currently relevant issue and describe it in their first paragraph in the main body
Transitional paragraph You should not go the solutions abruptly. Write a short transitional paragraph, which logically goes from the problem to its solutions
Solutions Now you may propose your solution or even several ones
Evaluation and conclusion Finally, you are to assess the outcomes of your proposal and draw the final line

The Main Tasks to Solve

There are likewise certain things you should mention in your problem-solving paper. If you solve them all, you will surely write a clear and convicting piece of writing.
They are as follows:

Describe the problem You should clearly present the problem you have chosen. Tell why it has appeared and what it can cause. It is tightly related to your thesis statement and appears in the first paragraph of the main body.
Convince your reader Next comes the evaluation of the issue that needs solving. Explain why it is relevant for your readers. Show its negative consequences to strengthen your statement.
Explain your solution The next chapter is the reasoning of you’re approach. Explain your reads why you have chosen this particular solution. Show all the motivations and reveal the way it solves the studied issue.
Argue your solution Be sure to make the relevance of your solution crystal clear to the readers. Make your examples understandable and all the facts convincing.
Refute objections Some of your readers may disagree with your suggestions. Try to predict all the counterarguments and prevent their occurrence. In other words, the introduction of your solution ought to be 100% effective and convincing. It should leave no room for objections.

Perfecting Your Essay

The final stage of writing your essay is rereading it. Do it twice or thrice to make sure it has no drawbacks. Apply various methods of revision and try special apps that check:

  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Lexicon;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Punctuation;
  • Stylistics, etc.

Now you know how to write a problem-solving essay fast and effectively. Memorize our tips and bookmark this guide to always have it close at hand. It will help you whenever it’s required. Try any of these checkers:

Topic Ideas for a Problem-Solving Essay

Many students have problems with choosing topic ideas for all essay types, including a problem-solving type. This essay type is very flexible and luckily gives some room for imagination. You are free to disclose merely every issue. We will help you with our list. Make allowances for the next options:

  1. Cultural differences and how to overcome them.
  2. Gender equality: the key to misunderstandings between men and women.
  3. How to make kid socializing pass smoothly.
  4. How to interest children in reading?
  5. Violence on the campus and how to avoid it.
  6. The issue of racism and how to overcome it.
  7. Is it normal to eat animals? How to avoid the issue?
  8. Digitalization. How to avoid becoming a robot?
  9. What can be done to stop global warming?
  10. How to remain healthy and be in shape when you’re old.
  11. The best solution for the prevention of potential wars.
  12. A solution of how to overcome mental barriers.
  13. How to make children responsible.
  14. The easiest ways to learn the languages.
  15. Why reading books is good for every person.

You are welcome to use any of these suggestions. Another option is to generate your own ideas by using our list of topic ideas. Use them as the basis, and you’ll surely define good themes to disclose.

Wrapping Up

The problem-solving essay is a very interesting piece of writing. You can use your imagination to the fullest when choosing the topic. It can be anything vital for you and others. The best benefit of this piece is its helpfulness to others. You really do have a chance to solve a serious problem by introducing a smart and effective solution. Follow our tips to make the process of writing run smoothly.

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