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Posted on April 8, 2022

It is hard to find a college student or a school pupil who has never dealt with presentations. As a rule, teachers ask students to prepare projects and introduce them using various visual tools. Is it enough to have impressive skills in oral speech and knowledge about PowerPoint to get the highest grade for a presentation? No. Except for that, learners should be ready to find catchy presentation topics and be aware of academic requirements.

This article reflects the experience of custom writers who have helped students with hundreds of presentations. They have collected interesting topics and tips to highlight the most valuable information for students.

20 Topics to Impress Tutors and Win Attention of the Audience

If a student wants to improve a college rating, it will be significant to choose only interesting topics for presentation. How to do that? First, one should regard the target subject. Second, it is necessary to select a topic that corresponds to the tone of the message. It can be neutral, funny, encouraging, etc. Third, one should explore the literature to find decent facts. Finally, one can interview people around to find out what things interest them today.

Below, one can see a list of 20 topics that are good for academic presentations. They relate to different disciplines and research purposes. That is why they serve as excellent guidelines for topic selection.

  • Ways to make money while you are on holiday
  • The difference between Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines
  • Changes that happen to insects and fish in your town due to the climate changes
  • How students can manage their time when being busy with academic load
  • Funny moments that most students face in their lives
  • What students can do to influence the decision of governments not to experiment on animals
  • What eating disorders affect students in your college
  • Facts that prove that life on Mars is or is not possible
  • Pros and cons of gambling for teenagers based on real stories
  • Mental diseases that affect students in my community
  • Should schoolchildren have free access to all classic books?
  • Top reasons to raise criminal liability age
  • Does journalistic ethics exist?
  • What pros and cons of abortion can a teenager name
  • Should women get children created by 3D printers?
  • Have you noticed any impact of globalization on your small town?
  • Is it possible to enhance the health state of people who are over 60?
  • Are GMO products really so harmful to a human organism?
  • How can one look great without cosmetics?
  • What apps can help you survive and win while being a college student?
Teachers prefer topics that discuss problems of their regions because we cannot influence global problems, but we can start changing the surrounding we live in.
Pro tip

Many students manage to find catchy ideas but fail to turn them into a stellar presentation. There are two basic mistakes – too much text and lack of visuals. Nobody likes to listen to long monotonous and wordy speeches without visual background. PPTs and models are the best support for brief and concrete texts.

Tips from Pro: Three Steps to Improve a Presentation

Except for finding good presentation topic ideas, students should create their presentations on a high level. Professionals suggest taking the following three steps to succeed in this assignment.

Take care of its structure

The best slideshow presentations tell a story. Speakers should impress the listeners not only with vivid pictures but with worthy content as well. A good presentation must have its beginning, a problem discussion, a climax, and a conclusion. A structure also depends on the prior purpose. Students speak either to inform, inspire, persuade, or entertain. The best way is to outline, to know where and how to include the most essential information.

Add GIFs, infographics, and videos

A slide should have minimum words and more graphics. Professionals use infographics. Pictures with brief explanations belong to a perfect visualization method. One should remember to consider mistakes. English must be flawless and exclude jargon, collocations, rude lexis, and other inappropriate words. Self-made videos and GIFs are also great. The only demand is that the video is to be short and to the point.

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

“I often deal with students who are afraid to speak in public but need to defend a thesis paper or a presentation. In this case, I recommend using a screencast. Together, we make a stunning video presentation that corresponds to timing, contextual, and formatting requirements.”

Do not load slides with text and information

The overall text should be easy for understanding. One slide usually equals one idea. To make a speech more interesting, tutors recommend including personal experience. The audience likes to hear about a person’s relation to the discussed things.

When a student creates a presentation, (s)he needs to have access to a source with free pictures. Moreover, one should have guides on how to create a PPT or infographics. These are three related articles that will help students compose stellar presentations.

Sometimes, a person needs more to understand the assigned task. Below, you can see links to two articles that give more details about such academic homework as a presentation. They are created by custom writers who have sharpened their writing and research skills. They share their knowledge to let the target audience realize the value of presentation tools. Due to that, students have more chances to meet academic demands because every detail matters.


Proper research, adequate language, vivid pictures, and accurate speech let students get the desired grades. If they do not know how to do that even after reading the introduced tips and links with related sources, custom writers will surely assist. One should find a dependable service and ask for help. Together, they can compose impressive content and support it with exact and top-quality visual aids.

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