How to Prepare a Project on the Relationship between a Language and Culture

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Posted on August 31, 2016

College projects generally come in different forms and the research needed to be done for each project usually varies from project to project but it is important to note that there are still some key steps and practices which you can use in preparing an excellent project across the diverse forms.

These best practices take into consideration the different types of projects you could be assigned with during your stay in college. They are quite valuable to students working on research projects, essay analysis and opinion pieces therefore, it is quite important for students reading this to pay attention to the tips provided here on how to go about writing a project.

Understand Your Assignment

The first step to working on a writing project, is understanding the type of document your professor is asking you to write. To better clarify this tip, let’s take writing on the relationship between language and culture as the chosen assignment. Here, it is quite clear to see that the assignment focuses on research and can be viewed as either a research project or an analysis essay to prove or show this relationship using facts. A clear understanding of your assignment puts you on the right track to starting your project.

Choose a Focal Point

For broad subject matters, choosing a focal point to base your research and discussions on is a method that keeps you centered on the job at hand. Once you have chosen a focal point — such as the impact of culture on language — you can now proceed to including relevant facts and real-life examples that showcase the relationship between language and culture from a cultural point of view. Focal points allow you easily organize your thoughts as well as write in coherent and cohesive manner which will definitely be appealing to your supervisor.

Decide How to Represent Your Project

Your understanding of the assignment as well as given instructions play an important role in determining the best way to represent your project. It is important to note that creative depictions can help you earn top marks so going the extra mile to make your analysis more understandable and appealing to your audience is recommended. An apt example is making use of both written words and infographics to discuss the relationship between a language and culture.

You should consider investing extra effort into a case study of a sample culture and the language they speak in your project. The results gotten from your survey can then be turned into a visual graph that lends a voice to the final analytical outcome of your project.

Plan Out Your Project

Creating an outline on how you intend to write the final results of your project is important to organizing how you introduce your project topic, discuss its aim and conclude your analysis. Therefore, taking out some time to plan the writing as well as real-time presentation to your professor if the need arises ensures that you stay ready to combat any challenges that may arise.

Preparation is an ongoing process and it is important that you carefully consider all the factors involved — topic, type of project, presentation etc. — before sticking to or choosing a presentation style that works. So feel free to make use of these tips whenever you are confused on how to proceed.

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