Essay Sample on Policy Analysis: Politics and Policy Analysts

Posted on February 22, 2008

Policies develop from a process centered mostly on politics. The policy analysts take different approaches in formulating policies that consider the social welfare, economic, political and cultural factors that influence them. The interpretation of these policies however, is political in nature. (Radin, 2000) In policy analysis this approach is called policy process. Mostly, it determines the processes as well as the means employed to explain and influence the role played by all the stakeholders involved in the policy process. This applies more in the public policies. The process is diverse qualitatively and quantitatively especially in case studies, statistical analysis and survey research. (Nagel, 1999) Unfortunately careful analysis on the part of politicians is not there.

In implementing their role as policy initiators, policy research and oversight persons as well as fire fighters, the welfare of others not within the special interest group is lost. The policies which are passed and implemented are those that can manipulate the existing structures to make them hold on to power. For instance, policies which will enable the political elite amass wealth or gain undue advantage is usually very popular amongst them. These special groups play a much larger role. (Nagel, 1999)

On the other hand, the policy analysts are charged with the analysis process in the public sector. They are professionals who are borrowed from various government institutions and who have the capability of coming up with the right evaluation criteria, should be able to identify alternatives, make evaluations as well as recommend.(Radin, 2000) However, most of the recommendations are not implemented because there is usually little or no political will on the government. The implementation process is highly politicized making the role tougher and larger for policy makers. The statistical analysis involves some logistics which in most cases is only understood by the policy analysts who initiate research and oversee policies. The bulk of the work rests on the stakeholders and especially on the government who decide whether to implement the recommendations or not. The role of the policy analysts is to present their findings and recommendations to the public sector for it to decide what should be included and what should not be included. (Radin, 2000)
The few policies which are implemented take a long time due to the bureaucratic nature of the public sector.

The involvement of public participation consultations and the time frame set for the implementation process contributes to poor implementation process. The implementation may also involve changing structures, such as ministry acts, and government bills. (Nagel, 1999) A lot of time is needed to look at the policy proposals brought by the policy analysts, think tank, congressional committee and some other interest groups. The proposals demand action from the government which is a tedious process that requires proper laid out plans that will enhance the success of the policies. (Radin, 2000)

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