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Posted on July 22, 2013

So, you need an essay. The deadline for your course assignment is rapidly approaching, and for whatever reason, you are in a time crunch to complete it. You decide to purchase your essay. You understand that not only does your essay have to conform to your instructor’s guidelines, but it must also be original. What you need is a customized, original piece of writing that meets your specific criteria.

Beware! Many writing service sites sell plagiarized essays, even when they caution the buyer about committing plagiarism! Plagiarism can be the result of copying whole papers, copying parts of different papers, or using words or phrases from other sources without quotation marks and proper citing. Sometimes an individual even commits plagiarism of his own writing by reusing what he wrote in an earlier paper without citing his earlier paper as a source. A student using an essay he wrote for one class to submit to another class for credit is referred to as “double-dipping.” It is a form of plagiarism and is frowned upon in academia. Submitting any kind of plagiarized work can result in a zero for your assignment. What should you do to protect yourself from purchasing a plagiarized example essay from an online writing service?

When selecting a writing service, be certain that the service guarantees authentic, customized writing. One way the service can make certain that what it provides to the client is original is through the service’s use of a plagiarism detector. When you visit the writing service site, see if the service states that it utilizes a plagiarism checker. In addition, view the service’s policies on guaranteeing the quality of the work. As an added precaution, when you buy an essay, you can check the authenticity of your paper by submitting it for a plagiarism analysis at sites such as Turnitin.com. These sites will check millions of papers online for you and provide you with a report as to what percentage, if any, your paper is plagiarized. Another strategy on checking for plagiarism is by conducting your own Google search. This can be done with a phrase or short paragraph. For example, if you notice an interesting or unique phrase, try copying that phrase into the Google search bar and see if it receives any hits. If it does, then you have a concern. Besides these sites, make certain that your paper has the required number of sources, properly formatted within the text of your paper as well as on your bibliography page.

Ultimately, as a student, you have the responsibility of making certain that what you submit for a course assignment is original in composition and is properly cited. So, be certain to use reliable services that guarantee original, customized essays. You can get example essay writing help from professional writers at CustomWritings.com writing service.

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