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Posted on December 17, 2008

If you are in search of some effective persuasive speech topics – you are definitely in the right place. Persuasive speech topics are assigned to every student every year and that is exactly why there is a strong need for good persuasive speech topics. Let’s start with the basics:

A persuasive speech – is a paper, where you have to choose an interesting and most likely conflicting topic, and convince and persuade the reader in your point of view. Persuasive speech topics can be very different, and every student has to choose a persuasive speech topic on an individual basis. In order to find a good and intriguing persuasive speech topic – you have to conduct research of possible persuasive speech topics. You have to put a lot of effort to choose a good persuasive speech topic, as your topic really has to be well balanced. If you choose a persuasion topic, which is presumably solvable towards one solution – the topic in most cases will fail.

The topics for persuasive speech can be categorized into 2 absolutely different categories, either they are of general knowledge, or are specific to your current course. The possible persuasive speech topics on general knowledge are listed below:

School persuasive speech topics:

* Sex education in schools persuasive speech topic
* Uniforms in schools persuasive speech topic
* Is physical education mandatory persuasive speech topic
* Are parents legally responsible for the actions of their children
* Should school physically punish children

 Government persuasive speech topics:

* Should the government censor entertainment industry products and mass media
* Should negative advertisement be banned
* Is there a possibility for terrorism to be justified
* Can the government control the World Wide Web?

The persuasive speech topics list can go on and on. And every student is supposed to choose his own topic, in order for it to be the best persuasive speech topic. In order to do that – try avoiding common and average persuasive speech topics such as:

* Can an abortion be justified
* Is a death penalty good or not

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