Persuasive Essay Topics: Hot List of Debatable Issues

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Posted on February 5, 2009

When you start writing a persuasive essay you have to remember that the main goal of the essay is to persuade the reader in what you are to write about. In order to be successful in your persuasive essay you have to dispose as much facts and arguments as possible. You are to do a lot of internet and encyclopedia research, analyze variety of articles and reviews in order to make your persuasive essay clear and true.

Choosing the topic of your persuasive essay is the most important issue. You have to remember that your persuasive essay is going to have success and influence on the readers only when you know and understand the topic yourself. You, as well as your readers, must be interested in the topic you choose for the persuasive essay. You have to be able to present evidences and examples not only from the scientific, but also life and everyday point of view. The best way for the persuasive essay to work is to find some sort of ‘right’ for every ‘wrong’. While writing a persuasive essay you have to predict the arguments the readers will have and answer them with every new word.

Persuasive essay must be structured and must be logical for the better perception. Remember, that the goal of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader that your vision of the problem or the topic is true and right. Combining logical thoughts and ideas in your persuasive essay would lead to understanding of the evidences and facts.

Be aware of using information directly from the sources when you write your persuasive essay. Still, if you do use the quotations from some sources they must be cited. Otherwise, your persuasive essay will be considered as plagiarism.

Here are some examples of the persuasive essay topics to choose:

Anorexia presented as a disease
The impact of the reality television shows
Should weapon be available?
Plagiarism: learn or degrade
Governmental criminals
Should religion be imposed?
Visual aids or words?
Violence at schools
Boss. Woman – boss.

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