Persuasive Essay on How Students Should Get Paid for Good Grades

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Posted on May 13, 2014

Writing a persuasive essay on students getting paid for good grades is not an easy thing to do, but at the same time, it is not an impossible type of essay paper to write either. This is because with the right organization and the right type of arguments, you can easily end up with a great essay paper of this kind. The first stage of organizing writing this paper is to begin with the preliminaries by looking for the content for the title page and writing it down. The word arrangement on the title page and the type of details to be included on the title page usually depends on the citation style being used to complete the essay paper. This is so because each citation style dictates the type of details that should be on the title page and also how these details should be arranged.

Details seen on most title pages are those that enable the lecturer or reader to identify the piece of work that has been written and identify the individual who wrote the work. When composing the main body of an English essay of any type, it is important to follow a liner arrangement, which enables the reader to catch the story from its beginning, as well as how it develops to the end. This therefore implies that before writing the essay, you must have a clear line of argument to be stated in the thesis statement, so that when writing the body of the essay paper, the other arguments included in the body of the paper will support the main argument of the entire paper.

When composing the introduction of this essay, the writer should keep in mind that the reader will be expecting to see two sections of the introduction, which must both be written in a clear way.
The first part of the introduction should contain a few general statements about the subject of the essay, especially designed to help the reader fully concentrate on the essay paper, while attempting to explain why the writer has decided to write the essay and even in some cases explain the benefits of the essay.

The second part, which is usually a single sentence, should be the thesis statement that has specific topic subdivisions and indicates how the subject will be explored throughout the essay paper. Once you get the introduction correct, it will be easier to write the body paragraphs of the essay paper, which should all have ideas that lead to the conclusion of the paper.

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