Persuasive Writing Examples: How Do Social Media Networks Help Us?

Posted on February 23, 2022

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Want to come up with the best persuasive essay examples, and then persuade the reader about your point of view? Not a big deal, but! Persuasive essays are very common assignments at schools, colleges, and universities. There is not much magic behind their writing, however, some high school or elementary school students may be not skilled enough in persuading. This guide will introduce you to the top persuasive essay examples, their format, structure, thesis, and argument composition among others.

What Are Persuasive Text Examples?

A persuasive essay, also known as an argumentative essay, is a piece of academic writing in which you use logic and reason to demonstrate that your point of view is more valid than any other. You must present clear arguments and back them up with persuasive facts and logical reasoning.

The right mix of logos, ethos, and pathos should be achieved in your persuasive writing. Logos – the appeal to logic and reason. You convey it by presenting facts in a logical order. The appeal to ethics is known as ethos. In persuasive writing, you must persuade the reader that you are ethically correct. Pathos is an emotional appeal. You must arouse the reader’s pity, grief, rage, or any other emotion in order to make your primary point more believable. That is how you will persuade the reader to consider, if not embrace, your point of view. But how do you have such an impact? How does one go about writing a compelling paper?

After you have chosen your topics and conducted sufficient research, you will be ready to consider the format of your short paper. In the outline, you will make brief notes on what you want to include in each section of the paper.

Assume you are writing an essay on the topic “Is feminism a good thing to follow?” You may incorporate the following ideas throughout the text:

Some context: why did feminism first appear, and what did the movement oppose? Feminism is, indeed, legitimate (main argument).

Thesis statement:

Feminism is justifiable because, despite the fact that women in Western societies have more freedom than ever before, certain women all over the globe are still oppressed. (For instance, Middle East countries are a good example).


The lifestyle of women in Western nations is not what feminists were fighting for in the beginning. Second paragraph: Women are still repressed in many civilizations. Third paragraph: explain that feminism is no longer relevant in today’s cultures.


Restate your thesis statement and demonstrate how you demonstrated it. Now, let’s move to the sample.

How Do Social Media Networks Help Us?

“I spend at least three hours per day scrolling my Instagram feed” – do you recognize yourself in it? Lots of people have the same Internet habits, and they do not find it as something bad. I am totally with you and believe that social media networks cannot be described as something harmful. I have several thoughts, and arguments regarding it.

I have been an active user of social media networks since 2018. I used Facebook to chat with my friends only and found it fun. We shared the memes and laughed at friends’ posts. Nowadays, Facebook is like a media source where you can learn the top news, or stay tuned to many events ongoing in your neighborhood or just a country.

Social media connects relatives who are not physically in the same country. This is my first argument to support them. You cannot chat or see them in person, but do not want to lose that bond. By logging into your personal account, you can write to your relatives from overseas, and cheer them up with the news.

Modern social media sites feature lots of educational sources. Before, we could only imagine studying at colleges or universities. Nowadays, we can open Instagram, and find pages, and accounts dedicated to teaching you certain languages, or sharing coding tips or UI/UX design examples. So, if you scroll the feed for at least three hours but for useful content, you can learn faster.

You can earn money. Today, people strive to launch their businesses, startups, and the best marketing approach to make their product viral is to put it as a brand on social media. You can upload posts and descriptions of one or another product. After a while, you can turn to professionals who may integrate ads to your social media account, and bring the targeted audience. Besides, it is a perfect way of earning income for those who either cannot physically work, are people who avoid direct communications due to the character patterns, or are newly-fledged mothers who cannot leave their babies.

You can find a job. Alongside building your own brand online, social media assists in connecting recruiters and candidates. Either you may receive a message from a recruiter who liked your page, and content, or you can directly write to one or another agency and offer your services.

Last but not least, I strongly believe that social media is a powerful tool for policemen and other investigational groups. Today, one account may bring more information about the victim or suspect than even their relatives or friends. It facilitates justice, strange it may sound.

To conclude, I would like to say that if you scroll the feed for three hours and derive some useful content for learning, being recruited, or communicating with people whom you rarely see, social media is a perfect solution with its numerous benefits. If you waste the three hours of your daily time watching and laughing at memes, it is a waste of time.

This sample from other numerous persuasive writing examples shows that you can easily provide your vision on one matter, and try to persuade other people. However, you have to always back up your persuasion arguments with facts and evidence. If not, no persuasive essay structure will look good.

Let’s sum up your argumentative journey. Either by referring to the above-mentioned essay example, articles, speech samples, you should be precise. Work on your introduction to provide some food for thoughts for your text readers. This paragraph will be crucial to draw the reader’s attention to the wider meaning you will offer next. Do not forget to create a good thesis statement. For inspiration, refer to sample research. Check other students’ examples, how they draw the readers’ attention. Ensure your format and structure are up to the standards of your educational establishments. You may also use the outline first. Your main body should be powered by arguments and facts. And, the conclusion is a referral to the introduction. That’s it.


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