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Posted on December 15, 2021

“I cannot choose a good topic for my essay. Who can help me?” This statement is no rarity among students. They desperately look for the answers on the Internet. Many of them lack relevant ideas to cover in their academic projects. At times, they cannot overcome this challenge because of the specification of a certain essay type. For example, many youngsters cannot choose a good topic for a personal essay.

It is a very special piece of writing, which is focused on the one who writes it. Accordingly, it may cause certain obstacles. Luckily, we know a good solution for you. If you read this guide, you will find a great variety of personal essay topics for all cases. We have a useful, online library with various kinds of academic help. Mind that all materials are offered for gratis and you won’t spend your money! One of our common kinds of academic help is offering topic lists.

Relevant Topic Ideas for Advanced Students

This informative guide is worth your time and attention. It contains various concepts that will be interesting to write about. Our personal growth essay ideas will help to choose the most captivating themes to discuss. Make allowances for the next suggestions:

  1. The definition and meaning of love for me.
  2. My personal values and their importance.
  3. How to become creative and original.
  4. The importance of personal growth in school.
  5. The day I started to believe in myself.
  6. A hero I always wanted to be.
  7. Why personal hygiene makes me feel human.
  8. My common methods to avoid failure.
  9. Why personal experience is that important.
  10. The day that changed my understanding of life.
  11. The meaning of friendship for me.
  12. I will always choose personal development.
  13. Everyone has a personal philosophy, just like me.
  14. The importance of good relations with my parents.
  15. The most important person in my life.

All these topics are deeply personal. You’re free to discuss any issue that troubles you or the one that is significant for you. Even nonfiction topics are suitable if they can reveal what lies in your heart.

Crucial Fact to Consider

There are a few facts for your consideration. Firstly, you should understand that personal papers come in different forms. It may be:

  • Personal essay;
  • Reflective essay;
  • Personal statement;
  • Narrative, etc.

They have only slight differences. Those can be noticed in the structure. However, they are commonly the same. If you want to get the difference, read samples.
Secondly, any form of personal paper isn’t scientific. It’s about you. Therefore, focus on your feelings and memories.
Thirdly, good topics have the same features. Follow the next prompts:

  • Choose a currently relevant issue;
  • Make sure you have enough facts;
  • Make it captivating and convincing.
  • Provide a good solution.

We recommend reading several examples before you begin to write your essay.

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