Personal Essay Samples with Tips from Experts: My Granny Was Special

Posted on February 28, 2022

A personal essay is the type of writing that deals with a reflection. Average personal essay examples have the following structure: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Its main goal is to highlight an event or a person that has changed the author’s life. Below, one can find a sample in the MLA format that might help students provide their essays.

Sample Essay About Myself: My Granny Was Special

I think everyone has a person who cannot be replaced. Even after the death of such people, it is impossible to forget their smell and fill in the hole in our hearts. “Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love”, said M.A. Ruiz. It is hard to find a person who I respect more than my granny. She was the only person who understood me. She helped me recover after the worst moments of my life and inspired me on becoming a better variant of myself.

I am a university student. Soon, I will be teaching kids at schools or colleges. Yesterday, we discussed a family topic. All students spoke about happy moments with their parents. Someone told about Christmas parties, others remembered their unforgettable birthday presents. I was speechless. Tears occupied my throat and blocked my speaking ability. I remembered the worst day of my life.

It was a warm April morning. I woke up early so as not to be late for my lectures. The purpose of my studying was to obtain a Ph.D., so I devoted all my time to my studies. I was too busy to cook, but my dear granny rescued me by making the most delicious pancakes with honey or jam every morning and the best cheesecake for dinner. That morning, I did not smell the pancakes I loved. My granny was still in her bed when I woke up. I called her twice, and she started opening her eyes slowly. First, she did not recognize me. She was looking through me, and her eyes were dark and clear at the same time. Then, her eyes stopped at me, and she smiled. “It’s you, darling.” I smiled back, and my worries vanished. She apologized for troubling me, and I went to the kitchen smiling, but weird feelings trapped my heart that was beating too fast. I did not want to leave her alone, but I had to.

I could not concentrate on my studies. My thoughts were at home, where my granny was not well. She did not recognize me. Why? I tried to erase those thoughts, but nothing could distract me. I was afraid that she was going to pass away. I decided not to have lunch in the school cafeteria and went to the library instead. I wanted to read articles about the approaching death and got terrified. A painful insight approached my troubled mind. My granny’s symptoms coincided with the ones described in the articles. She lost her appetite several days ago, she felt exhausted, and she slept more than usual. That morning, her hands were colder than usual, but I thought that it was because of winter. Unfortunately, questions that were raised in my soul got disappointing answers.

I could not stop waiting for the end of lectures. Though my body was still in the lecture hall, my consciousness and thoughts were with my granny. Why did I leave her? Were my studies more important than she was? What if I’ll never see her alive again? That was the most horrible question I have ever asked myself.

I missed the last lecture. I was not a good person because I left the dearest person in the world alone when she needed my support, nursing, and care. I was running as fast as I could but it seemed to be an eternity. Finally, I got home. It was deathly quiet inside. I read many examples of farewells in books. Episodes from “The Fault in Our Stars”, “Up”, and other movies and cartoons where people said goodbye before their death. “Will I have a chance to say it?” So many questions were torturing me while I was approaching her room.

I saw her lying on the sofa. Her skin was pale. Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and she called my name. I was so happy that I hugged her, and a single tear ran down my cheek. I laughed, and she smiled back. Then, she closed her eyes.

A doctor jotted down the time of her death in the protocol. He was saying such horrible words without emotions as if he was making a general statement about something unimportant. I was watching them carrying her out of the house and could do anything. My body and thoughts were paralyzed with grief. Those who studied Psychology would use the term “shocked”, but that was half the truth. It was not something unexpected. My worst fears came true. I realized that I would never see her beautiful smile again, touch her warm hands, and enjoy the best pancakes in the world. Doctors saw an old woman who died in her bed. I saw a person who was the embodiment of everything I loved and cared for.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What will be next?” I did not know what my future would be without her. The only thing I knew was that she did her best to raise me as a decent person. I got all my crying out at the funeral. Then, I calmed down and went back to my studies.

I am writing this narrative essay trying to be creative, but it cannot be a good example to follow. My writing may not resemble those gorgeous personal essay samples, but my goal was different. I want to commemorate a person who influenced my world vision and inspired my achievements. I did not lose myself after her death. Her body is covered with the heavy ground, but her always beautiful and young soul lives in my heart. I feel her presence in my excellent grades and well-cooked pancakes and cheesecakes. I managed all my problems thanks to her upbringing methods. Now, I hope to graduate college with great marks and succeed in postgraduate education. I do not have a chance to fail. Otherwise, all her sleepless nights and efforts will be in vain. I cannot fail her trust and belief in me. I hope she will see my merits from heaven.

I promise you, my dear granny, to always be strong. You were strong and managed to raise me without parents who were always busy at work and had no time for me. You showed how essential family relations are for children. I promise that my child will be happy because I will carry your warmth all my life. I hope my children and grandchildren will also love me as much as I love you.


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