Essay Sample on the Persian Gulf War

Posted on May 18, 2011

Free sample essay on The Persian Gulf War:

The Persian Gulf War, also known to Americans a Operation Desert storm, was one of the most defining events in American history. “It was the one war that Americans fought in and had very little loss of life!” Said mother when I asked her about the war and what she thought of it. And that was very true since almost all of the 500,000 troops sent into Kuwait came home safe and sound.

This war was also one of technological superiority which greatly favored American forces. The use of guided bombs, missiles and almost invisible planes made it easy for the American forces to take out key targets on the Iraqi battle ground.

The war began because the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain believed that Kuwait was over producing oil and that they stole oil form other oil fields. This quickly escalated to an all out war and had the oil-thirsty man Saddam and his troops stormed into Kuwait with guns in hand and thoughts of destruction and greed on their minds. This upset American president George Bush who immediately gave a call to congress to act against this devilish crook who struck fear into the eyes of his enemies and his own suffering people. Congress agreed and Bush sent in 500,000 men to fight for the liberation of Kuwait and its valued natural recourse. Stealth bombers, F-15 fighter jets, and B-2 bombers bombarded the Kuwaiti soil demolishing any and all Iraqi military targets and clearing a path for the American clean up crew, who with great ease took out any remaining resistance.

“The Persian Gulf War though short gave new self pride and honor to American people” said my father after reflecting on the wars outcome. And that is so true, because today American people stand proud next to their leader knowing that he will serve his country and his countries people to the fullest of his abilities. Giving us a safe home and a powerful, capable army to support us and rush blindly into battle to protect the country they so love and care for. This is what makes this country the greatest country on earth and is still being proven today on the battle grounds of Iraq. Where men and women fight side by side for the greater good and to defend the innocent of the world.

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