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Posted on December 10, 2021

Students are often asked to write a type of work such as an IEEE paper. However, not everyone knows what it is. Now we will analyze a very interesting style of work design – IEEE. Students ask themselves the question: “How to write an essay in this style?” and cannot find an answer to it.

However, today, our experts will help you deal with this difficult topic and clarify. We’ll cover topics such as citations and typography, scientific article links, author lists, and article proofreading.

IEEE Format Paper Writing

To begin with, this style is the little brother of APA. It is used to write school essays, articles of various kinds, and even for scientific work.
In fact, this style is very popular with students and teachers. Here are its basic rules:

  • Use clear and understandable headings and subheadings. Lines that are too long are difficult to read physically – it is very easy to lose the next one when you move your gaze. Too short makes it harder to read long texts.
  • All quotes, links, tables, and regular text are double-spaced and indented by 1 inch. The indent, by the way, should be on all sides. If you have any further questions, please refer to the APA formatting style.

The IEEE has no page limit; the only note: do not make an essay more than 45 pages, as it will be inconvenient to read. Add additional information in the supplementary material, as articles that are too long will entail more review time. The essay should be readable in terms of font and size and comply with the IEEE parameters.

IEEE Citation Format

The main rules:

  • Quoting this style turns out to be simple, there is not even a need to indicate the quote number, as it is done in other styles. The only thing you need is the selection at the end of the quote, you can do this with square brackets. This is called quoting in the text.
  • Plain text should be separated by one line spacing, it is obligatory to use Times or Times Roman font in size 10 with line spacing of 1.
  • The first line of each paragraph should be indented approximately 1/4 inch.

How To Write in IEEE Style

Speaking about the content of the text, it is worth mentioning that this is a rather businesslike and official style, so the use of “you” and “me” in this kind of academic work is simply inappropriate. You need to use as many terms and quotes as possible. Quotes are especially appreciated as they show your erudition and awareness of a particular issue.

Quotes also play a significant role in the text. Without quotes, it is quite difficult to refer to someone or to argue your opinion. Each quotation must be accompanied by a link to the source, which must be included in the bibliographic list, otherwise, it will be considered a serious mistake in the article design, and your material will be returned for revision. Since today, we are talking about a certain style of writing an essay, let’s talk about it. Now let’s figure out how to arrange a bibliography:

First, it is necessary to indicate the author’s surname, then his initials, in brackets the year of publication (2021), in quotation marks of articles(In italics), books or online journals, the issue number, and the page number.

About the Importance of Essays

An important part of the life of a person of knowledge. Knowledge is a necessary thing in our life, and it bears practically the most powerful role (in addition to satisfying human needs). Without knowledge, we would not be able to do simple and ordinary things for ourselves, would not know about the life of other people, would not be able to reach so many heights in science, and so on. Knowledge is the resource that we need and which we use. Each knowledge gained carries a purpose and significance, even if it seems too simple.

One of the ways to gain knowledge is self-education. And one of the ways to educate yourself is to write an essay. Of course, essays are given as an assignment in a college, school, or institute. However, first, it is a way of knowing information. Essays can be beautifully designed and made readable, in this, we are helped by various styles of essays, such as the IEEE.

How To Get Started With an IEEE-Style

What are formatting styles for? In fact, no one wants to spend the night at the computer checking other people’s works. The teacher wants to get the result – a finished, formatted work. Speaking of content, you should not steal all the information in the first paragraph of the text. Break it down into blocks. One of the options is to start the article with a quote, but for this, you need to remember some rules for formatting quotes. You can find examples on one of the Internet resources.

Another tip – do not get carried away with digressions, otherwise, write a lot of unnecessary things. It is better if your essay is short, but with as much information as possible. Delete unnecessary blocks of information and leave only special information.

How to start an IEEE essay? First, it’s worth starting, as always, with the summation. As strange as it sounds, it really matters. Start with a fairly short overview of the work you’ve done in the area you’re looking for. The next step will be a smooth transition to detailed information. In this part, you need to tell the readers about your research, giving all the necessary examples and supporting facts. In the final part of your essay, describe the question or hypothesis that was considered.


Essays are often disgusting to students, as few know how to write them correctly. By following the recommendations from the article, you will receive a wonderful essay in the style of IEEE. Today we delved into a topic such as the IEEE style. If you read everything carefully, you should have no problem.

We hope the article will be useful to you if you struggle with write my paper struggles, and you will not work with it yet when writing an academic paper or a regular school essay.

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