Opinion Writing Examples: Why Zoos Should Be Prohibited On a Global Scale?

Posted on February 22, 2022

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Students assigned to opinion essay writing might have their heads exploded eventually. They seek the best opinion essay examples and try to derive some motivation to write it perfectly. As you may guess the challenges are inevitable, and you can occasionally come across some problems including the right format and structure, thesis composition, topic selection among others. Read this review to find opinion essay examples, and tips on writing the paper flawlessly.

How to Approach the Opinion Essay Structure?

Obviously, it is worth starting with the definition of opinion essay structure. An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing that asks for your thoughts on a certain issue. Your point of view should be communicated unequivocally. Throughout the essay, you will present several arguments/reasons/points of view on the subject, which will be backed by evidence and/or examples. In a paragraph, you may also provide an alternative opinion.

As for the template structure, it involves the following:


When creating your title, consider if you agree or disagree with your issue. Then use that sentence as the heading for your essay. (For example, zoos should be prohibited on a global scale.)


Hook – the first paragraph of an essay serves as the introduction and should have a ‘hook,’ which is writing that captures the reader’s interest. A ‘hook’ might consist of facts or a statistic. A thesis statement is also included in the introduction. A thesis statement is the main point of your essay. It might be a statement, a claim, or an opinion.


In an opinion essay, you will present various reasons to support your thesis statement. You must offer proof for each argument and/or reason. You might have a number of arguments or justifications.

Supporting evidence

Every argument and/or reason must be backed up with proof, which might take the shape of extra study, referencing an academic paper, statistics, or visuals. What matters here is that the research and facts are accurate and truly support your argument. Multiple argument/reason paragraphs may be followed by several supporting paragraphs. In one of these lines, you might also give an alternative opinion.


The conclusion of any essay summarizes the thoughts and ideas expressed throughout the article. In the conclusion of an opinion essay task, the thesis statement is frequently recast in the writer’s own terms to emphasize their agreement or disagreement with the issue. A conclusion is a great method to finish an essay and should leave the reader feeling satisfied.

When you come across opinion writing examples, good ones, they all comply with the above-mentioned writing structure. With the IELTS writing structure, everything is the same, too. Now, let’s provide you with a free example/sample for your future writing.

Why Should Zoos Be Prohibited On a Global Scale?

Zoos are all about fun, and children’s joy, aren’t they? When I was a kid, I used to visit them a lot, and looked forward to inviting my friends to join me. Now, in my teenage years, I cannot spend a month without a thought of poor animals. Zoos are evil, and I have several cons against them.

Zoos have always been depicted in movies and cartoons as something very cheerful. They carry the goal of showing rare animals to people. They ensure to bring as many rare species as possible, so that you may take your picture and post it on your social media feed. To not sound biased, I do understand that zoos might be a shelter for someone, a place for those who love animals and find their visiting as the therapeutic modality. However, at what cost?

Animals are trapped in unnatural environments for them. Some people think that zoos do their best to mimic the animals’ natural environments by bringing greenery scenes, pools, and feeding them with particular foods. In my opinion, it is like placing you in a room with people looking like your parents and saying, what’s the difference? Besides, we should not forget that zoos do not show what’s behind the curtains, and the animals may be punished for their natural behaviors. The ones that may irritate people.

Animals face huge crowds and never-ending flashes of the cameras. I believe that it works the same as with celebrities, who are followed by the paparazzi. Animals experience stress and develop lots of mental health conditions. They become depressed and then are treated with lots of medications. Some species also reside alone in their cages, which makes them even more lonely. People coming to see them believe they bring them joy and some kind of communication. Do you really believe in this?

Animals struggle to breed. Some animals even with a good pair cannot breed. They find the space limited, the environment not favorable for their babies. It leads to just a waste of their lives sitting in the cage, and cheering up the children and adults who pass by them. Otherwise, they may similarly to women have miscarriages because of the stress.

Animals are poorly treated. Last but not least, I think that people always value themselves more than other inhabitants of the planet Earth. They find it funny to feed a monkey or an elephant with some snacks because they are edible. Or, they find it cool when they allow their children to scare or touch the animal just for the photo. Yes, you get a nice photo for your social media, while a poor monkey loses complete trust in our good intentions and becomes scared of every movement.

I do want all the zoos to be closed. Animals do not interfere with the spaces, and environments where we live. They do not put us in cages and do not make us breed. They have the same rights as us to live healthily. Who gives you that superpower to dictate how they should live the best?

If you find it hard to come up with your opinion statement, examples, samples or need a hand with the format, do also check with your college or university any educational materials. No need to produce only persuasive sentences, but just come up with the introduction and conclusion that will make a reader think of your topic. Remember, your opinion is not a thing to be judged for.


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