How to Deal with NHS Essay Writing Successfully

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Posted on December 7, 2021

The process of learning is long and complex. It commonly consists of various issues and challenges that seem to never end. Most of them are related to the academic life of a student. A young person has to face multiple essay types and some of them may cause serious problems. The NHS essay is one of them.

NHS stands for the national honor society. This is a very important and difficult piece of writing. It shows how to present a certain candidate (a student in our case) to convince the committee that he or she is worth joining a certain social organization. You have to explain why you are a suitable candidate for future membership by revealing your best personality traits. If you do not understand how to write this complex piece of writing, you have found the right guide! It highlights the main aspects of writing the NHS essay to show how to complete it successfully.

NHS Essay Guide for Smart Students

Our informative guide consists of various tips and tricks for students. It focuses on the possible obstacles, common mistakes, and adequate solutions. The first thing we want to pay attention to is the creation of a topic.

It is one of the most challenging stages of NHS essay writing. You should decide what exactly to tell about yourself so that the admission committee accepted you as a new member. Of course, you will have to give heed to 4 major characteristics. We will highlight them here below. Your task is to convince your audience that you are a worthy candidate. Thus, we suggest the next options:

  1. Leadership is the main key to success.
  2. Helpfulness for everyone to solve people’s hardships.
  3. What does it mean to be a leader to me?
  4. Always ask yourself how you can help others.
  5. How to overcome egoism and help without seeking some profit.
  6. Ethical issues in society.
  7. Why is honesty important in the community?
  8. The meaning of high morals for me.
  9. Why are highly intellectual people are needed by society?
  10. Volunteering is one of the best personality traits.

Use these topics in your NHS essays. As you want to get into a social honor society, they perfectly suit the high standards of morals and service. You may also use our suggestions as the basis for designs of your own, and thus generate similar worthy topics.

The Four Columns of NHS Essay Writing

NHS essay writing is based on 4 major personal characteristics. They can be called 4 columns of effective NHS writing. These are as follows:

  1. Scholarship. To become a member of a social society, you must suit its requirements. One of them is related to your academic record. It cannot be lower than 85 GPA.
  2. Service. It stands for voluntary contributions students make to the school, as well as to various local communities, charity services, and something of the kind. These are extracurricular activities, and they play an important role in becoming a member of a certain society.
  3. Leadership. This characteristic shows what kind of leader you are. Your leadership skills and achievements can be noticed by your activity in various groups, communities, and projects at school.
  4. Character. This part is closely related to high morals and ethical qualities. You are expected to respect others, be honest, reliable, caring, and fair.

Obligatorily check these 4 columns before you apply to any NHS. You should be 100% sure that you suit the high standards of the community you dream about.

Things to Check!

If you want to apply to a certain social society, you ought to check a few important points. Perhaps you don’t suit the requirements or something is missing. Therefore, give heed to the next essentials:

Does your school have the NHS chapter? You should be 100% confident that your school offers the possibility to apply to a national honor society. If everything is alright, look for a handbook or consult with an advisor.
The grade Remember for good that only schoolers of 10-12 grades are legible to apply for NHS.
Scholarship If you want to succeed, you should have a certain amount of grades. Make sure you have a GPA of 85.

Writing Part

After you check all the details and are sure that you suit the high standards of the selected NHS, start to write. This essay type does not require any research because it is a story about you. Therefore, you save heaps of time. Your outline should include:

  • The beginning – an introduction to your story, with a thesis statement at the end.
  • Main plot – 4 paragraphs that describe the main characteristics.
  • The end – a logical summarization of the story.

Let’s review these three sections in bigger detail. Firstly, you should write an introduction. It provides general facts about your persona. Mention your name, school, and express a desire to be accepted. Afterward, state your thesis. It should explain the main reason why you should be accepted.

Secondly, write four different paragraphs that clearly highlight one characteristic at a time. The first one is about your academic achievements. The second one is about your readiness to help others. The third paragraph should highlight your leadership skills and achievements. The fourth part tells about your moral and ethical views.

Revision Part

Before you send the final version of your NHS essay, be sure to revise it several times. Take it seriously if you really want to succeed. The admission committee expects to read a clear and free of mistakes text. Therefore, don’t disappoint its members! Obligatorily reread your text to define:

  • Format;
  • Grammar mistakes;
  • Spelling and punctuation;
  • Word choice;
  • The length of the text (500-600 words);
  • Style and tone, etc.

Apply various methods of revision. Read aloud and in your head. Do not forget to use special checking tools, such as Grammarly and similar ones. They automatically revise your text and show all the mistakes. Moreover, such resourceful tools also propose corrections. Thus, you don’t have to spend time defining what and how should be fixed.

Summing Up

It’s not that easy to become a member of an NHS. It’s a long pass that consists of multiple stages. Even if you write a perfect NHS essay, it does not guarantee that you will be accepted. Obligatorily check the “four columns” we have mentioned above. If everything is alright, use our helpful tips to craft a winning piece of writing. These are your clues to a successful membership.

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