Need Recognition in Marketing Coursework Sample

Posted on October 4, 2023

Paper Instructions

Academic level – Undergraduate 1-2
Type of paper – Coursework
Topic Title – Need Recognition: Example From Marketing

Think of a situation where a marketing action (communication, promotion, advertisement, etc.) attempts to influence the need recognition step of the consumer decision-making process.

Provide a description of the marketing action (preferably attach an image or link, as available) and explain how it attempts to put consumers in a state of “need recognition”. Do you think it succeeds in doing so? Why or why not?


Need recognition is a crucial step in marketing that appeals to the buyer’s needs motivating them to consider making a purchase. Customers will not buy a product unless they feel a need to purchase it. Nonetheless, appealing to this need can allow a business to attract more people with similar desires. Appealing to basic human needs, such as thirst or hunger, is much easier than to others. That is why the case of Bum’s energy drink demonstrates a successful appeal to the audience.

Need Recognition in Marketing

The minimalist visual depicts the image of an energy drink with a bright background and large fonts to attract attention. The text on the ad directly attempts to put consumers in the “need recognition” state by asking them, “Feeling lazy but ambitious?” (Bum, 2023). Immediately after this question, the advertisement suggests buying a few cans of the drink in a positive, informal tone. The message of the following visual is simple yet makes its point well because it uses simple words and visual cues to specifically target people who are exhausted enough to perceive mostly simple, catchy messages.

Despite its simplicity, the brand successfully pushes the customers to the need recognition because it uses an emotional appeal and focuses on a large category of people. The data shows that food advertisement successfully motivates consumers to buy different foods and drinks regardless of their influence on a person’s health (Kalog et al., 2022). Because the message is simple but common for many, the company captures a broad audience. It manipulates a common theme of tiredness combined with the need to remain productive, which can encourage many people to buy the drink. It implies that the people seeing the advertisement have specific biological needs that they cannot overcome without the help of an energy boost.


Bum Sugar-free energy drink. Amazon. (2023).

Kalog, G. L., Kasim, F., Anyebuno, B., Tei, S., Kubuga, C. K., Mogre, V., & Aryee, P. A. (2022). Food advertisement influences food decision making and not nutritional status: A study among university students in Ghana. BMC Nutrition, 8(1).

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