Narrative Essay Samples: When I First Adopted a Pet

Posted on February 25, 2022

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Many students may say – “oh, narrative essay, what a piece of cake”. And, they are partially true, because it is all about one’s ability to tell a story. Yet, it does not mean that students do not make many mistakes during their writing. This guide is dedicated to sharing the narrative essay example on When I First Adopted a Pet topic. Check a bit of theory, and find an example. Let’s go!

What Is Narrative Essay Meaning

A narrative essay is a sort of essay in which the whole story revolves around a single motif or focal idea. The narrative’s episodes, actions, and characters all circle around a single motif. The framework of a narrative essay is similar to that of a standard five-paragraph/passage essay. It differs simply in that it is a story with characters, situations, and dialogues. There is an array of narrative report example topics found online from which you may derive inspiration and focus on your theme, and write it to show your literacy. Yet, here, you may also check the narrative essay report, the one dedicated to adopting a pet experience.

When I First Adopted a Pet

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings. This quote has been always a hype saying among my friends who adopted dogs and tried to push me to join this movement. Regardless of my resistance, last summer has greatly changed my beliefs.

The 2021 summer started as usual, with me rooming around my neighborhood, and spending long hours preparing for the scholarship application. I was always a student, a nerd who neglected fun and parties. Still, I enjoyed meeting my friends, however, they were always accompanied by their dogs. Every single month I had to support their conversations about adopting dogs, taking care of them, or what type of food may make their stomach not achy. It was all a boring theme for me, until one day.

I remember, by now, the 14th of July, a day when I came across an advertisement on social media about a shelter where volunteers sought help. They were looking for people who could assist them in providing a decent living for old dogs and cats with terminal stages of cancer. To be honest, I am not a person with a warm heart, but rather a pragmatist. Still, there was something that could draw my attention, a picture of Bobby, a labrador that expected his death alone among hundreds of other desperate and abandoned animals.

Bobby joined my family and became my best friend within two weeks. I read lots of literature and surfed the whole Web in order to check how to assist ill animals to have their best life after being neglected. I prepared the room and outdoor space where he could relax. I picked the best food possible that could at least support his body with nutrients. And, I learned how to deal with his cancer issue.

It would be fair to say that Bobby did not accept me as his owner for 2 months. I did not judge him, because I understood what pain he had gone through. Without diving into much history, his owners simply left him when they discovered cancer. I do not judge them either, but happy because he was picked by a shelter and received the necessary care on time. What I am saying is that 2 months seemed to me like an eternity, which resulted in pure love and trust. Bobby approached me one early morning and sat next to me, allowing me to hug him. This is when I felt that quote – a dog will always love you more than itself, whatever pain it had been through. My Bobby, a dog that changed my pragmatism, passed away surrounded with love, and care last month.

To end things off, I want to say that animals can show us how to believe in other people, how adopting is necessary, and treating. My Bobby taught me to love abandoned pets and help them survive the pain and challenges. Now, I am a person who speaks of dogs the most, while my friends cannot be happier to converse with me about animals rather than complaining about my cold heart.

Additional Tips for Narrative Essay Samples

After acknowledging the above-mentioned descriptive story sample, you may start writing your paper. Still, it is also necessary to share some final tips to prevent you from making mistakes.

Choose the topic smartly

Pick the one that itself inspires interest. It might be about overcoming one or another challenge, your travel experiences, friendship, life circumstances among others. Inspiring are the best ones, so check the examples here.

Do not go into detail about your personal movements

For instance, the mentioned story briefly covered the background of the story. Then, you could learn the introduction, motives, and, of course, the climax. Even if it is a narrative story, a professor won’t need details about what time you wake up, what you usually eat, or how you brush your teeth. Obviously, these rules do not concern the topics aimed at writing about your daily routine, a perfect morning, etc.

Stick to rules from the .edu sites.

If you have no single idea about the formatting of narrative essays, no need to take the rules blindly from the Web. You are recommended to surf the Web for the sites featuring the .edu domain. For instance, at Purdue, you may find the report meaning, format, hints, and examples. Besides, do check whether your educational establishment has any sites where narrative essay samples are featured. Finally, do ensure to check with your fellow students or seniors about what professors might expect from your report writing, or ask for a sample.

Limit the use of citations

Citations in the text are recommended in MLA format, although they are distracting in a narrative essay. If a work proved useful, include it in a list of ‘Works Consulted’ at the end of the essay. Rather than trying to bring your reader back to a previous sentence, explain yourself as you go.

Finally, before submitting your short paper, you have to spend really prolific time proofreading and editing. Ask your friends or relatives to read your paper and give you unbiased feedback about it. Check whether the logic and sense are met.


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