Narrative Essay on a Love Story to Tell: Creative Ideas of Narration

Posted on June 27, 2014

The atmosphere was simply breathtaking: the sun was shining brightly over the calm suburbs. Being a few minutes past midday, most people were indoors. The majority of people were taking their lunch or afternoon naps. In his room, Kevin sat on the bed, glum and heartbroken. His room was all messed up, with fashion magazines littered all over the carpeted floor. On one corner, empty tins of hair gel and perfume bottles were resting peacefully. The sight of these immediately brought back memories of Anne, the girl that Kevin had loved with all his heart. By that time, he hadn’t thought of her for a while. And now, when the curve of her face appeared in his mind like a distant hello from a far-and-away friend, he felt that his heart beating was reaching the limits that his therapist would probably call worrisome.

His memories were jolted back to the time they first met and said their first hello. It was during a high school dance. Everyone was having fun and losing track of time for hours. Amidst all the other girls in attendance, Anne simply stood out. There was something special in her eyes, and the sound of her voice was so familiar. Her blue eyes were the most beautiful Kevin had ever seen. Her charm was amplified by the curly hair that was neatly tucked in a high and bouncy ponytail.

Was she perfect? Absolutely. Tall and slender, Anne had lovely dimples that any man would have given up anything for. With that first glimpse of her, Kevin found himself totally speechless. It was his dream that came true so unbelievably fast that all he could do was looking in amazement at Anne, thinking their meeting was unreal. There he was, ready to ask someone to pinch his arm to wake up from a beautiful dream. But it was not a dream! It turned out to be a reality, and it was time for decisive action. However, instead of approaching her and declaring his immediate thoughts and feelings, he simply shook her hand and walked away. Just like that. He could not believe he said nothing about how he felt about the girl. But the truth is that he simply could not find the right words to describe his emotions at the time. Thankfully, he managed to get her number from a schoolmate. And there was the moment when only dialing a number separated Kevin from his dream. Three days later, he called her. It was a quick and simple conversation, but he managed to tell her about his interest in seeing her again.

Anne’s response was apparently encouraging. The girl had promised to think about Kevin’s idea to meet and to keep in touch. However, on this day, a full week since he heard the heart-warming promise, Kevin was a disheartened young man. Staring idly into space, he wondered why Anne’s response was not forthcoming. His face was covered with perspiration at the thought that perhaps, Anne did not feel the same passion he felt for her.

As the wind grew stronger, Kevin’s demeanor was equally becoming more intense. Almost abruptly, he arose from his bed and began kicking everything he saw on his path. At this point, he spotted a small bottle with the written words “rat and mice killer.” Being truly convinced that life had deprived him of the only girl he wanted to be with, he took the poison in one big gulp.

The news spread like bushfire. The local ambulance was at the door of his room in no time. Anne’s eyes were all teary as she implored Kevin to hang on, telling him that she loved him and was ready to become his girlfriend. As fate would have it, Kevin opened his mouth but he couldn’t say a word. In a second, the boy fell lifeless on the floor. Anne wept uncontrollably. The girl was playing hard to get. But the reality is that her behavior had been unimaginably costly to her. Dark clouds gathered in the sky as Kevin’s body was taken away.

Tips on Narrative Essay Writing

As for the definition of a narrative essay, it may vary from institution to institution. Typically, this type of academic assignment is a well-structured text that the author uses to tell a story, sharing personal experience in an engaging and inspirational manner.

When it comes to the narrative essay about love, it is evident from the topic that the process of writing is very intriguing to both – the reader and the writer. The great news is that anyone can write a narrative essay on love. And if you happen to enjoy romance novels and have some creative ideas of your own, this type of essay can be completed within a few minutes.

A useful tip when writing a narrative essay on love is to base it on what happens to people every single day. For example, the essay can center on unreciprocated or one-sided love. Like all other narratives, this type of essay should involve some elements of fiction, such as pseudonyms that help you replace the real names.

Consider your topic and start with the draft. When the question is about love, the variety of topics is literally never-ending. You are welcome to share your love story, telling your readers about your first love, your tragic love, your happy love, etc. Regardless of the topic that you choose to discuss, make sure you’re there in your narrative essay because the author’s presence is the key to producing a top-notch piece and get high scores. Don’t try to write the story in one sitting. Instead, make a strong narrative essay outline and to polish it up later.

Keep in mind all the elements of your love storyline. Most of the narrative essays include elements like the setting, plot, description, etc. If you ensure to include them all, you will be able to build the text that not only catches your reader’s attention, but also corresponds to the existing writing, editing, and proofreading standards.

Know your point of view! Even if the topic is related to love, your readers should get a clear idea of your role in the plot. Don’t make it blurred and uncertain. Instead, describe the chosen event to make sure your target readers understand how you added to this particular situation.

Stick to chronology. When it comes to love, things may happen chaotically, and explaining things like feelings and emotions becomes a tough task. Make certain you produce your narrative essay in proper chronological order. This will help you avoid any sort of confusion, as well as enables your readers to follow the storyline with real interest.

Don’t forget to revise your narrative essay about love. Even though you believe you did a great job to describe your love story, the truth is that nobody (not even the world-famous authors!) can make it right on the first run. Refocus your attention on something else, and take a look at your piece sometime later to give it a fresh and error-detecting look. If you see mistakes, fix them. Then check your paper again. If you’re not sure whether your skills are sufficient to review and edit an accomplished work, let professionals take a look at it. Having an expert from a reputed essay writing service check your work gives an absolute guarantee that you’re going to submit an A+ piece.

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