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Posted on February 8, 2022


All students have to write a great variety of essays. The success of writing depends on how well all the demands will be performed. You will have to deal with a certain essay type, which has a certain purpose. Besides, its discipline also plays a vital role. Some students get confused when they write about music. For example, they may not be able to pick relevant music essay topics. Accordingly, they will fail automatically.

The importance of music essay is special for students who study music and intend to have a career in that industry. If they are not able to select the right topic, they lose many grades because they cover something irrelevant. Luckily, we have a good solution for you. We have prepared a great list of topics in the musical industry. Moreover, we will provide some smart tips and tricks to show what makes a good topic. Let’s check them here below!

  1. The history of music in Ancient Rome.
  2. Is it good to use politics in music?
  3. The qualitative comparison of art and music.
  4. The importance of music in our life.
  5. Why can some people easily write a song?
  6. My favorite music band.
  7. My favorite singer.
  8. Reasons why I love listening to music.
  9. The lyrics analysis of my favorite song.
  10. The value of music for American society.
  11. The importance of music education in early childhood.
  12. How does music therapy help people?
  13. Rock genre: is it evil or good?
  14. Chester Bennington and his contribution to the development of rock.
  15. The phenomenon of Freddie Mercury on the scene.
  16. What makes Rammstein that popular?
  17. The best Oscar-winning song for me.
  18. Why is musical supervision vital in filmmaking?
  19. What musical instrument is the hardest to play?
  20. MTV Awards: Is it fair enough?
  21. Why most Eurovision winners do not get popular in the USA?
  22. Can rap be called a good musical genre?
  23. Why is New Orleans the “capital” of jazz?
  24. Music as the main cultural influencer.
  25. Is it good to mention religion in pop songs?
  26. Blues vs. jazz: which one is better?
  27. The best musical genre ever.
  28. Why is personal charisma important during concerts?
  29. The development of rap in the USA.
  30. The curing effects of classical music.

Use these topics to write a perfect paper. You are welcome to use these examples to create your own concepts. You will surely find many related ideas, which will be interesting to disclose and read. At times, you may simply review the top songs in a certain country and explain why a certain song became a single. For example, you may discuss the best 5 songs in the USA in the year 2021 according to Billboard.

Artist(s) Single
Olivia Rodrigo “Drivers License”
Silk Sonic
The Weeknd & Ariana Grande “Save Your Tears” (Remix)td>
Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby “Levitating”
Kali Uchis Значение ячейки 4
Значение ячейки 3 “Telepatía”

What Makes a Topic Interesting?

At times, even the best topic examples are insufficient. Many students cannot understand how to make their titles interesting for other people. We think they may not know all the elements of a good topic. We would like to help such students. Here are the main features of a good topic:

  • Relevance
  • Usefulness
  • A promise to find a solution
  • Informational value
  • Meaningfulness

Let’s clarify the points mentioned in the list above. Your topic should focus on something currently important in the assigned academic direction. Check what is trendy in the music industry and opt for one of the issues. When your readers see the title, they will quickly realize that you will dwell upon something interesting and vital for them.

Your title derives from at least one targeted word. You should brainstorm is to gather all the related concepts about it. Simply write down all associations and check how can they be combined with the central word.

Afterward, research the possible title. New research is required to be sure you will find enough data to cover the topic clearly. Oftentimes, it turned out that students seem to have nice ideas, but they lacked the evidence. Be ready to reshape the title or even change it entirely. It’s not a big problem because you will be able to find many other relevant ideas about music.

We can offer you various kinds of ideas to cover. Thus, you may also define the top-5 classical composers of all time and write a bio about them or explain their genius of music. These will be great topics to dwell upon.

Composer Years and Country
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 – Germany
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791 – Austria
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827– Germany
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1840-1893 – Russia
Richard Wagner 1813-1883 – Austria

Consider Professional Help

In case you feel totally frustrated about the topic selection, think about using custom writing help. Special services have a lot of qualified experts who specialize in all directions, including music. They offer a wide range of academic skills and the selection of relevant topics is on the list of their talents. Just clarify your issue and one of the competent experts will create a great list similar to ours.

Mind that you may also order a sample with the same or quite a similar topic. Why is it important? You will see how to disclose a certain topic idea. It is very useful for students who are busy or puzzled with the writing stage.


The music industry is very interesting because sound surrounds us everywhere. Everything sounds, and so people have been interested in music since ancient times. When you are stuck at the stage of picking a relevant music essay topic, read our review. It provides brilliant ideas, which will be relevant to many readers. Try music and culture essay, history of music essay, and so on. Our tips will help to pick great ideas for all directions in this subject.

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