“Analytical Essay Sample on How Money at Work: Is It a Source of Motivation? “

Posted on February 25, 2008

Is money an effective motivator at work? It is said that for a living food , shelter and clothes are needed. This is very true and for getting all this , money is need. At this point of time , money is required as much as oxygen for survival. Money is a great motivator at work. Disregarding the fact that money changes a person’s character , money has become a part of our life. With money mostly all the things can be bought for enjoying life. At work , the money can be good motivator. We should not forget the reality that we all work for getting more and more money. Money can help an employee do the best out of him. For praising an employee , bonus can be given by the employer as a reward. This can be the best reward one can expect. The days are gone , when more money was considered bad. In this 21 st century , money is really needed for a living. At this time all one needs is money. It is needed by parents to feed their children or to feed himself. No matter what somebody does with the money he gets from work , but everybody wants money.

When a person uses money for his family’s welfare ,he wants to help his family.The other condition can be that the money which he get from the work is used in partying. These both aspects are totally different but the similarity is that , money is needed for both of them regardless of the uses. When an employer gives a bonus to both of these employees , they both will be equally happy. As all they require is money. Which is really true, otherwise the question that arises is “What is the purpose of working then?”. Only because we want money to fulfil our needs. If we are focused on our work and do our job as needed , we should only care about getting money. This is the only reason that , it is said that keep your family problems away from work. Instead it can be said that personal problems or conditions or ideas (such as money is not everything) should be kept away from work.

For those who argue that money is not everything or money is not needed for doing a good job ,can be questioned – that why then are you working and why don’t you sit idle in the house and laze around?. Money is the only reason for work and only money effects the work and not anything else(here is should be considered that volunteering is separate). No doubt that money has differentiated sections in society from rich to poor. But Money is the only reason that some of us are working as a chairman or manager in a company and some of us are working as a peon or a sweeper in the company. It is true that nobody will ever want to be a sweeper.Unless some body is really foolish. But for this job , if a nice amount of money is offered , then one may accept it. Well ,think of a situation where you are offered a job of a manager or of a sweeper with more income than the manager , which one would you choose ????? For, the job of a sweeper with more income than the manager would be more profitable. It doesn’t matter with what you are working for. Your personality doesn’t change with the type of work you do , as it is within you. For money , your fame should not matter. When you are getting more money , what’s the problem?? There is nothing bad in working as sweeper with more income. …right???. Hence money can make you do anything.

For a workplace , the workers you work with shouldn’t matter to you but the only thing that should matter is your income, but this doesn’t mean that you start fighting with your co-workers. Hence finally according to me , money is really important for work and also for happy being. In this world of science and technology , money is needed for almost everything which is needed for making one happy. For example , now-a-days , everyday , newer gadgets are flooding the market and people ,specially the present generation want these thing for various occasions such as passing an exam ,winning a competition etc. Earlier after passing an exam the gift asked by the children were blessings for the next time. Now as the time and situations have changed , they ask for some gadget or some prize. For giving them this money is needed by the parents or the guardian. Money does play an important role in our life but it also does effect badly for those who try to make money not in an honest way. They think , what am I going to get by working with an employer , so lets rob , steal …etc.. For this only reason , crime rate has gone up in the last few decades. Thus money does effect one’s life in one way or the other and it will keep effecting our life throughout.It is indeed an effective motivator at work in this world.

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