Modern Diplomacy as a European Invention Research Paper Sample

Posted on October 12, 2023

Paper Instructions

Academic level – Graduate
Type of paper – Research paper
Topic Title – Modern diplomacy as a European invention

To what extent is modern diplomacy a European invention? Discuss with specific references to historical examples !!!

Please show evidence that you thought about it widely and looked over a wide variety of sources !!!

Research Paper Sample

Modern diplomacy, with its formal negotiations, international treaties and diplomatic envoys is rooted in European history. Modern diplomacy is very complex and depends on many interconnected factors. Modern diplomacy can be considered a European invention by analyzing key historical examples and drawing from diverse sources.

Modern diplomacy was historically created in the Middle Ages and spread throughout Europe during the Renaissance from Italy. The Italian system of permanent resident ambassadors, officially accredited and equipped with diplomatic immunity, quickly established itself as the European norm (Nigro, 2012). Another crucial occasion that changed the political landscape of the continent after the Napoleonic Wars was the Congress of Vienna, convened in 1815. The politicians and diplomats gathering in Vienna were determined to restore the 18th-century balance of power in Europe’s state structure as the best way to ensure peace (Nigro, 2012). Moreover, the whole diplomatic community used European diplomatic practices, which were also accepted by tradition. The Westphalian system and the emergence of international law, which were profoundly inspired by European thinking, have evolved into the cornerstones of modern diplomacy. Modern diplomacy is often connected with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, which established state independence, and introduced religious freedom (Siracusa, 2021). Modern diplomacy must recognize the significant improvements provided to diplomatic practices by non-European nations despite its European origins. Long before Europe, cultures in Asia and the Middle East had developed diplomatic protocols and emissaries. While the diplomatic institutions and standards of today are considerably successful, formalizing them will be beneficial for European advances.

Modern diplomacy can be considered a European invention by examining significant historical examples and drawing from various sources. Modern diplomacy undeniably has deep European roots, with historical instances such as Renaissance city-states and the Congress of Vienna showcasing its evolution. Nevertheless, its origins should be evaluated while taking into account the larger global environment and the complex history of diplomatic contacts.


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