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Posted on January 14, 2019

In general, the faculty of Medical Sciences offers students three main degree programs that include Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Science. Want to get one of these degrees? Be ready to create the best medicine research paper writing. This research field may include a number of disciplines like Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, and the others that are studied by students through research paper writing. To begin with, completing a research paper requires a set of good academic writing skills. A research paper on Medical Sciences is considered to be a scientific writing assignment that the majority of college undergraduates have to complete during their course. A number of students have some sufficient knowledge regarding one or another issue. But still, some of them face particular challenges while working on their written projects related to the field.

Indeed, it is important to understand some essential peculiarities of research papers. Firstly, there is a basic structure to which you’re required to stick. Otherwise, your research paper won’t be coherent that makes it hard to use as a basis of the future analyses. Secondly, a research paper is written according to a formatting style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) In the case with a medical research paper, you can be asked to use AMA that is characterized for medicine, health, and biological sciences. Thirdly, there is a variety of topics to cover in a research paper. All these and other important points of successful research paper writing are presented in the article. Go on reading to get closer to an A/A+ research paper on Medical Sciences.

Choose a Research Problem and Find a Topic of Your Paper

Firstly, you have to select a particular medical science issue to explore in a written form. There are some medicine research paper writing tips that can be useful for choosing the most appropriate topic of your college writing assignment. Firstly, make sure that the potential topics spark your interest as a young researcher. Answer the questions such as:

  • Is it relevant to the field of study I will write my research paper?
  • Is it interesting to research a particular topic?
  • Does a specific topic contribute to the field of study?
  • What is known about a research topic?

If your answers provide you with the certainty that you are able to write on a particular topic, your chances to submit an A+ assignment are increasing. Secondly, make an attempt to find a topic for your writing on which you will have the opportunity to find a sufficient amount of information on. It is quite time-saving. However, don’t choose a topic that is thoroughly-investigated. This way you can just restate the well-known facts on Medicine. It is a field that requires new and new data to maintain the health of organisms. Thirdly, look for the materials that might be useful for your writing by taking notes on what a source is. It will be simpler to come back to an information source when you determine what topic you choose to write on. Finally, you have to narrow your research topic by relying on the materials you find among the credible sources. Yes, it may seem to be extra work to do the background research on a topic that won’t give any result. But be sure these vital step will help you develop the most effective topic for your research. You will get pleasure out of the writing process.

Sometimes, college undergraduates are given a chance to find a research problem for their writing assignment. Hence, in the case, if you are free to choose a topic, try to focus on the specific fields of your interest. They may include different aspects of mental health, nutrition, substance abuse, aging, genetics, and other issues. An interesting example of a medical research assignment is the paper entitled “Childhood Obesity Epidemic – Its Risks, Effects, and Prevention”. In this paper, it is needed to discuss the most common obesity-related health disorders faced by overweight children. Another part of the research paper may examine different ways of preventing this health issue. Additionally, you can look at the following list of topics on Medical Sciences

List of the Medical Research Topics To Get Started Right Now

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide – Description, Evaluation, and Response;
  • Pathogenesis of Acute Inflammation;
  • Health Consequences of Eating Disorders;
  • Skin Cancer – Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment;
  • Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer – Its Benefits and Drawbacks.

3 Basic Pre-Writing Steps to Take for Success in Writing

If you want the medicine research paper writing to flow smoothly, this section of the guide may be useful for you. So never neglect the basic prewriting steps. Use some important tips and recommendations related to the prewriting stage of research paper writing:

  1. Time management is one of the most important factors that influences your academic performance. Since each college assignment has a particular submission deadline date, you have to identify how much time is available to complete a research paper. For example, you can make a schedule what and when you will do to write a research paper.
  2. When you have chosen a research problem, define a topic of your paper, it is highly recommended to create an outline. You can use your computer to construct a brief and concise outline of your written assignment or do it on paper. As a result, you manage to organize your ideas in a logical and coherent manner. Keep it in front of your eyes to follow the flow of thoughts referring to the available resources needed for your research. In this case, an outline will help you find relevant sources faster without taking significant efforts.
  3. You can try brainstorming or free writing techniques to write the first draft of your research paper. Brainstorming is a considerably useful technique for writing the main ideas that will be mentioned in the paper. In this case, you can use bullet points or mind maps. Regarding another technique known as freewriting, you should write complete sentences and do not pay attention to the grammar and punctuation issues.

The Only Structure of Medical Sciences Research Paper

An academic research paper usually consists of parts without which it would look quite messy and difficult to follow the ideas. The structure that works for research papers includes an introduction, several main parts of the body and a conclusion. In most cases, body paragraphs of such scientific papers contain three main parts that are known as Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. Such a structure of a research paper is regarded as the IMRaD format. However, some types of medical research papers, like clinical reviews have another structure. Ask an instructor about it. In addition to the basic structure, you may need to include some parts like Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, and Appendices.

Writing an Outline for Medical Research

First of all, an outline is regarded as a well-organized description of a research paper. Using this type of writing assignment, you have the opportunity to present your ideas in a logical sequence and coherent way. Respectively, an outline consists of an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. For illustration purposes, we can use the clinical review “Childhood Obesity Epidemic – Its Risks, Effects, and Prevention”.

do medical research

The introductory part of your outline should be informative and engaging. Hence, your introduction should include a hook, which provokes the readers’ interest, and an effective thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main idea of your research that should be developed in the following parts of the paper. For instance, taking into account the topic mentioned above, a thesis of this paper should describe the impact of this disorder on the individuals’ health as well as the ways of its prevention. In turn, the body paragraphs should present the arguments related to your thesis that are supported by a scientific evidence. While creating a strong final part of your research paper, you have to provide a concise summary of the main ideas discussed in the paper.

Writing a Scientific Research Abstract

In general, an abstract is considered to be a brief overview of your medical research paper. The abstract for the other types of writing assignments is written in the same manner. Keep in mind that a good abstract has a particular structure you should follow. This section of the paper should discuss the importance of your research topic. Additionally, do not forget to mention the goal of your research. In this part, you can include the methods used to investigate the given topic. These points may include the design of your study, its variables, and some types of intervention used to manipulate the variables. Then, summarize your findings and try to connect the results of your research to the thesis statement.

In the case, if you are assigned to write a medical literature review, this preopening part of the scientific research paper is usually regarded as an informative abstract. First of all, it should be written after the paper is already completed. In the informative abstract, you have to provide a brief and concise summary of your main thesis as well as the most important findings. Apart from that, it is essential to mention all the medical studies you have used in the process of writing the paper.

5 Tips to Write a Good Abstract

  1. State the purpose of your research and its main findings;
  2. Be concise while summarizing your arguments;
  3. Discuss the importance of your research findings;
  4. Describe the research methods that help you to get these findings;
  5. Include more than 250 and less than 500 words.

X Main Components of a Medical Literature Review

This section of the paper will be focused on the knowledge about a research topic and its analytical review. Let’s consider the example of the medical research paper on a topic “Childhood Obesity Epidemic – Its Risks, Effects, and Prevention” that has been already mentioned. In this case, you are required to write an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

In the introductory part, you should identify a topic of the research and provide the background knowledge regarding this issue. In addition, it is required to introduce an appropriate context that will define your search of the literary materials. The introductory part of any research paper should contain a scope of the review. Taking into account the given topic related to obesity, this paper should include a general information not only regarding the dynamics of this health issue but also concerning the importance of your research.

Another main component of the medical literature review is the main body. The interesting thing is that this section does not require the maintenance of a single structure, and all the body paragraphs may be organized in a different manner. In general, the structure of this section is fully dependent on the topic of the research. Coming back to our research paper topic, the main body of this writing can be broken up into three key sections. While the first one will be focused on the numerous risks of childhood obesity, the other two will describe the effects of this health issue and the preventative measures that could be taken. In conclusion, it is required to restate the thesis of the medical research paper. Respectively, you should analyze all the ideas mentioned in the paper and provide a brief summary of your research. Lastly, make sure that your conclusions regarding this health care issue are built on the scientific studies you have used in the paper.

medical literature review

Editing and Proofreading as Final Stages of Your Writing

The notion of proofreading involves the process of checking the paper for different errors. These errors may be either grammatical or typographical. What to do while proofreading a research paper? Use the following 3 tips on proofreading:

  1. Make sure that your paper is free of different grammatical errors. Such errors may be related to the use of tenses, the issue of subject-verb agreement, and the problem of incorrect word choices.
  2. Check your research paper for punctuation mistakes. The most common punctuation errors include the overuse of commas and semicolons, the interchange of hyphens and dashes, and the use of apostrophes.
  3. Find some spelling mistakes in your research paper. Pay close attention to the common spelling mistakes in English to avoid them in your paper.

The editing stage is another important part of the revision process. Contrary to the proofreading stage, it is related to the structure of the paper as well as to its formatting issues. Your research paper can be edited on the following levels:

  • Content. First of all, you should check whether your paper is written according to the given instructions. Make sure that your claims are clear and consistent and that your argument is complete. The adequacy of your evidence should be checked as well.
  • Structure of a research paper. From this perspective, you should check whether your writing assignment has a clear introduction and an effective conclusion. A thesis statement should be included in the introductory part, and all paragraphs should be written in a logical sequence.
  • Style correspondence. This issue implies the necessity to check whether the tone of your research paper is appropriate. Depending on the purpose of your paper, it can be formal, informal, or persuasive.
  • Citations. Make sure that all your sources are cited according to the paper format required in the initial instructions.

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid in a Research Paper

  • Use of the spoken language. Since your medical science research paper should be written using formal style, you cannot use the common language while writing your paper. In this case, try to use the alternative genders and pronouns. In addition, you can use the plural forms of nouns and pronouns to avoid using the gender-inclusive language.
  • Use of non-credible sources. In the research paper, you have to use only reliable sources of information. Such sources may include books, academic publications, scientific articles that were taken from different medical journals, and the publications that can be found on the governmental websites.
  • Inconsistent data and numerals introduced in the paper. In this case, it is highly recommended to introduce all the data in the medical research paper only after double checking.

Follow this guide to make sure that it is not so difficult to write a research paper on Medicine even if it is late at night. You may be still in your room finishing some revisions and getting ready to submit your paper. Feel happy that you managed to finish a year’s worth of work as you know how to do the best medical research.

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