Medical School Personal Statement Sample: Medicine Is My Interest

Posted on September 28, 2011

Medical School Personal Statement:
The body of a human being is an extraordinary machine that has a lot of diverse systems resulting to life form that is impossible to be reproduced artificially. Undoubtedly many among the fascinating workings of life are the complexity and the functions carried out by the human body. I take pleasure in life challenges specifically towards a worthwhile objective and even though medicine is believed to be a difficult career, it can be extremely rewarding as decorated by the many doctors I have interacted with throughout my learning experience and also in a personal level. My interest in medicine is coupled with the fact that science is a field that encompasses a lot of life’s issues and reality and also subject that is practical and useful on daily basis.

In my part biological science is interesting however; it becomes more exhilarating when learning abnormality in medical science ranging from varied realities in pathology to the practicability in pharmacology. The compound chemical processes in the human body particularly the way neurons shape the brain including psychology is a predicament which I would really enjoy learning and understand. The neurobiology behind the functionality of the brain is an area I strongly consider connects with pharmacology a field that greatly encompasses a lot of medical science both normal and abnormal human functionalities and not just to understand but a field that I would love to practice as well as pathology, genetics and the mind.

Biological science in relation to chemistry specifically genetics and its various elements like protein synthesis have really interested me. I am able to understand respiration which basically forms part of biochemistry that is very important to physiology. Due to my chemistry study I am well placed in understanding how chemicals are able to react with each other and with my biology knowledge, physiology and anatomy understanding, I am able to place chemistry in the perspective of life sciences. I believe that my knowledge in sciences provides me with a strong base in medical science. In addition, my study in literature and arts has developed my report writing skills and helps me think more creatively and be more innovative in carrying out research.

I have also worked as a volunteer in Kaisar Permante hospital and the regional medical hospital in San Jose where I had the opportunity to interact with doctors, patients and nurses regarding the medical career. At these hospitals, I observed several MRI scans, skin biopsy, did ward rounds and endoscopy clinics all of which were really motivating for me. It also strengthened my urge in pursuing pharmacology as a career besides verifying my interest in pathology and medical science. I also enrolled as an intern at UC Davis medical center where I was able to learn how to work with large groups and teams of professionals in the medical fraternity. A part from the medical field, I also managed to work in other fields of business, information technology and public relations all of which equipped me with enough experience and understanding of different perspectives of the modern world.

In my academic tests and examinations I managed to perform well as it is strikingly evident in my GPA and MCAT scores thus exhibiting my confidence and consistency due to dedication in studies. I at all times welcome new challenges and hence medical science offers me an all-time discovery and learning opportunity. I appreciate the fact that I don’t know everything in the medical field, which encourages and gives me hope that there will be always new things in store for me to discover. For one to successfully practice medicine, one has to be patient, caring, inquisitive and dedicated. I believe that I posses these qualities and with no doubt I will accomplish my dream and contribute immensely to the society with my skills.

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