MBA Papers and Essays: What to Know to Succeed?

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Posted on January 29, 2008

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An MBA degree can be the right path for many reasons. One reason is simply the desire to continue studying in the business area. Undergraduate training often ends when students are still only up to their ankles in the subject in which they wish to fully immerse themselves. There is still so much to discover and contribute, and graduate training opens up opportunities for knowledge advancement. Zest for learning is a good reason to seek an advanced degree and perhaps is the one that will best sustain you.
Another common reason for wanting to earn a higher degree in business administration is to reap the employment opportunities that accompany graduate training. Job applicants with advanced degrees have an advantage over those without them, and many careers require an advanced degree to qualify at the minimum entry-level. Those who want to work in a professional capacity in business typically will need to earn a master’s or doctoral degree.

Finally, as a group, people with advanced degrees make more money – at least over the long haul – than those without them. So, love, employment, and money are all common motivations for seeking advanced degrees.

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If your task is to write an application MBA essay, you should pay attention to its requirements. Most colleges want to learn about you as a personality. Though some colleges want to read about contributions that you can give or the life experiences that make you a valuable candidate for the chosen faculty.

But before starting your education, you, like most students throughout the country, need to complete your MBA applications and deal with different universities where you wish to study or compose only one MBA essay for only one university. In the last case, you have fewer chances, and therefore you should be 100% sure that your application essay will bring you luck, and you will enter this program that you’ve thought about for so long.

What MBA Essay Should Students Be Ready to Accomplish

As a rule, an MBA student should know how to write the following papers:

  • personal statements;
  • research papers (thesis papers, dissertations, term papers, etc.)
  • case studies;
  • presentations;
  • reviews;
  • essays.

An application essay is a commonly requested written assignment, usually consisting of two or more typed pages, included with the application to a graduate program. Application essays that request a focus on the applicant’s educational goals are often referred to as statements of purpose. Our custom writing service provides lots of students around the world with custom-written applications for different graduate degrees as well as MBA degrees. Our academic writers can complete not only your term paper, research paper, essay, or thesis but also your MBA application if you apply to any business program. While any business education can be very expensive, your application paper must be excellent. You should consider your MBA application to be more than a simple term paper that you have completed many times in the school. In this section, we want to let you know about 12 content categories that you should consider when you write your MBA applications.

Professionals identify five types of essays that MBA students usually need to handle:

mba essay types

  • Goal essays (you describe what person, life experience, or event motivated you to enter a business school)
  • Self-reflection essay (you reflect either on your decisions and ideas or on some topics)
  • Contribution essay (you should compliment yourself and tell the target reader why you deserve the MBA student title)
  • Leadership essay (here you speak about your life experiences that were meaningful and influenced the decisions of others)
  • Video essay (a relatively new assignment; you need to record a video with a set time limit to answer an admission question like “Who are you?”, “What are your career hopes and desires”, etc.)

Admission essays might be challenging. That is why it is essential to have a list of articles and samples that can help to manage the task. Below, you can find links with useful information and brilliant samples.

Many educational institutions and organizations want to help students pass MBA exams successfully. They post many articles to illustrate good papers and give more information so as not to let students get lost in the approaching hardships. There are three useful links for you to study.

Writing Styles to Use in the MBA Question Paper

It is necessary to be aware of two written requirements for an MBA question paper. The first one is a writing style. It concerns essay types that have different requirements. Six types are the most popular.

  1. Narrative writing reminds a story that a student writes through the prism of personal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.
  2. Cause and effect writing deals with the event or a decision and describes its consequences.
  3. Comparative writing involves the critical and detailed comparison of two or more objects.
  4. Expository writing gives dry defining information about something.
  5. Descriptive writing is the presentation of a topic through five human senses to make it bright and easy to imagine.
  6. Persuasive writing aims at convincing someone about something.

The second one is a formatting style. It can be MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. Most colleges attach requirements to each style or publish related articles on their websites.

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

When writing application essays, I usually use the STAR approach. First, I describe the Situation. Second, I speak about the Task, including the writing aim. Third, I describe the Actions I took to reach the goal. Finally, I highlight the value of received Results.


An A-level MBA essay is a key to the hearts of the members of the admission committee. So, you should be able to use this weapon to rival other candidates and win the competition. That is why it is important to practice essay writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting daily. Practical skills help students feel confident at exams and manifest the desired results.

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