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Posted on October 7, 2019

What is a Cause and Effect Essay in Mathematics?

A cause and effect essay aims to discuss the reasons and outcomes of phenomena, event, or condition. The essay is written to explain the preconditions of some issues and their influence on the situation. As a rule, a cause and effect essay contains in-depth research and analysis of the issue, so it does not explain general facts. You should be well-aware of the topic of the essay in order to provide a profound overview. Analytical skills, as well as attention to details, are required to write a substantial cause and effect essay. In-depth insight into the specific issue will demonstrate the underlying reasons for a specific situation or action to the audience. Generally, this type of essay discusses both causes and effects, but it can also present only either one of the two. Moreover, a cause and effect essay in mathematics may involve the usage of specific data and formulas in order to present a clear conclusion. You need to use professional language to present the ideas persuasively. It can be stated that an effective essay in mathematics is based on precise data and analysis that allows making logical and clear arguments.

Choosing a Topic for a Cause and Effect Essay in Mathematics

There is a great variety of topics in mathematics that covers different areas, so you have an opportunity to choose one of your interest. You should keep in mind that selecting a topic is a significant part of a pre-writing process. In case the topic is not provided, you can choose a subject that was not explained in details by the instructor, or you can try to apply the ideas discussed in class to solve new problems. In addition, you may consider the theories of significant mathematicians or adapt specific math concepts to solve problems. The analysis of data and numbers will help to provide the audience with a new perspective on the issue. At the same time, a narrow and specific topic is beneficial in terms of presenting clear and consistent arguments. The following examples may help you to choose a compelling subject for your cause and effect essay in mathematics:

  • The Influence of Mathematics on Ancient Greek Architecture;
  • The Effect of Applying Symmetric Functions in Combinatorics;
  • An Exploration of the Calculus of Functors and Their Applications;
  • The Analysis of Pythagoras’ Theorem Using Real-world Applications;
  • A Mathematical Research of the Kinematics of Rolling.

Pre-Writing Tips

First of all, you need to choose a topic that will help you to demonstrate your analytical skills and knowledge in the field of mathematics. There are some points that you should keep in mind before choosing a topic. For instance, you are required to be well-aware of the issue in order to present a profound analysis. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to choose the problem that you have enough knowledge of to discuss the reasons and results of the issue. Do not select a too broad topic because it may be challenging to present in-depth research on the subject. Another critical point is that an essay should be written concisely, so you need to consider its structure before starting writing the paper. A valid cause and effect essay is free of irrelevant details or too general information. Accordingly, you need to choose a narrow topic in mathematics in order to present a strong cause and effect essay and persuade the audience.

Secondly, it is crucial to conduct in-depth research to find relevant materials before writing a paper. Scientific journals, surveys, statistics, and research will assist you in obtaining the required knowledge of the topic. Furthermore, the reasons and results of the issue should be presented objectively, so supporting details will help to show unbiased claims. Do not forget that the information should be gathered from several credible sources. In addition, your background knowledge of the issue will definitely make the essay more profound. Precise data, facts, and research are required to support the writer’s claims. Consequently, you should conduct in-depth research before writing an essay in order to support your claim with relevant sources.

Thirdly, you need to consider and define the target audience of the essay. In other words, mathematics is not always easy to understand, so there is a need to find ways to facilitate the understanding of critical issues. Accordingly, there is a difference between the essay presented to a class and the paper given only to the instructor. It is helpful to include basic concepts at the beginning of the article to provide the readers with the topicality of the problem. Do not overestimate the audience knowledge about the issue, so clear and coherent explanations will make the essay more substantial.

Finally, writing a short outline is a significant part of a pre-writing process. An overview will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas rationally. A compelling paper is not possible without a precise organization of the main points. Consequently, an effective cause and effect essay should consist of an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Another critical point is that you need to choose a compelling title to attract the audience. Additionally, you need to write an efficient thesis statement that will help to organize the information and develop the claims in a logical manner.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay in Mathematics

A substantial cause and effect essay in mathematics has a logical structure that generally follows a typical form of an academic essay. However, you need to consider some peculiarities of such type of essay. Precisely, it consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There are two types of body paragraphs structure, such as the block and the chain model. The block model essay presents the causes in the first paragraph of the main body and then discusses the effects. The two parts of the main body are connected with the help of a transition paragraph that would signify another main point. At the same time, the chain model discusses each cause and its effect separately. Consequently, each section of the main body is dedicated to one specific cause and effect. You can choose the type that would be beneficial for your topic.


A cause and effect essay starts with an introduction that includes a general overview of your topic. The introduction should not be too broad, so you should present some basic facts and data about the topic. You need to provide the audience with background information before submitting the problem. The introduction aims to attract the attention of the target audience and present the background context of the issue. Furthermore, the first paragraph of an essay ends with a concise thesis statement. It reflects the essential concepts of the writer’s claims. In addition, it summarizes the main arguments presented in the main body. Considering a cause and effect essay, the thesis statement should include the main reasons and results of a particular issue that will be helpful for the understanding of the whole paper. Do not forget that your position should be objective and unbiased and based on specific coherent evidence.

Body Paragraphs

The main body of a cause and effect essay should explain the relationship between the reasons and results of the issue. As it was mentioned previously, there are two ways of organizing the body part. You can choose the model that will work better for your topic. Nevertheless, all of the paragraphs should be logical and concise. Take into consideration that body paragraphs should reflect the thesis statement. A smooth transition between paragraphs will make the paper more coherent and cohesive. You should structure the main point of the paragraph on one primary claim in order to avoid unnecessary details. A compelling body part explains the peculiarities of the connection between the cause and effect logically and understandably. The arguments need to be supported with relevant sources so that the essay will sound concise and informative.

The body part should present a detailed insight into the problem, so show your ideas logically to convince the audience. If you include the calculations, you need to describe them thoroughly for straightforward interpretation. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to imply figures and visible elements to promote the audience’s understanding of the issue. Nevertheless, you should explain the numbers, theorems, or concepts mentioned in your essay. In case you are solving the problem, use the appropriate arithmetic formulae and explain the procedure. Accordingly, the answer should be thoroughly explained and supported. Try to descript each step of solving the problem, so the readers will see the ways of solving the problem. Do not forget to support or deny the conjectures mentioned in the work.

Another critical point is that each of the body paragraphs begins with a topic sentence. The topic sentence aims to demonstrate the readers what is about to follow. Moreover, this sentence logically connects paragraphs with the thesis statement. It would help if you used clear arguments and supporting evidence to explain the connection between the claim and the thesis statement. In addition, do not forget to provide a smooth transition between the paragraphs. In order to make the essay more persuasive, you should support your ideas with the evidence form relevant outside sources, theories, and research. Up-to-date references will help you to write a valid cause and effect essay.


The primary aim of a conclusion is to present a summary of all the causes and effects considered in the main body to the audience. Moreover, you need to restate the thesis statement in order to indicate the findings of the essay. If you have solved a problem in the body part, then you should include the explanation of the answer in the conclusion. In addition, mention the formulas and theorems that were used to solve the problem. The conclusion of an essay in mathematics should be based on concise data and research. Furthermore, keep in mind that a conclusion should not include new details or supporting evidence that was not mentioned before. It would be advantageous to suggest further research that can be conducted based on the results of the essay. Finally, the last sentence of a conclusion is a concluding statement that provides the general meaning of the presented research.

Post-Writing Tips

After finishing writing a draft of your essay, you should do a few steps more. There is a need to check the paper for grammar, vocabulary, consistency, and cohesion. However, first of all, you need to check whether the work corresponds to the instructors’ requirements and covers all the essential points. To do this, you should reread your essay and make sure that the arguments are clear, understandable, and supported with relevant sources. Proofreading the paper is an essential step of a post-writing process. Do not forget to check the paper format of your paper. Secondly, you need to correct grammar and vocabulary mistakes, so your writing will sound more professional. In addition, correct grammar and style add legitimacy to the central claims that you present in your cause and effect essay. Thirdly, you should pay crucial attention to the logical consistency of the paper. Accordingly, check whether there are smooth transitions that add the rational flow of a strong argument.

With regard to the structure of the essay, it should necessarily include an introduction, the main body that discusses the causes and effects of the issue, and a conclusion. You need to reread your thesis statement, whether it reflects the main idea of your paper. Furthermore, the body paragraphs should reflect a thesis in topic sentences. At the same time, a conclusion aims to restate a thesis in different words.

An effective essay is free of unnecessary repetitions and irrelevant details. It would help if you were sure that the claims are supported with the up-to-date sources. Transitional words may also help you in writing a logical and comprehensible essay. You can answer these questions to understand what should be corrected:

  • Does the thesis statement reflect the main idea of the paper?
  • Is the structure of the essay clear?
  • Was the conducted research thorough, and was the information analyzed well enough?
  • Are your calculations correct?
  • Have you employed the necessary equations and formulas?
  • Were the credible sources used while searching for the required data and numbers?
  • Are the transitions between the paragraphs appropriate and flowing?
  • Does the essay achieve its goal?
  • Are visual elements relevant and helpful?

After self-checking and correcting the mistakes, you should make a final version of your cause and effect essay in mathematics. Have a last look at your paper to be sure that your work is of high quality. Following the advice presented in the guide will assist you in writing a compelling cause and effect essay in mathematics that deserves the highest mark.

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