Guide to Writing an Argumentative Essay in Marketing: Smart Pieces of Advice

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Posted on August 22, 2019

What Is an Argumentative Essay in Marketing?

To begin with, an argumentative essay is an essay that discusses different sides of a specific issue. Presentation of the ideas can be equally balanced, or one view may be depicted as more convincing in comparison to others. The writer’s position should be specific and clear. An argumentative essay aims to examine the problem from various perspectives in order to provide a clear argument. The writer needs to conduct in-depth research, evaluate evidence, and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. Accordingly, an argumentative essay in marketing concerns different concepts, including advertising, market research, segmentation, positioning, or targeting. A strong argumentative essay provides reasonable arguments and analyses the strong and weak sides of the issue.

Choosing a Topic for an Argumentative Essay in Marketing

Selecting a topic for an argumentative essay in marketing is not a difficult task because there is a wide variety of acute themes that can be discussed. Moreover, the writer should find a topic that would interest the audience and present new information. It would be beneficial to choose a subject that is not widely discussed in order to attract readers. Additionally, the writer can demonstrate an advanced approach to the common problem. The following examples may help to choose the topic for an argumentative essay in marketing:

  • Successful Marketing Approaches Can Break Strong Market Monopoly;
  • The Role of Social Media in Marketing Campaigns;
  • The Ways of Increasing the Brand Value of the Product;
  • The Threats of Global Marketing for Small Enterprises;
  • Is Black Friday Sale an Effective Instrument for Real Estate Industry?
  • The Factors That Influence the Buying Decisions of a Family;
  • Marketing Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • An Effective Website for a Startup Company;
  • Can Smartphones Facilitate Communication Between Clients and Companies?
  • Marketing and Promotion in the Restaurant Industry.

Pre-Writing Tips

To get marketing assignment help, first of all, the selection of an issue for discussion is a significant step in the pre-writing process in case the professor has not provided students with the topic. It is important to keep in mind that the selection of an issue for an argumentative essay in marketing has some peculiarities. For instance, in order to avoid biases, the writer should not be passionate about the subject. Furthermore, arguments should be based on precise data, facts, and researches that present relevant information to the audience. Up-to-date references will assist in supporting the main ideas of the essay. In addition, the writer needs to avoid unnecessary details and general facts. Focusing on a narrow and specific topic is the most effective way to write a strong argumentative essay in marketing.

The writer should take into consideration that an argumentative essay involves detailed and thorough research. Accordingly, there is a need for extensive analysis of published materials. In order to collect the required data, the student should analyze interviews, surveys, and experiments. Such research will help to learn more about the issue and understand different points of view regarding the topic. Another critical point is that the student should not overestimate his or her knowledge on the subject. It is significant to gather information and conduct detailed research to broaden understanding. It would be beneficial to use articles from business journals in order to support the ideas. The writer needs to remember that a successful argumentative essay is based on information and data that comes from credible sources. Consequently, finding relevant sources is a crucial step in a pre-writing process.

In terms of the organization of the writing process, a short outline will also be helpful. A student can write a sentence for each section of the essay, including a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Moreover, it is necessary to find the sources that would support the claims. The writer should focus on presenting the most crucial details that are based on in-depth analysis. After the research of the topic, it will be useful to write down the main claims in order to present information in a consistent and coherent manner.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

The structure of an argumentative essay in marketing reflects a typical structure of an academic essay. Accordingly, the paper starts with an introduction that discusses the relevance of the issue. A thesis statement, which is the most significant part of an introduction, is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Body paragraphs aim to discuss different sides of the topic. Consequently, they should include background information, supporting evidence, and counterarguments. As a rule, an argumentative essay consists of three body paragraphs. However, complex topics require detailed essays, so an argumentative essay that discusses several research sources may include more than three body paragraphs. The last part of the paper is a conclusion that provides a summary of the presented ideas and restates the thesis statement.


An argumentative essay in marketing starts with an introduction that reviews the topic in a general way. The first sentence of an essay should not include any specific details. The introduction aims to attract the audience’s attention and state the main argument. Moreover, the writer should explain the importance and topicality of the issue. Presentation of background information will help readers to understand the writer’s claims. Students need to remember that an argumentative essay in marketing has to include explanations of the applied key terms and concepts. The last sentence of an introduction is a thesis statement that presents the main argument of an essay. It explains the topic in a clear and unbiased manner and does not reflect the author’s personal opinion on the subject of the work. The examples of correct and incorrect thesis statements will help to understand how to write a strong thesis.

Incorrect: ‘Social media plays a significant role in marketing campaigns.’

This thesis statement is too broad and fails to explain the topic of the paper.

Correct: ‘Social media like Instagram and Facebook has become an effective tool for startups that creates advanced opportunities for advertising with maximum target customer reach.’

Accordingly, this thesis statement demonstrates the narrow topic and presents the issue in a clear manner.

Body Paragraphs

First of all, the body paragraphs of an argumentative essay should be logically organized and have a clear structure. Each of the body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that demonstrates the readers its main idea. Moreover, one paragraph should be dedicated to the discussion of one general idea that will make an essay clear and concise. The writer needs to keep in mind that body paragraphs should be logically connected to the thesis statement in the introduction. As a result, a strong argumentative essay should consider different points of view concerning the issue. It would be useful to discuss conflicting sides of the topic.

Each of the body paragraphs should also present the supporting details of the central point mentioned in the topic sentence. The claims can be supported with outside sources, including marketing books, articles, and studies. It is important to use relevant sources in order to make the paper more effective. Consequently, supporting details that follow the topic of the work assist in writing a persuasive argumentative essay.

The first of the three body paragraphs is the background part. It provides readers with the necessary knowledge of the issue. It can also include the explanation of the marketing theories, concepts, and definitions of specific terms. In addition, the writer can summarize the used sources to provide the basis for claims.

The second body paragraph aims to support the argument and prove the presented idea. The supporting details will help the audience to understand the issue more profoundly. In order to provide them, one should use in-text citations from credible sources and explain and interpret them to prove the arguments. This paragraph should be well-structured and demonstrate the readers the peculiarities of the topic.

The last paragraph of the body part is a counterargument paragraph that aims to present the opposite view of the issue. Additionally, it makes the essay unbiased and objective. It is essential to demonstrate to the readers why the argument is more reliable than the opposing view. Nevertheless, the writer should avoid considering opposing views as wrong because, according to the format of an argumentative essay, they should be considered and reasonably refuted.


The conclusion is the last part of an argumentative essay. It provides a summary of the central topic of the work. The writer should restate the argument and the supporting evidence to remind the readers of the main points. However, students should keep in mind that the conclusion should not present new information or the evidence that was not previously mentioned in the essay. It would be advantageous not only to restate the thesis statement but also to demonstrate specific insights into the topic. Moreover, at the end of the paragraph, there is a concluding sentence that explains the readers the value of the provided argument. Additionally, the writer can mention further research that can be done on the topic according to the results of the work.

Post-Writing Tips

When a draft of an argumentative essay is finished, the writer needs to read it once again in order to check grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to the coherence and consistency of the work. The language should correspond to the academic level of the students. Correct punctuation and spelling are essential for a strong essay because proper grammar assists the writer in persuading the audience. For logical consistency, students may use transitional words, like ‘furthermore, additionally, accordingly, or nevertheless’ that help to keep the right flow of the valid argument.

The next step can be asking peers for an objective review of the essay. It would be helpful in terms of checking grammar, vocabulary, and content. The peers’ insights may assist in understanding whether the essay is written in a logical manner. Moreover, the reviewer can indicate the marketing terms or concepts that are not explained thoroughly enough. While rereading the paper out loud is an effective strategy to check whether the sentences make sense, and the structure is logical. The writer needs to self-check the essay for coherence by answering particular questions.
For instance, the questions that can indicate whether the essay is written correctly include:


  • Does the thesis statement of the work represent the issues that have been discussed?
  • Is the thesis statement clear and understandable?
  • Did I include relevant information that I found during the pre-writing process?
  • Is there enough supporting evidence for the central claim in each body paragraph?
  • Are there smooth transitions between the paragraphs?
  • Are the sources credible and cited properly?
  • Does the essay explain mentioned marketing terms and concepts?



The list of questions can vary depending on the topic of an essay.

It is also necessary to check the in-text citations, direct quotes, and the reference page. The writer should keep in mind that all quotes should be cited because, in the case of plagiarism, the essay cannot have good results. Properly formatted quotes allow the audience to find the information that the writer refers to in the paper. In addition, there is a need to check the formatting style, whether it corresponds to the professor’s requirements. The essay should be checked for widely-spread mistakes that are typical for an argumentative essay. For instance, the writer should avoid repetitions and use of similar points in different body paragraphs. Furthermore, there is a need to check whether the main subjects and the evidence are connected consistently.

The last significant step is to make a final version of an essay considering all the notes and changes. When the paper is ready, the writer can look through the essay and correct minor mistakes that were not observed previously. Accordingly, the essay can be submitted as soon as the writer has checked the final version of the work.

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