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Posted on October 7, 2019

What Is A Cause and Effect Essay?

The main goal of any cause and effect essay is to determine the cause of things, or, in other words, why things happened, and what happens afterward, or else, effects. The aim of the cause and effect essay is to explore all parts of the process and make sure that the audience is fully informed about the topic. It is assumed that the reader has some previous knowledge about the topic as the aim of the essay is not to inform the audience, but to analyze different factors and circumstances that led to the development of the subject and its outcomes. For this reason, cause and effect essay is usually written at the university and graduate level with the use of professional language and complex terminology. Additionally, the writer should have a deep understanding not only in the described sphere but also in the related areas of knowledge.

Choosing a Topic for a Cause and Effect Essay in Management

As a rule, topics of a cause and effect essays in management are quite complicated and cover advanced areas of management studies. It is wise to select a topic that will provide the audience with new insights about it or depict another angle of the issue. Some of the appropriate examples of a cause and effect essay in management include:

  • The Forces that Decide the Success or Failure of the Business in Market;
  • The Methods of Making a Business Compatible;
  • The Role of Product Marketing;
  • The Ways to Learn the Needs of the Customers;
  • Managing the Team in the Time of Crisis;
  • The Role of the Managers in the Growth and Development of the Company;
  • Research on the Requirements of the Product;
  • The Nature of Employees’ Motivation.

Pre-Writing Tips

If an instructor or a teacher did not provide a student with the topic, selecting an issue is one of the most significant steps of the prewriting process. While choosing a topic, there are a lot of details that need to be taken into consideration by the writer. First of all, the topic should be quite specific and precise. What is more, it would be better if the theme of the cause and effect essay remained narrow in order to allow the writer to pay attention to all the details while analyzing the problem. All in all, a student should choose a topic that he/she worked on before and has enough knowledge of to determine the reasons and predict possible outcomes of the issue. The essay should have a logical and understandable structure and provide the audience with a clear and coherent analysis of the topic.

As it was mentioned before, the writer should have a considerable knowledge of the topic he/she plans to write about, so there is no use of choosing an issue that does not interest the writer. Another thing that needs to be noted is that one should also avoid selecting a topic that was already well-covered by other people and there is an opportunity to learn about their findings on the Internet or in the library. It would be better to choose an issue that had little attention of the audience and present one’s thoughts and ideas about it. The best decision is to choose a topic that would be also interesting to the student’s colleagues and induce them to further discussion of the topic.

One should also consider the fact that management studies often present different or even contradictory theories regarding specific practices or approaches. As a result, backing up one’s suggestions about the theoretical aspects of the topic is essential. There is a need to place references to the specific authors and their theories in order to avoid confusion and provide the audience with more clarity about the problem in question.

The writer should also consider the target audience of the paper. The paper that is meant to be presented to the instructor has to be written in a different way in comparison with the essay that is written for a wider audience. Even if the writer has deep knowledge regarding the topic, it is important to provide some basic information and state the most important facts in order to make sure that the audience would be able to understand the further analysis of the cause and effects of the issue.

Every person approaches the writing process in different ways. While some students cannot go on without preparing a detailed outline, the others figure the structure of the essay in the process of writing. However, it is always better to create a thesis statement and the basic structure of the cause and effect essay before writing. One should look for reliable and credible sources that would be an evidence base for the claims. Additionally, one can write down as many relevant factors and points as possible to figure out the place of the particular topic on the larger scale of things. One can also think about the further development of the issue and write down a few possibilities and work on the one that would seem the most logical in the process of writing. Overall, the thorough and detailed research as a part of the prewriting process is the key factor of the well-written cause and effect essay in management.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay in Management

There are two ways of organizing cause and effect essay. The first approach is called the block model and consists of an introduction, the list of causes, transition sentence, the list of effects, and conclusion. The second one is called chain model. It starts with an introduction, the first cause and its effect, the second cause and its effect, and so on, which are followed by a conclusion. Both of these methods are quite effective; thus, it depends on the writer, which one works better for him/her.


A cause and effect essay in management starts with an introduction that should attract the attention of the audience and make people want to keep reading. The introduction should provide the basic facts and data about the topic, but, at the same time, it should not be too general. All in all, the reader has to receive the background information from the introduction before diving into the topic itself.

An introduction of a cause and effect essay in management is usually followed by the thesis statement. The thesis statement of cause and effect essay slightly differs from the essays of other kinds. The main goal of the thesis statement is to demonstrate why it is important to learn about the causes and effects of the issue. While being understandable and clear, the thesis statement should also represent the significance of the topic to one who explores management studies. The thesis statement has to represent the writer’s opinion regarding the topic after the conducted research.

The body paragraphs of the cause and effects essay in management may be organized in the two different ways as it was mentioned before. Regardless of the method chosen, the body paragraphs should be informative and logically organized. Each of the body paragraphs has to start with a topic sentence that would introduce the cause or the effect that would be discussed in it. Additionally, every part of the main body should support some aspect of the thesis statement, and they cannot contradict the thesis statement.

Each of the body paragraphs is dedicated to different cause or effect of the discussed issue. It is better to discuss only one fact or statement in one paragraph rather than include many facts and data. There is a need to note that the claim of each cause and effect in the essay has to be properly cited. In order to support a claim, one should use supporting details from outside evidence. Outside evidence includes different books, peer-reviewed articles, and other relevant and credible sources. Thus, one should pay extra attention while searching for credible sources as cause and effect essay in management requires the use, analysis, and comparison of various sources of information.

Finally, each of the body paragraphs should have a connection with a thesis statement that has to be explained via the main claims and supporting evidence. The body paragraph should provide an explanation of the cause or effect and illustrate its relation to the topic. Each of the body paragraphs of the cause and effect essay ends with a summary of the presented information and contains a transition to the next body paragraph.

The last part of the cause and effect essay in management is its conclusion. A conclusion of cause and effect essay in management summarizes all of the causes and effects of the presented topic that were discussed in the main part of the paper. Additionally, the writer restates the thesis statement with an addition of some insights or aspects that were left out in the first place but were gained after the conducted research.

Post-Writing Tips

After the draft of the cause and effect essay in management is ready, there is still a lot of work to do. Firstly, it is important to check the paper for vocabulary, grammar, and coherence of the essay. All of the grammar mistakes, such as punctuation and spelling, should be corrected. One should make sure that the used language and terminology is appropriate, and the topic is delivered in a clear way. The structure of the essay has to be logical, and the points should be presented one by one, allowing the audience to follow the writer’s thoughts. Smooth transitions and logical arguments are the key factors of a successful paper.

After the writer read his/her essay several times, it would be wise to ask one of the colleagues to read it and give his/her unbiased opinion. Another student would be able to see some minor mistakes that remained unnoticed. Additionally, the writer would be able to make some changes and improvements according to the peer’s feedback. The feedback from another person would allow the writer to understand whether the essay is well-explained, and all of the ideas make sense.

At this point, there are a few steps left that would allow one to have a quality cause and effect essay in management. Giving an answer to the further questions would allow him/her to understand whether there is still a need to improve the essay:

  • Does the thesis statement reflect the content of the paper?
  • Were all of the main causes and effects of the topic discussed in the paper?
  • Is the paper written in a clear and understandable way?
  • Does the paper contain smooth and appropriate transitions?
  • Was the writing checked for punctuation and grammar mistakes?
  • Were the main points backed up with the strong supporting evidence from credible and reliable sources?
  • Was the research conducted thorough enough and was the information properly analyzed?

This list is approximate and may be extended depending on the specific topic of the essay.
The writer should also pay attention to some wide-spread mistakes while proofreading the essay. One of the common mistakes of the essays in management is making a statement without providing a reference to a specific theory or concept. The management studies consist of a lot of models and approaches that often contradict each other, and there is a need to note to what theory the writer is appealing to.

After all of the changes are made, and the writer is sure that he/she did his/her best, the draft of the cause and effect essay in management may be transformed into a final version. After the final version is ready, it would be useful to give it a final look to track down the minor mistakes if there are such.

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