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Posted on January 30, 2020

Studying management means learning how to understand people’s behavior in various companies, as well as the nature of leadership, influence and power. Whether someone is going to head his own company, become an entrepreneur, work in the private business sector or be self-employed, he or she has to be good in managements in order to become successful in the chosen area. Writing an article review in management requires you to do two things – a summary and evaluation of work written by someone else. College and university professors usually want their students to write article review in order to introduce them to the words of management professionals. Besides, management experts are also asked to evaluate and review the words written by their colleagues in the field.

Knowing what the main arguments and points of an article review in management are will help you to produce an accurate and understandable summation. Careful estimating, logical evaluation of the central points, supporting arguments and suggestions for future research are integral elements of the article review. Together with our professional colleagues in the world of management, we have sorted out some guidelines that you can use in the process of writing to provide you with professional management assignment help.

Think About the Way of Review Organization

Before you check your article and start reading it, you have to do your best in order to understand how the work you will review will be arranged. Thus, you will get the idea of how you should read it and, in the end, to write a detailed review. The article review in management will be organized in the following way:

  • Sum up the article. Set your focus on the crucial things like claims, points, etc.
  • Talk about the positive issues of the work that you review. Discuss his or her good points, meaningful points of view and insightful observations.
  • Find all the gaps, contradictions, and errors in the article’s text. Decide if there is enough information or research done to support the claims of the author. If there are any questions needing answers, highlight them to use it in your review.

Check the Article Quickly

Start by checking the title, the introduction, the abstract, the research, the headings, the sub-headings, the conclusion, and so on. At this time, you have to also read some of the article paragraphs in order to see what the main arguments of the author are. Then proceed to reading the article entirely.

When you do it the first time, you have to see the general picture. In other words, you’re just figuring out the overall argument and look for the point that the author makes.

  • Management is the field that includes a great number of terms and definitions, which means you will have to make note of all the things that you meet in the article, but do not understand. If you wonder what ‘Capability Maturity Model’ or ‘cost-benefit analysis’ is – make certain to look for their definitions in the dictionary.

Read the Article Attentively

This time you will have to do it closely. Take a highlighter in order to highlight the most important issues, and use a pen to take notes in the process. Highlight the central points that the author made in the article together with the supporting arguments. Be careful and don’t highlight every other sentence. All you need is the main information.
Now that you have finished your reading, try to connect the information from the article to what you already know about management. Try to remember what your professor discussed in class or any other articles that you saw before. Is the article that you’re reviewing different or similar to what you’ve read before? Does it disagree or agree with what you already know?
At this moment, you have to make certain that you understand the central message of the article and its meaning. The fact is that without full understanding of the article you won’t be able to write a thorough and detailed review.

Evaluate the Article in Your Own Words

Use the freewriting technique in order to put the article using your own words. Consider the research, the arguments, as well as the claims that the author of the work makes. Be accurate when you write down all the main points.

Leave the editing and reviewing for later. And do not include your personal points of view. At this moment you are just restating what is written in the article. When you see the summarized text of the article, decide which parts of it you’re going to review in your paper. For example, if you’re writing a review for an article ‘Models of risk management in organizations’ written by Marzena Bac (PhD, Department of Real Estate and Insurance), you can focus on the theoretic presentation of the risk management process, the interpretation of the most common methods, the positive consequences of setting the risk management by the company or the problems that are usually associated with the practical implementation of the basic methods for risk management. Without a doubt, you can address all the main points of the article, but you have also an opportunity to review some particular issues.
Make sure to eliminate all unimportant parts or information that might confuse your readers. This summary will be used as the foundation for the summary that you will write at the beginning of the article review.

Think of Your Title

No matter what title you would like to choose for your article review in management, ensure it reflects the review focus. At this time, you will have to decide if you want to work with a descriptive, declarative or interrogative topic.

Cite the Article

Right after the title, you have to provide the citation of the article using appropriate style. Under your citation, you should start your review. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t skip a line between your citation and the review’s first sentence.

  • For instance, in MLA, you might provide your citation in the following way: Strauss, A. “The Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research.” Arizona Quarterly 50.3 (2015): 198-47. Print.

Identify the Written Work That You’re Reviewing

In the first paragraph, you should start writing your article review in management by referring to the written work and its author, the year when the article was published, and the journal title. For instance: The article, ‘Importance of Accounting and Financial Management,’ was written by Christopher Mackeson, PhD of Harvard University.

Provide the Introduction Paragraph

The introduction of the article review will include the main themes of the work together with the claims and arguments of the writer. Write down the thesis of the author. If it consists of several points, don’t worry and provide them all. Don’t hope to see a clearly defined thesis statement in your article. It is your task to figure it out. Write the thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Summarizing the Article

In your summary, you will have to express the central arguments, points and results of the article. But you have to do that using your own words, checking your summary for help. Demonstrate how exactly the author supports the claims that he or she makes. Write down the conclusions of the author. You can cover that information in a couple of paragraphs. However, the length of your summary will depend on your professor’s demands.

Give the Critique

Tell your readers how well the article author covers the topic. Give your personal point of view on whether the written work is well researched, clear and useful when it comes to the topic. Your critique is the very essence of your review. Think about the general contribution of the author’s work to the area of management, as well as of its importance to management. Take into account the main points and arguments, and evaluate them one after another. Do his or her points and arguments help the arguments? Are there any biases? Do you agree with the author of the article? If yes or if no, make sure to provide the reasons why. Finish your critique by mentioning what type of audience could benefit from this written work.

  • Make sure to support your critique with the help of the evidence taken from either the article that you review or other written works in management.
  • The summary part that you write is crucial for the critique. Your job is to make the argument of the author as clear as possible to guarantee that your evaluation will sound right.
  • Keep in mind that you’re not supposed to say what you personally think about the article in this section. All you have to do is to assess the importance and relevance of the work.
  • Provide each opinion with a topic sentence and the arguments that support it. For instance, in the first sentence of the opinion section, you might address the fact that social media management can drastically improve results in business, followed by a couple of sentences that go into detail about the importance of the point.

Finish Your Review

In the last paragraph of the article review, the writer is required to conclude the paper. In this part, you have to summarize the article’s key points together with providing your points of view regarding its accuracy, importance and clearness. If possible, you might also want to provide some of your suggestions for the future research in the area of management. If, for example, you were reviewing the article “The Challenges Facing Management Today and Tomorrow” , you might mention that the managers will have to develop more planning strategies, while the future changes in the world economy will make managers introduce new philosophies in order to stay afloat in the brutal economic competition of the global marketplace.

Keep in mind that the conclusion part should take 10% of your overall review.
Check the example of the conclusion for an article review in management: ‘This critical review has evaluated the article ‘Knowledge Management – Just More Buzzwords?’ by Joseph Tan. The central theme of the article shows the presence of argumentative writing with solid supporting details and the absence of misinformation, bias and prejudice. These points strengthen the author’s arguments and boost his credibility’.

Reread Your Article Review & Proofread It

When you can say that you are done with the writing process, it is time to put your paper aside, and wait a little. Then get back to your article review again and reread it. Make sure to scan your paper in order to find all word usage, grammar, style and punctuation mistakes. Cut off all irrelevant and unneeded information that might confuse your professor.

When you’re done with the proofreading, look through your article review once again to make sure that you have identified and reviewed up to four key issues in the article. If your writing style formal? It is important to use the third-person and follow both the existing writing standards and the instructions given by your school.

We hope that with this simple guide, you will be able to produce the best article review.

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