Lady Macbeth Essay

Posted on April 29, 2009

Also I get the picture that nothing will stop Lady Macbeth since she dreams of being Queen and she will achieve it. When Macbeth returns from battle she’s all over him, and telling him what she wants to do, telling us the audience that she’s in control over her Macbeth relationship. Once King Duncan arrives for his visit Lady Macbeth turns into the perfect hostess she’s polite courteous and completely different to how we saw her previous telling us she can change her personality easily. In these scenes Duncan calls her ‘fair and noble hostess’ where as the scene before Lady Macbeth has been plotting to kill Duncan.

In Act 1 Scene 7 we get to see Lady Macbeth in control, determined and I wondered did the evil sprits really turn her? This particular scene I remember when I saw the video of Macbeth because it showed her bossy point demanding, evil al the things a women shouldn’t be. Lady Macbeth says in this scene to Macbeth ‘was the hope drunk’ exclaiming you made me a promise how dare you change your mine, ‘art thou afeard’ meaning you coward your afraid showing that she isn’t he’s weak. Also Lady Macbeth says something which leaves a question in my mind did she have a young child and it past a way or not? She says she’s given suck and she plucked her nipple from his boneless gums. Then she carries on persuading Macbeth until she gets what she wants mc to say he’ll kill King Duncan so she can get her dream.

Lady Macbeth next appears in Act 2 Scene 3 when Macbeth enters with two ‘bloody daggers’ after killing King Duncan, suddenly for a second but I noticed it on the video she got sacred which was showed when she spoke in short sentences then suddenly Lady Macbeth is in charge again ‘give me the daggers’ imposing if your scared I’ll do it. Then in the video we see her bossing him around like he was a child. I found this scene particularly interesting to watch because it per traded each Lady Macbeth in to two ways in power and a scared and it was acted well so you could feel the tension there must have been between them at this moment.

In Act 3 Scene 3 King Duncan’s body is discovered. We discover not only is Lady Macbeth evil and persuasive she’s a good liar and actress too. She shows as this with the surprise tone of him being found in ‘what our house?’ ‘Help me hence’ then follows by fainting, but I wonder was this on purpose or did she really faint which I’m not sure of and the video didn’t tell me that either.

When we next see Lady Macbeth in Act 3 Scene 3 she has her dream she’s queen but she doesn’t seem happy. She seems distraught scared and anxious, but never less she covers for her husband when he has his visions of Banquo and uses her skills of a liar to cover the real reason of why Macbeth is saying Banquo is there but isn’t. The next scene we see Lady Macbeth in is the most dramatic and when I saw it on the video it looked weird, the tensions was and Lady Macbeth looked a mess. Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking she’s having a nightmare of the night king Duncan was killed. ‘Yes here’s a spot’ which is indicating to the blood on her hands from the daggers and she said this a few times more ‘the thane of fife had a wife. Where is she now?’ saying Macbeth killed the Macduffs, there gone. ‘Here the smell of blood still’ which shows in her eyes she will never be free of what she had done which in the video shows her scrubbing and scrubbing her hands.

Finally Lady Macbeth kills her self by jumping off her balcony showing how distraught she really was.

In Act 5 Scene 9 Lady Macbeth is called a ‘fiend-like queen’ but is she really deep down I think Lady Macbeth was a kind gentle person but had a ambition and would do anything to make it happen a it had consciences because it cost her her life and made her unhappy for her last months alive and this was shown in the video by how she looked and the acts she put on.

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