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Posted on January 10, 2019

Introduction: General Concepts of International Trade Essay

Student tasked with an International Trade essay will get acquainted with an interesting sphere, which has an extremely long history and became a starting point for the establishment of international relations. The development of international trade started with the implementation of the barter system and was used by traders from different countries. These people were exchanging various products including food, jewelry, clothes, and precious stones. In the Middle Ages, various trading paths like the Silk Road were established in different regions. Ancient trade contacts are still being maintained by modern states, and support economic development promoting the powerful position of every separate state in the global system. In fact, the sphere of International Trade is a significant area of state activity that brings profit and provides more sustainability for economies.

Generally speaking, an International Trade essay is aimed at analysis of the specific case connected to the market relations between countries, and transnational corporations. International trade is an extremely interesting sphere because it is one of the most active and developed areas of interstate cooperation. International trade is considered by various theoretical concepts and is practically evaluated as a significant aspect of domestic state affairs. While writing an International Trade essay, you will have an opportunity to analyze specific cases that appear within the International Trade market. This guarantees to discover various interconnections and regularities that are basic for modern trading activity.

Every student should follow a set of specific requirements of an academic writing style: specific language, appropriate sources, the proper structure of an essay, and the representation of relevant arguments. Plus, it is necessary to pay attention to the statistics, domestic economy data of particular countries, analysis of various markets, and accurate budget information. The student should read and analyze a significant amount of academic reports, economic researches, and other scientific data to complete an accurate analysis of International Trade case. Every student should realize the difficulties of such work and all the challenges s/he is expected to face during the work on the academic paper. This international trade essay writing guide presents effective techniques for analysis of International Trade case and useful tips for writing an essay or report.

Choose the Particular Issue in the Field of International Trade

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As a rule, the topic of your essay and the task itself is offered by the professor. S/he provides detailed instructions on how to work on the particular task and guidelines regarding writing an essay. In case you have to choose the topic by yourself, you should follow several tips to make it simply and quickly. The main rule in choosing an issue for academic research is its topicality and importance in modern conditions. Of course, the topic can be related to a specific historical event or period in the past, but in such a case, it should be somehow important for the modern economic situation of the particular country. The second tip for choosing an object of the study is your interest in the topic. It will be simpler and more interesting to study the aspect of International Trade that you know very well and are interested in. In case you have difficulties in choosing the topic of the essay, you can contact your teacher or professor for advice.

A skill of choosing an interesting scientific topic for research is extremely essential for every student. It depends on personal interests, the requirements of the instructor, and also on the subject of the research. There are several useful tips on how to choose the International Trade essay topic successfully:

  • Active Brainstorming. The student has to analyze the course and his or her background knowledge regarding the main concepts of the subject. It is significant to look through course books, or professor’s presentation to find the most interesting and topical aspect. The student should brainstorm several possible variants and create a list of essay topics. It will be more comfortable to choose a topic from such a list.
  • Choosing Literature. This stage is crucial because the literature itself is the basis that you can build your research and writing on. Sources for research should be easy to read, understand, and implement in an International Trade essay. Finally, the student should make us of the source that is credible and relevant to the topic of the research.
  • Check the Sources Availability. In case the student uses online sources, it is important to download the text or ensure that sources are available. This helps to choose sources that are easy to operate and incorporate in the academic work.
  • Narrow Down Your Topic. Make the topic of your research more specific and detailed. Thus, you’ll stay focused and consider the necessary aspects of the research exclusively. Think about the topic in general and define more or less significant issues in it. This will help to make the topic more narrow.

Here is a list of topics possible to use when writing an International Trade essay:

  • Institutional Quality, Trade, and Growth Trade Facilitation;
  • The Negative Impacts Faced by the UK after Not Joining Euro;
  • Gender Inequality and Trade;
  • Trade and Transportation Costs;
  • Misconceptions Prevailing in the Global Trading Sector;
  • The Extensive and Intensive Margin of Trade;
  • Potential Solutions to the Challenges Faced While Carrying Business with the Neighboring Countries.

Planning & Pre-writing Activities to Get You Thinking

Choice of Information and Sources

Referring to the previous statement, the choice of information is one of the most important stages of an International Trade essay writing. This step helps to evaluate the general picture of the case and decide what aspects are the most interesting and significant. Surf through different databases and compare the reliability of the information provided. Read and analyze the particular source to get background knowledge necessary for writing the International Trade essay. One more essential step of getting ready to write a final essay lies in discovering the statistical data and information about partners in the sphere of the International Trade. This data should refer to GDP of chosen countries, their financial debt, and purchase capacity. Plus, the variety of possible sources for the International Trade essay is quite extensive because it includes different official reports, journal articles, scientific researches, and analytical articles. Using exclusively reliable and credible sources is a must. Be attentive to the reputation of the author, date of publication, and information represented in the text.

Plan Every Single Step You’ll Take in the Process of Writing

Writing a plan of the essay can make the whole process quick and straightforward. First of all, a plan will create the general structure of the essay and depict a sequence of actions in the research. This plan will provide a student with an understanding of interconnections between various aspects of the topic and will show weak issues that require more attention. The plan will also help to preserve a logical structure of the essay and remember the central issue to answer to avoid unnecessary information. Secondly, a significant part of the essay writing is about the creation of the thesis statement as an integral component of the plan. Besides, the thesis statement is a core issue in the analysis of the essay. This sentence shows some specific assumption to prove, the idea to develop, or controversy to argue. It helps the reader to understand the direct aim of the essay and decide if it would be interesting and necessary for the enrichment of personal knowledge. Thirdly, the creation of the essay plan will help to form the set of research methods and writing strategies. Specifically, one can use such means of information like description, comparisons, or analysis in an International Trade essay representation. Proper planning will help to develop a timetable of the working process and use time wisely. Finally, the paper can be added with a detailed outline of the general essay structure. Conventionally, an International Trade essay includes the following parts:

  • a title page set in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate paper format;
  • an abstract (in case it is required);
  • an introduction that presents background and includes a thesis statement;
  • the main body that provides for three or more paragraphs describing the main ideas of an International Trade essay;
  • the description of methodological basis and materials used for research;
  • the findings, or the primary results of the study;
  • the conclusions;
  • the page with references.

Such structure of the essay can be changed to meet the requirements of the professor, and additional parts can be successfully supplied in the outline.

The Structure of the International Trade Essay

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One of the most critical aspects of an International Trade essay writing is the selection of an interesting and attractive title. It’s the title of the essay that will attract the attention of the reader and convince to read your academic work. In fact, there are several tips on how to choose a perfect title for the essay.

First, the title should correspond to the content of the essay and represent the general aim of it. Chose the topic that would help the reader to understand the subject of the study and realize its role in the sphere of the International Trade. Secondly, provide a clear title without using obscure and trivial words or phrases. Remember that you are working on academic work, and it is obligatory to use formal language. Thirdly, the topic of the essay should be relatively informative and provide the audience with information regarding the data discussed in the essay, explored period, or events analyzed in the text. Finally, you should avoid using the question as a title of the essay because this kind of titles mainly refers to an informal style of writing. Using this title in the International Trade essay means that your paper may not be evaluated as relevant academic work.

The second significant aspect of an International Trade essay writing refers to the use of transitional words in the body paragraphs. Such words and phrases will help to establish a structure of the paper and create interconnections between different issues. With the help of such structures, the paper will be more gathered and stylistically appropriate. Transitional words will make the text easy to read and understand because it establishes a sequence of ideas and results. Finally, it is essential to pay attention to the conclusions because all findings and discoveries are represented there. You should restate a thesis of the essay in other words to show the central aspect of the whole research. The student should not repeat all main ideas word by word. Instead, one should generally depict the results of the study. In the final section, the author shows if s/he proved or found any mistake in the thesis statement idea.

Post-writing Tips: The Last Tip from Our Writers

After writing the full text of the essay, it is necessary to proofread it and search for plagiarism. Check all used citations and their correspondence to the arguments of the paper. Pay attention to the structure of the essay, its formatting, and the use of grammar constructions. Correct all mistakes and misspellings to pass a perfect academic paper. Finally, read the paper once more to understand if it sounds well and whether your target readers will enjoy
reading it as well.


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