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Posted on September 30, 2013

Students are expected to write an excellent 500-word college essay for their admissions on a topic that is personal to the student. It is a situation where there are very high stakes for the student. That is a situation that would put any student under immense pressure, but here are some tips that can make your job easier by helping you find good essay topics.

There are wide degrees of opinions regarding what is regarded as a good essay topic, although some students feel that a personal statement is a very easy task. This is incorrect and if you think that, you are going to be in trouble. The topic that has been chosen need not necessarily be a unique topic that a person has never come across before.

There are people who claim that it is not wise to write about your family, or past experiences, or unfortunate incidents, which is again incorrect. The only area that should be forbidden is persistent self-promotion and the portrayal of oneself as super human and exceptional. However, it is not that simple to come up with an impressive essay topic, but there are a few elements that an essay writer needs t include.

The first is the comprehension of the boundary of the assignment. This is to make sure that the essay is constructed in such a way that it appeals to the audience, or whoever is supposed to read the essay. Hence, in order to create such a link with the audience, the essay writer needs to make sure that an interesting story is told which is true, and that shows you are a considerate person, and someone who deserves a place in college. As long as you succeed in achieving this, you can keep your hopes high.

Secondly, students need to realize the restraints as they only have 500 words to use for the essay so there is enough space to tell each detail regarding an activity you did for society, therefore; the story can be told only briefly and it is better that you explain the crux, or the purpose, of the story within a limited word count. This might include a story when you volunteered to help clear a landslide during a trip, which would show that the student is generous and willing to help others, therefore likely topics should begin to come forward when you think about your experiences and the topic would take shape.

Finally, you should ask yourself questions such as ‘what interests me?’, ‘what keeps me awake during the night?’, ‘which relationships are most dear to me?’ etc, once you have a decent idea regarding the limitations that are associated with the assignment. Once the list has been written, place it to one side and return to look at them later. By then you should see which topic is most appealing and consider writing on that topic. Therefore, every student is able to come up with an interesting story, however; one should invest some time to discover exactly what story that is. If you need help with college essay writing from experts, just visit

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