Getting Started on a Human Resources Essay: A Comprehensive Guide

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Posted on December 26, 2018

A well-chosen personnel is one of the most fundamental factors that determine the success of a company or organization. Therefore, the right human resources are critical to the full company’s development. Most qualified HR specialists are called strategic partners with good reason. Get familiar with the role of a strategic business partner from the Ensight Business Report presented by a management consultant. Without any doubt, essays are often assigned to investigate the crucial points of this sphere such as human resources. It is essential to know how to reward employees, conduct and plan the workspace, and other staff activities such as hiring, motivating, assessing and promoting.

The main task for a writer that deals with a human resources essay is to define a topic among a broad set of variants. Besides, this topic should be aimed at developing, evaluating, summarizing, or analyzing the significant points of the HR field that is high-demand today. In fact, the mentioned crucial factors of HR focus on the successful implementation of particular policies within a firm, working relationships between employees and administration, and applying the achievement of other spheres of professional management for increasing the efficiency inside a company. Also, the goal of the human resources essay is to establish the significance of the role of HR in the business evolution and provide the base for the further discussions or even pieces of research.

The Choice of Topics on Human Resources Is Wide for You

The human resources management is a broad field of study with a variety of topics and subtopics to discuss. In fact, the topic choice on human resources can be a complicated task having the array of variants at hand. One of the helping factors that serves as the starting point in writing an HR essay is to establish the primary concepts of this area that interest you as a researcher. Moreover, it is crucial to understand that human resources can be subdivided and classified into the set of various sub-topics such as:

  • Principles of Human Resources Management;
  • The Structure Of Human Resources;
  • Responsibilities of HR Specialists;
  • Human Resources Values, Goals, Examples,
  • and other possible issues for a good choice of essay topics.

Furthermore, human resources management is often a subject of the case study investigation that provides another option for choosing a topic for its reflection in an essay. The variety of new emerging methods and techniques in HR management allows investigating every method and technique in detail based on a particular application to any given situation. Thus, writing about the negative and beneficial instances of human resources with an example of real existing firms is another way to approach a comprehensive HR paper. In fact, the exemplifying way of essay writing provides the broader base for realizing the potential of a good HR management that results in beneficial result not only for a company but career prospects of people in the human resources management sphere.

However, sometimes, the broadness of the human resources management sphere may dazzle a writer and distract from the correct course regarding writing a comprehensive, adequate essay. Moreover, not all the topics in HR are suitable for an essay format. Some of them require to be mentioned in, for instance, specific case studies. Some of them are based on the hypothetical concepts that may bring different results during the research process. Keep in mind the golden rule: no HR research is written without credible background information. Otherwise, it cannot provide the beneficial knowledge for the audience. Here are some solid examples of topics titles:

  • Why is Human Resources Management Significant for Business Today?
  • The Comparison of HR Strategies in the Opposite Business Companies
  • 5 Primary Principles of Successful Human Resources Management
  • The Structure of Human Resources in a Successful Company
  • How to Become an HR Specialist Today?
  • An Analysis of the Most Successful Human Resources Strategies
  • 5 HR Techniques to Use in the Modern Workplace
  • How Do the Human Resources Management Change over Time?
  • The Summary of the Latest Human Resources Studies
  • Links of Human Resources to Other Types of Management
  • The Most Widespread Challenges of HR Management
  • Adjusting the Human Resources Policies within a Firm to Labor Laws
  • Top Challenges of Wage Agreement for an HR Specialist

How to Get Prepared for Human Resources Essay Writing: Our Experts Know

The first factor of good Human Resources essay writing is the proper establishment of the central research question. This is the one that an essay writer should answer during the writing process. In fact, a human resources essay should have a primary argument that you as a writer will try to convey, prove, and evolve for the possible further discussion. Further, after realizing what the essay question and the primary argument are, you should concentrate on the supportive ideas that will prove the trustworthiness of essay writing. Moreover, the most compelling way of supporting an idea is providing a credible piece of research, study, survey, or other supporting literature helping to convey the main point of the essay.

An essay, as every type of academic paper, needs to be aimed at a particular audience. Thus, it is critical to adjust a piece of writing for a possible reader regarding the writing style, vocabulary, and other factors such as involvement in the actual human resources management that will affect the final perception of the paper. Finally, the example of a poorly constructed human resources essay is a vague ultimate goal of the article, overuse of the HR terminology, and not structuralized writing that fails to concentrate the attention of the audience and convey some idea or concept to a reader.

The following steps will guide you as a writer in writing a comprehensive human resources essay:

  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your field of study and corresponds to your academic interest;
  • Establish the final goal of paper writing – to inform, describe, analyze or persuade;
  • Develop the essay question the answer to which you will put in the logical conclusion;
  • Do enough research on an issue from the reliable sources of information;
  • Come up with an outline for your essay before starting writing it;
  • Do not plagiarize and remember about academic integrity;
  • Cite the sources correctly;
  • Proofread an essay on grammar and spelling mistakes.

Remember that all these points can help to enrich the final paper with the advantageous structural elements or to guide through the difficulties of writing a really good essay on Human Resources.

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The Structure to Follow in a Human Resources Essay

You should write in accordance with the typical essay structure that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. To follow the mentioned structural organization is crucial for conveying the compelling arguments and providing a comprehensive review of an issue or concepts. Moreover, outlining the structure of the future human resources essay will make your writing smoother and more natural along with reading and understanding of the information for the audience.

Further, it is essential to remember the main principles of academic writing no matter the area of investigation or the topic within it. In fact, you as a writer have a complex task of conveying an idea, providing concepts, and structuralizing the form of the writing at the same time. Thus, you should choose the final type of the future essay and search for its correct representation on the credible sources of academic writing help such as Purdue Online Writing Lab or any other source.


The first paragraph of an essay disregarding the matter of the topic is an introduction. Thus, creating an appealing introductory paragraph is the essential task for you as a good writer because the words in this part are first that a reader sees and those can attract him or her for the further reading or discourage from it. Moreover, the opening sentences of the paper represent its critical information and establish a writing style of an essay and a tone of a writer. In fact, several human resources essay tips can help you to construct a successful introduction.

  • Every paper needs an attention-getter (a phrase, sentence, idea, question, or other writing phenomena) that attracts the attention of a reader by standing out with the uniqueness or controversial, debatable nature.
  • You should provide a background for your essay writing. Remember that there are some cases when an audience may not be familiar with the concepts that are in your paper (not only professors will read your essay). So the establishment of the basics of the issue or primary arguments of the writing is a necessary part of an introductory paragraph. In fact, it is useful to add some information or experience to an essay for making it more trustworthy and directly cooperating with a potential reader.

Furthermore, as was mentioned before, the introduction can repel the audience from reading the paper further. In fact, the example of a poorly-constructed introductory paragraph is the vague establishment of the main issue, misuse of the linking words and phrases for the better flow of the thoughts, and ignorance of the significance of a thesis statement, which is a crucial part of the first part of an essay.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph that introduces the primary argument or the essay question to a reader. It acts as the core idea of the paper. Moreover, the construction of the comprehensive and narrow thesis statement is an essential part of academic writing, and that can be easily destroyed. The following examples are of the poor thesis statements:

  • Human Resources management is essential for a firm;
  • HR strategy of Apple is better than one of Samsung;
  • The main principles of human resources management are staffing, rewards, and planning a workplace.

These examples are vague and not debatable. The thesis statement should not generally be agreed upon but show the one point of view that will be supported in further writing and proven in the end.

The next examples are of accurate and debatable thesis statements:

  • What some people refer to as efforts of stakeholders and investors as the primary factors of Apple’s success is nothing more than a comprehensive human resources management.
  • The personal techniques of the Microsoft Human Resources Committee are the defining aspects of its success over Apple.
  • Instead of focusing on the classification of structure Human Resources management, it is critical to investigate how those structural units cooperate and act in a firm’s development.

Body Paragraphs

There is no specific number of body paragraphs. However, the majority of writers may use the standard structure comprised of three main paragraphs. Also, you should remember that each section should represent a supporting idea and start with a topic sentence that indicates the concept for the following paragraph. Moreover, the structure of three body paragraphs can be demonstrated on the mentioned possible topics, for instance, the one with the classification of human resources where three supporting ideas can describe how three principles of HR affect the development of a company. In contrast, if you link the topic of the paper to the personal background or experience in the introductory paragraph, each following one on the body can demonstrate each supporting idea with the same linkage to the real life.


The last paragraph of an essay is critical for the successful implementation of the idea of the writing into the minds of the audience. In fact, the conclusion is a summary of the whole essay. Moreover, the outcome should essentially restate the thesis statement, and review each supporting point that would strengthen the argument. Remember not to infiltrate the concluding paragraph with the new ideas or concepts. Finally, with the help of transitions, the flow of the summary and the final overview of the main principles of the essay should go smoothly with the establishment of a final thought in the discussion.

3 Additional Aspects of Good Essay Writing

The first factor that you as a writer should understand is that the readability of the paper is the critical element of a reader’s perception. In fact, making an essay easy to follow is to make the length of paragraphs no more than two hundred words. The whole writing should be logical with the transition from one idea to another. The supportive concepts provide assistance by strengthening the understanding of the thesis statement by the audience. Moreover, the number of sentences in paragraphs should be more or less equal to the minimum of three per section that takes the four lines. Finally, you should remember to organize the writing around the thesis statement that is the core of the essay and its driving idea.

1. The Correct Usage of the Information Sources

Yes, an essay needs to have the additional sources for supporting the points in the paper. In fact, as was mentioned before, you should remember about the academic integrity and honesty that should not allow you to plagiarize. Thus, using the ideas of other people is normal but if only those are correctly cited and referenced. Further, researching a background of the issue will provide a necessary inside for you and give the advantage in writing an essay. Finally, there is a variety of different Internet bases that can assist with the search of credible studies or pieces of research on human resources management. The following are just a few examples of such web sources:

  • Taylor and Francis Online;
  • Research Gate;
  • Emerald Insight, etc.

2. Referencing in a Proper Way

As for referencing of the additional sources in an essay and formatting it accordingly, there is a variety of styles and formats that assist in adjusting the proper look for academic writing. The mentioned examples are MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and others. However, one of the most widespread styles is MLA that will ideally suit for the needs of a human resources essay. The primary rules of this format are the four lines on the first page (name, instructor, course, date) following by the topic name with center alignment and the ‘Works Cited’ page. The style for referencing is the following one:

  • Author’s Name. Publication Name. Publication Information (edition, volume, issue, publisher). Year of publication.

3. Proofreading and Editing

The last stage of writing an academic paper is proofreading that finalizes the writing and makes it ready to be seen by a potential audience – your instructor. You should check the variety of factors before submitting an essay, for instance:

  • The logical flow of ideas,
  • The validity of the thesis statement,
  • The correct order of the supporting concepts,
  • The use of relevant examples,
  • The cooperation with the used sources,
  • Grammar and spelling, etc.

Also, feedback is a critical part of the essay editing because it gives the viewpoint that differs from the perception of a writer of this particular essay. In fact, giving your paper to a friend, family member, supervision professor to read is a necessary step in finalizing the writing. Finally, as for the grammar and spelling mistakes, you should proofread the paper several times and use one of the varieties available on the Internet that can assist with the overall quality.

Hopefully, this human resources essay guide will significantly help you with writing a good essay on Human Resources. After all, you can ease your mind a little bit on this challenging procedure.

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