How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay in Human Resources Management

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Posted on September 22, 2020

Cause and effect is popular way to organize information in different texts, including academic papers in human resources management. This type of writing requires that students use strong analytical and critical thinking skills to take in-depth look at some chains of events, phenomena or issues to determine why they happened and what their outcomes can be. If that sounds too challenging for you, read our easy writing guide where we discuss all aspects of writing cause and effect essays in HR management. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to organize the writing process when working on such a complicated assignment. Besides, we’ll give you 15 interesting essay topics that you can use for writing your own cause and effect papers. If you face problems with other types of academic assignments, browse through our website to find useful full guides to all writing assignments out there.

What Is Cause and Effect Essay in Human Resources Management?

A course in human resources management covers all essential aspects of business strategies and activities related to the primary asset of any organization – its employees. The purpose of writing a cause and effect essay in HR management is to demonstrate your understanding of how employee recruitment, training, compensation, and other activities can help businesses in improving organizational performance and achieving their strategic goals.

Cause and effect essays explain reasons why some processes, events or phenomena happen or the effects of something. You need to discover relationships between different things and explain those connections in a meaningful way.

You can structure such type of essays in different ways.

  • You can give reasons why something happened and explain what caused a specific effect.
  • You can explain the results of a specific action and explain the effects of the cause.

When writing a cause and effect essay in human resources management, you need to determine a scenario in which one action resulted in certain effects. Then you should analyze the situation and explain what actually happened and why. In this way, you can discover patterns. For example, you may take such a phenomenon as a gender pay gap and explain the reasons why it exists in different countries.

When planning your essay, you need to think about 2 strategic points:

  • Whether you are going to explore causes or effects or both
  • How you are going to present the causes or the effects – from most important to least important or vice versa.

Besides, you’ll need to decide which causes or effects you are going to discuss in your paper, considering its word count. In a short essay, it’s practically impossible to address all the causes and the effects of big events and serious issues so you’ll need to tackle only the main ones.

Choosing a Good Topic for a Cause and Effect Essay

It’s always better to write about something you are interested in. Writing a good essay takes time and effort but you are more likely to enjoy doing it if you are passionate about your essay subject. You can choose from a variety of interesting topics concerning such areas as employee engagement and motivation, labor relations, training and learning, organization development, and development of beneficial workplace culture. To help you get started, here we have a short list of powerful cause and effect essay topic ideas in human resources management. Feel free to use any of these ideas for your own writing projects.

  • Impact of Team Building Activities on Improving Employee Communication and Engagement;
  • What Is the Link between Enterprise Training and Employee Productivity?
  • What Are Key Factors That Influence Employee Satisfaction?
  • What Are the Causes of Common Workplace Communication Issues and What Can Be Done to Resolve Them?
  • How Can Violence in Workplace Be Prevented?
  • How Training Programs Impact Employee Retention;
  • Why Is Leadership Development Crucial for Employee Engagement?
  • Causes and Consequences of Age Discrimination at Workplace;
  • Explain the Link between Employees Attitude Towards the Organization and Job Satisfaction;
  • Dominant Factors That Affect Employees Work Discipline;
  • Influence of Workplace Ethics on Employee Job Performance;
  • Effects of Job Evaluation on Employees’ Productivity;
  • Impact of Child Labor on Business Environment;
  • Impact of Stress on Workers Performance;
  • Impact of Time Management on Employee Work Performance.

Plan Your Cause and Effect Essay and Make an Outline

After you have chosen a topic, mind map everything you already know about it and formulate some research questions that will guide your reading. Then do a research and read a lot of relevant authoritative primary and secondary sources, making notes of the most important points. It’s crucial to make notes only of those things that are relevant to your essay topic. Don’t forget to keep track of all sources from which you obtained your information. When you gather enough material, determine the key points that will help you answer your question. Then group the ideas and organize them under headings. After that review all the points and decide on a logical order of your cause and effect essay in HR management.

Now you can create an outline that will guide your writing and help you stay focused on the subject of your essay. First, write a strong and highly specific thesis statement that you will argue. It tells your readers about the main idea of your piece of writing and helps them understand your structure. For example, your thesis statement for an essay on impact of employee satisfaction on their engagement may look like this one:

‘Employee satisfaction is a critical component of an organization success in ultra-competitive environment because employees with high job satisfaction are more motivated to perform well and more loyal to their companies.’

The structure of your essay has to include a clear introduction that presents your subject, the main body that provides an argument, and a conclusion that wraps everything up. When outlining the body of your cause and effect essay in HR management, you should keep in mind that you need to have 1 paragraph for every cause and effect that you will discuss. You can organize your ideas chronologically if your paper discusses the chain of events or present all causes and effects by significance and explain the most important of them first. Make sure that there is a real connection between the cause and effects that you are going to present. Put all your points in a logical order and think about possible transitions between paragraphs.

Write a Draft of a Cause and Effect Essay in HR Management

Now you can start writing your cause and effect essay in HR management. You should follow your outline and use information from your notes to create a rough draft. Phrase your ideas in complete sentences and use transition words to fill in the gaps and connect different paragraphs. Here are some tips on how to write each part of your paper.


Write a powerful introduction to engage your readers.

  • Start your essay with a hook to grab your audience’s attention and get them interested in reading your paper. It may be a provocative question, statistics or a quote.
  • Then introduce your topic and provide some background information to set the context.
  • Write about the purpose of your essay and include a research question.
  • Write a clear thesis statement to tell your readers about the main idea of your essay and state the argument.
  • Tell how you are going to answer the research question and briefly outline what you are going to argue to help your audience understand the structure of your paper and follow your logic.

Body Paragraphs

In the body of your paper, you need to develop your argument point by point and discuss each cause and effect in a separate paragraph.

  • Start every paragraph with a clear topic sentence that introduces your cause or effect. Tell your readers if your paragraph is about certain causes, effects or possible solutions to the problem.
  • Write 2 or 3 supporting sentences to explain your main point.
  • Provide relevant evidence, facts, and examples to illustrate each supporting sentence and convince your readers to accept your point of view. Convincing examples and facts from real life will make your points stronger.
  • You may include a relevant quote from an authoritative source to support your argument but you should explain why you think it’s important. Don’t forget to reference all your citations according to a specific citation style to avoid plagiarism.
  • Finish each paragraph with a concluding sentence that summarizes your ideas and includes transitions to the next paragraph.

Transition words and phrases are important for clarifying causal relationships between different ideas. You may use such transitions for causes like it is caused by, leads to, because of, since, the reason for, results from, is a result of. Here are some examples of transitions for effects: as a result, for this reason, then, thus, therefore, consequently, a consequence of, so, so then, so that. They will help you organize your points and help your readers understand your logic.


Finally, write a concluding paragraph to provide some final thoughts. An effective conclusion summarizes everything you have said and emphasizes the causal relationships between your ideas. It’s important to wrap up the discussion and reinforce your thesis statement because your task is to leave your audience with a clear understanding of the cause and effect relationships between issues that you have analyzed. Never include any new information in this part of an essay.

You may also include your final opinion on the topics and emphasize its significance as well as significance of your findings. Besides, you may speak about the limitations of your research and suggest some ideas for further investigation. Since the purpose of your cause and effect essay is to persuade readers to agree with you, you may finish it with some call to action or give some practical recommendations on how to solve real-life problems.

When you finish your draft, create a reference page and include all sources that you cite or paraphrase in your paper. Then put your draft aside for a couple of days and after than revise it and edit, looking at it with fresh eyes. Then you will be more likely to catch grammar mistakes or notice structural issues.

Edit and Proofread Your Draft

Never miss editing and proofreading stages because no one can write a perfect first draft. You may need to revise and edit your draft several times to ensure that your essay is clear, concise, and coherent. That’s why you should leave yourself plenty of time for all steps of the writing process.

During editing stage, you have to address the core issues of writing and to improve the overall quality of your document. You have to look at the content, logical flow, language clarity, sentence construction, tone of the text, and readability. You need to fix all issues and polish your writing for a smooth narration.

Proofreading is the final check of your essay performed on the surface level. You should look for spelling and punctuation errors, typos, and inconsistencies (numerical and textual).
Here are some proven editing and proofreading strategies that really work.

  • It’s not easy to catch errors on the computer screen so you’ll better print your essay.
  • Don’t try to fix all types of errors at once. When editing, focus each time on a specific issue. Then you’ll be more likely to notice all problems.
  • Read your essay out loud or ask someone to read it aloud for you.
  • Try to read your essay backwards paragraph by paragraph or sentence by sentence. In this way, you can ensure you’ll focus on the text and not on your ideas and will be able to notice more errors.

We have explained what cause and effect essay in human resources is and have provided you with detailed instructions on how to organize your work. As you see, the writing process can be time-consuming and arduous so it’s important to start early to ensure that you have enough time to complete your project on time. But we hope that our guide will help you successfully cope with this complex project and produce an excellent paper.

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