How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Human Resources Management? Write it Easily with Our Complete Guide!

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Posted on September 8, 2020

Academic assignments can be so diverse that sometimes many students get confused about the requirements for each of them. Today we will talk about how to write an argumentative essay in Human Resources management.

Many are horrified by both the discipline itself and the writing of an essay. But if you read this, you can easily cope with such an academic task. Just stay with us.
In reality, everything is not so scary and complicated as you might think at first glance. Here you will learn about how to complete this task, what are the features of this type of essay and how to get a good mark.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Human Resources Management – Getting Started

Let’s start with the definition of HR management. Most likely you already understand what kind of direction this management is in, but let’s refresh it again. So, management is understood as an organization process which is a comprehensive concept and includes the actions of all persons of the company, decision-making, planning, evaluation, implementation and, of course, control processes.

Well, the goals of HR management are the competent leadership of people to achieve the goals of the organization. It is necessary to control the work, talent of the staff and of course not to forget about the satisfaction of both parties.

What about an essay? In this type of task, you need to display the position regarding your topic, note the arguments and confirm them with evidence. All the points that you indicated have to be supported by facts. Agree, everything is not so complicated.

Some Good Topic Ideas

If you do not know which direction to choose, then we have prepared several ideas. Here are some topics you can use:

  • Who should pay for employee training? Company or employees on their own.
  • How the HR manager can increase employee loyalty.
  • A robot is not a competitor: which employees can never be replaced by machines.
  • IT and HR: how technology is changing the world of personnel management.
  • The role of HR managers in managing cultural differences in an international company.

Follow These Tips Before You Start to Write

Before you start working on your essay, you need to prepare for this. It is recommended for you to follow the recommendations below. Thus, you can not only write high-quality text but also organize the workflow so that it will be easy for you to complete the task.

Time Organization

Of course, it is difficult for students to allocate time, but the more you store it, the easier it will be for you to write an essay. It’s better to write a couple of days a little than writing a task in one night. It will be optimal to divide the writing process into three parts and, accordingly, into three days. Here is a rough schedule:

  • The first part: Selecting a topic, collecting data, selecting sources and notes. It will be ideal if you devote a day to these processes. Thus, you will learn new material and it will be easier to proceed to the next stage. If you immediately sit down to write, then it will be difficult for you to structure all the information.
  • The second part: Creating notes based on relevant sources, template, statement of the thesis. At the first stage, you may encounter a situation that many sources will not suit you at all, so at this stage, you will need fresh brains.
  • The last part: Writing an essay, proofreading the text. After you write the text, set it aside. After a couple of hours, you can start editing and checking for errors. You will also learn how to read your essay and make it perfect in this article.

Topic Selection

If you have been given the freedom to pick the topics of your work, then you are very lucky. Here you can go in two ways. Either choose one about which you know a lot and are well versed or choose a topic that is interesting to you and would like to learn something new. Each of these options promises you an interesting pastime on the work of an essay and its successful implementation.

Well, if you were told a specific topic and it seems complicated to you, then rephrase the name of the topic so that even a middle school student can understand what is at stake. In that way, it’ll be easy for you to understand in which direction you are going.

Selection of Relevant Sources

As already mentioned, in this form of essay you will need facts that will support your thesis. Vague sources are not suitable here. Therefore, it is extremely important to acquire good literature, research, similar scientific articles on this topic, and so on.

Consider the fact that many sources may not be useful to you, and while you process a large amount of data, you can forget about which of them you highlighted the data you need. Take notes on the information you need: source, page.

Create a Template for a Future Essay

To make it easier for you to form your essay in the future, you need to take notes. Prepare a sheet where the thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion will be marked. Write important information there briefly in the form of notes. Such a draft will help you in the main phase of the essay.

Follow the above recommendations to simplify your life so that this type of academic assignment does not seem exhausting to you. If it seems to you that it is long and difficult, then you are mistaken. If you ever try to translate these recommendations into reality, you will no longer sit at night to write an essay.

Essay Structure Features

Like all text work, this type of essay begins with an introduction. Use a strong sentence that will capture attention. Next, briefly describe what your topic is about and what you will consider in the essay (but do not get too carried away with such secondary proposals. Remember, brevity is a sister of talent.) Briefly explain why this topic is important for consideration and who it relates to. Do not use questions as a thesis. Clearly outline the thesis and the main point of view.

In the main part, you will need to support your thesis with facts, statistics, and evidence. If this is not done, then the essence of such a task will be lost. Until you confirm your words with research, statistics, and so on, your thesis will seem subjective. Of course, it’s worth pointing out two diverse points of view regarding your topic. Remember that a sufficient number of events must be provided for each argument. Otherwise, you will not be able to convey to the reader why your point of view is correct.

The conclusion should also be clear and concise. In the main part, you indicate a lot of opinions and the reader can shift his focus from your thesis. Therefore, the conclusion is the best place to return focus to the thesis again.

Check Out the Templates

We have prepared for you a couple of sentence templates that will help you understand how to write properly. Discover the sentences samples of how not to write and how to.

No Yes
The key goal of HR management is to achieve the satisfaction of both parties, both management and employees, specialists need to act equally to achieve this. If the HR manager will work to satisfy both management and staff, then the key goal of HR management will be achieved. This approach can ensure the prosperity of the organization.
Many employees of various organizations note dissatisfaction on the part of HR management, which causes a lack of motivation to achieve the organization’s goals. Based on numerous studies, it can be concluded that most employees of the organization do not have the motivation to achieve the organization’s goals due to dissatisfaction with HR management.
The shift in the focus of the HR manager to meet the goals of both managers and employees provides a normal environment in the organization to achieve the main goals. To create a favorable environment in the organization to achieve the main goals, it is necessary to strike a balance between meeting goals/needs both at the level of management and employees.
Based on statistical data, it’s possible to trace the dynamics of the decline in satisfaction of HR management in organizations. If we consider the dynamics of satisfaction with HR management for 2015-2019, we can see a decline in XYZ%. This is because…


  • Your knowledge will seem subjective until you back it up with statistics or research.
  • Do not forget to refer to the resource from which you take statistics, facts or data.
  • Provide diverse points of view while remembering to back them up with facts.
  • Do not make the text too dry as material from a textbook, but tend to use more academic words than usual introductory ones. Do not make the flow of the text purely from academic terms, and enrich it with introductory words. Keep the balance!

Post Writing Tips That Always Work

Once you have finished writing the text you need to put it in order and bring it to perfection. This will need time, a fresh look and of course compliance with the recommendations below.

Fresh Look

After you have finished writing, you have to relax and put aside your essay. At least for half an hour. Have coffee, take a walk in the fresh air or chat with friends. Only after you have a rest you can return to editing your text with a fresh mind.


After the break, you can start checking your text for minor mistakes. Most likely there are those in your text. If you start checking immediately after writing, then you can skip many mistakes.

Use Applications

There are many useful applications on the Internet that can help make your text qualitative. It is possible to check the text for grammar and punctuation mistakes with Grammarly. This is especially true if you doubt your knowledge or are not a native speaker.

With the help of the Hemingway App, you can get rid of clericalism and introductory words that complicated the text and make it unreadable.

Read the Text Out Loud

This approach will make the text readable. When you read your text, you can skip a lot about the quality of the text. And to a reader, it can be difficult to read. To avoid this, read aloud and rephrase sentences that cut the rumor. Afterward, return to this exercise again.

Ask Someone Read the Text

Ask a friend or parents read the text. Be prepared for criticism. If you do not receive it, then ask your reader to be frank. Ask if everything is clear. If not, ask why and what moments can be improved. Edit the text based on the comments.

Final Check

After you have completed all of the above recommendations, then read your text again. Do not forget to arrange links to sources, do the work according to the format your professor requires. Set aside your work for half an hour and read it again. After that, you can be calm about your essay.

If you have followed all the recommendations, it’s great! You have made the assignment and may not worry that you missed something.

The Final Notes

With the right approach to performing an argumentative essay on HR management, you will have fun. If you follow our recommendations, you cannot worry about the fact that you have completed an essay on a bad mark.

Stock up on time, choose a fascinating topic and gain new knowledge in the field of HR management. The argumentative essay is not at all a complicated task. There is no need to worry or think that you will not be able to complete such a task. Especially if you read this article to the end!

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